Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 4, 2005

ATTENDEES: Bob Neruda, Doug Wilford, Paul Busick, John Borer, Ted Del Solar, Al Martin, Alan Buehner, Bill Smith,
James Borer, Ted Guthrie, Ollie Martin, Nelson McCullough, Brett Watson, Al Born, Jack Penton, Barb Weisman, Scott Brogan, Paul Danik, Greg Troyan, John Penton and Matt Weisman.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. The minutes of the June 2nd meeting were read and D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by B. Smith to accept the minutes as read and the motion carried. The Sec. then read the minutes of the July 16th meeting and with the correction of the spelling of {Rebba} Guthries name, D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by O. Martin to accept those minutes as read and that motion also carried.

D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 11 new members, 4 coming from the expired list, 35 renewals, 3 being for 2 years. Doug also reported the sale of 2 DVD/programs. It also showed 406 active members as of Aug. 1st. Doug also read a couple short letters he had received with the renewals. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of July 31st, 2005. Alan had V. Pres. S. Brogan to verify that his statement matched with the banks statement. He also reported that the upcoming Newsletter will feature an article on the Mettco Pentons and that the following one will feature an article on Ted Leimbach. Aug. 18th is the deadline for receiving any news items.

There was no new information to report on the PFP, but Jack spoke about the up-coming KTM dealers meeting at the museum and gave out copies of the 4 day agenda. We are to have our POG display set up by noon on Sunday, Aug. 21st and it will be removed in the early evening. S. Brogan and John Borer will be making up some display tags for the bikes and M. Weisman will be making up some “Certificates of Appreciation” for all who display their bikes on that day. We will also hand out some of the commemorative post cards and see if we can recruit some new members as John Borer will be making a sign for that purpose. It was also proposed to have two short autograph sessions by Mr. Penton. S. Brogan will have the Jack-Piner T-shirts and caps there to sell.

B. Smith gave the web-site report showing 28,388 visits during July which was up from June by 1,973. Bill says we have a new Home Page photo of the Berkshire replica of Leroy’s 1968 ISDT ride which was well built by Kevin Grimes. John Borer explained the possibility of scams on E-Bay and reported the following E-bay sales: a 1971 Penton frame sold for $49.99, part of a Penton 400 parts bike had 3 bids for $37.01 and a Hi-Point vintage Enduro 24 M.P.H. clock had 1 bid for $49.95.

Ted Guthrie reported that he made a lot of good contacts at Vintage Days for info for the “Steel Tanker” book. Ted had attended the museum on Thursday and said it also was a very productive day. B. Smith said that during July there were 109 requests for Steel Tank questionnaires. D. Wilford recommended we have a committee to start work on the layout of the “Steel Tanker” book. We did a review of Vintage Days and everyone seemed to like the new location very well. We also decided that Dale needs a larger cooking area. S. Brogan reported sales of approx. 40 caps and nearly 100 T-shirts. More than one person remarked how Connie Del Solar was all over the area doing all sorts of jobs. It was reported by Scott Brogan and Al and Ollie Martin that the interview done earlier by the track announcer with our President was aired over the P.A. system later in the p.m. on Sunday. Someone stated that Bob Hicks had highly complimented the POG for the job that we are doing. Ted Del Solar presented a list of ideas to make next years event even better. G. Troyan “Thanked” all who had contributed to the food supply and told how much it meant for him to get done racing MX and to come to the tent and have food waiting. Paul Danik showed a gas tank with Dirt Riders of Naples painted on it that he had bought at the swap meet and said that he will see that it gets to Keith Larson at the KTM dealers meeting.

Under old business, Alan mentioned buying some more banners and Paul will be checking with John Ayers on pricing and we will need to decide on the design.

Under new business, T. Guthrie spoke on the value of wearing POG caps/shirt in order to start conversations concerning Pentons. Ted said he and Rebba will be working the admission gate at the Canfield Fair while wearing Penton apparel. He also asked for some POG business cards to hand out if an interest is shown. Alan stated that he rode his Penton to a Quaker Steak/Lube in Cleveland but had very few questions about the bike. The 2006 POG “Bike of the Year” was discussed and Alan made a motion to make the ‘77 MC5s the “Bike of the Year” and Ted Del Solar seconded the motion and the motion carried. A. Buehner then made a motion to put the Penton brochures on the web-site and John Borer seconded the motion and that motion also carried. John Borer spoke briefly about the Wauseon meet and Paul mentioned the Ohio Valley B.S.A. meet that will be coming up this week-end. We all signed a “Get-Well” card to send to Rod Bush , who is being treated in a Texas hospital. Please pray for Rod.

For “Point of Discussion”, Ted Guthrie showed a video clip he made at Vintage Days showing Mr. Penton a group of his former employees discussing the Kevin Grimes replica of Leroy’s bike and telling several very funny stories about each other. The meting adjourned at 9:35 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 1st at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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