Meeting Minutes

APRIL 7, 2005

ATTENDEES:   Barb Weisman, Bailey Borer, Connie DelSolar, Doug Wilford, Mike Sandridge, Matt Weisman, John Borer,
Ted DelSolar, Bill Smith, Dane Leimbach, Ed Berner, Jr., Jeff Borer, Ed Youngblood, Paul Danik, John Penton, Ty Berner, James Borer, Randy Kirkbride, Ollie Martin, Jack Penton, Paul Busick, Al Born, Ted Guthrie, Al Martin, Rich Allison, Greg Troyan, Al Buehner and Scott Brogan.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the March meeting. After correcting the initials for AHRMA in the 7th paragraph, James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes and the motion was seconded by D. Leimbach and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report, showing 9 new members and 26 renewals of membership, 8 being for two years and one being for three years. The report showed 408 active members and 197 on the expired list as there was also 9 moved to the expired list during the month. Doug also read letters announcing the District 12 meetings on April 16th, June l1th and Sept. 17th, the Indy Concourse Gran Prix on June 18th and the Concourse d’elegance show at the Glenmore Gathering on Sept. 16th thru 18th. Doug also stated we had received some mail from the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Treas. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of March 31st. Pres. Danik suggested that Alan show Mid-Ohio space rentals as such instead of under meeting expenses. Alan stated that he has been in touch with his tax man concerning the submitting of our year-end tax statements. Alan mentioned that one of our C.D.s matures on April 30th and he will be checking for the best rate available for a one year renewal. Alan also stated that the deadline for the next newsletter items will be May 20th, and that he will be sending one of the collectible post cards with the next edition. There were several compliments paid to Ted Guthrie for his Blackwater article that appeared in the last newsletter.

Ed Youngblood gave the PFP report, stating that our by-laws and tax status have been approved and are ready to be filed on the Federal level. Ed says the Comm. is preparing to make up some kits to send to reps who would be setting up Penton displays at various events. They will consist of banners, brochures and hand out literature as well a set of guide lines that Alan will have ready for the Board to review at the next meeting. Greg Troyan also suggested that we look into making some jerseys for the vintage racers. The KTM dealers meeting that will be held at the Musuem in August was also discussed and it was decided that all Penton motorcycles including the good, bad and the ugly would be welcomed for display. P. Danik stated that he has a price for 4ft. x 8 ft. banners for $55.42 each and Ed Youngblood reported that the MX exhitit at the museum is approx. 95% done but some bikes still have temporary labels on them. Ted Guthrie spoke about the Penton steel-tank book that they have begun work on and stated that he has received a couple interesting questionnaires back from people who owned, raced, repaired or sold them. Bill Smith also reported that he has received a few of the surveys on the steel tank motorcycle and that between March 14th and March 31st, 249 people had down-loaded the surveys so he should soon be getting a good return on them.

Bill Smith also reported that our web-site had 33,739 visits during March, which was the 2nd highest month since he started tracking the visits 18 months ago. John Borer also gave his E-bay report showing the following sales: a nice 1974 Jackpiner head-light switch had 11 bids for $41.00, a pair of Magura lever covers had 18 bids for $207.50 and a nice 1974 Jackpiner frame had 7 bids and sold for $53.25. Also, a 73/74 Penton 250 Hare Scrambler with an additional 400 engine had 5 bids for $536.00, a 1972 Penton 6-day that ran and was in decent shape had 6 bids for $1000.

Under old business, we decided to maintain the present way of publishing the meeting minutes, however, when the latest months minutes are published in the newsletter it should be noted that they are “subject to approval”.

Under new business, Ted Guthrie showed the new video camera that the group has purchased. Ted says it really has a lot of capabilities and that his son is helping him to get it all figured out so he can use it at upcoming events this summer. Paul will be checking with Will Stoner about getting a larger tent for Vintage Days. It was stated that Lee Buffenmyer will be setting up a Penton display at the Oley, Pa. event and that Paul, Doug and Paul Busick will be going to Mich. to trail ride with Ted Del Solar. Alan said he had attended the swap meet in York, Pa. and that he did not believe there was as many vendors there as usual. Alan said he met POG members Lee Buffenmyer, Lew Mayer and Bob Gillman there. At 8:35 p.m., we took a break to enjoy some birthday cake that Connie and Ted had brought in order to celebrate D. Wilfords birthday which was the following day. The cake was home-made and was well decorated with “real” chocolate rocks among the trees and also had a motorcycle on it.

After “cake time” John Borer and Paul Danik described a couple tires they had brought, one having a red dot and the other being a Hi-Point brand. Dane Leimbach used a couple Penton cylinders to explain that it would have been impossible for the 152 cc engines to have been bored out 100 cc engines as there would not have been sufficient cylinder wall left.

Larry Maiers had sent a collection of Penton pins, badges, decals, etc. to Al Born to be used as door prizes at meetings and/or events. Six items were given this night as Bailey Borer drew names from a hat and Penton mementos went to the following persons: Al Martin, James Borer, Al Born, Ted Del Solar, Jeff Borer and Scott Brogan. Much “Thanks” goes to Larry for his donation to the POG. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for May 5th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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