Meeting Minutes

JULY 16, 2005

Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and asked each person in or around the tent to introduce themselves. He then recognized all of the POG officers and board members that were present, and thanked the Dale Buehner family for the cooking they had done for this event. Dale came forward and thanked John Penton for all he had done that caused the POG to be established and he spoke of all the efforts that he sees from the various board members. He also thanked all who had contributed money to purchase the food that they had served, including John Penton, Karl Schneider, Buehners Office Supply, the Del Solars and Al Born. He also thanked those who had brought cookies and worked in the cooking area, including John Slivka, the Mickevicious brothers, Reba Guthrie, Pat Herbison, Don Roth, Dales wife and son Anthony.

Paul spoke briefly on the POGs participation in events in the last year including the event at Davenport, Iowa, Penton Day at the AMA, {including the wedding of Toni Proffer and Gary Roach}, Ted’s trail ride in Michigan, the Oley, Pa. event and the John Penton GNCC. Paul extended a special “thanks” to Lee Buffenmyer and Rob Shofstalh for the display that they set up and manned at Oley and to Toni and Gary Roach and Alan Buchner for all they did at the GNCC. Paul spoke briefly about the Jack-Piner T-shirts and caps that Scott Brogan had made up to commemorate the “Year of the Jack-Piner”. Pres. Danik asked for a motion to dispense of the reading of the minutes of the June meeting in the interest of time. More than one person moved to do so and more than one person seconded the motion so I did not get their names. The motion carried.

D. Wilford gave the membership report showing that during the month we had one new member and one member came off the expired list as well as 25 renewals, seven being for two years. The report shows 397 active members and 221 on the expired list, as this list goes back to the beginning of the POG and includes any deceased members. The report also showed the sale of 12 issues of Still Keeping Track and one DVD/Program. Doug also thanked all who had renewed recently and those who joined this week-end.

Treas. Alan Buehner gave the financial as of June 30th, 2005. Alan also spoke of the up-coming Newsletter and again thanked Ted Guthrie for all of the reports/stories that he has made available so that he always has something to use as fill-in, if its needed, so he highly suggests that if you have a good story or something of interest to report, that you contact Ted so he can get it written. Paul than mentioned that we have already printed 27 issues of Still Keeping Track” and asked members to think of how much effort Alan has put into them and asked that every one be sure to thank him for all of his efforts.

E. Youngblood had to leave early and was not available to give us an update on the PFP committees work but Paul stressed the importance of keeping the POG alive for the future generations. Bill Smith, our Webmaster gave his web-site report and told of how his friend Karen does so much work to keep the site up-dated. He reported that the sites visits for June was 26,415, down by 2,874 from May. Bill had Ron Carbaugh come forward and explain how he became the Sheriff of the web-site. Paul mentioned the up-coming steel tank book and T. Guthrie told how he and Reba have been gathering a lot of information from individuals. Ted says he welcomes any and all ideas, stories, etc. that could be used in the book. Also, he and Paul mentioned Bill Smith’s “Steel Tank” surveys and how they will be used to write the technical section of the book. Bill says he has received 86 of the surveys which he will use to determine when certain changes were made to the bikes. He received some as late as today and it turned out that a very, very late one was the one that won the new Berkshire steel tank with Johns autograph on it. John Penton drew the winning ticket for Penton #V5504 that belonged to Bob Wardlow from Mich.

Jack Penton spoke about the KTM dealers meeting to be held at the museum this year and stated that Rod Bush invites all POG members to attend on Sunday Aug. 21st and that he would welcome any/all Penton motorcycles to be displayed as well as any KTMs from 1977 to the 1990 models.

Under old business, Alan spoke briefly about our by-laws and tax status changes that are taking place. Under new business, Kent Knudson introduced his part of the PFP in the form of 16 year old Adam Giddings who had won both motos of the 125 cc Sportsman Expert class and Adam also won the Classic 125 cc class today on Penton motorcycles. Adam is the son of James Giddings who builds Kents motors for his racing team. Kent stated that Adam’s grandfather had sold new the motorcycle that had the engine they were using today. Toni Roach told a funny story about Adam learning some of the racing lingo that was used back about the time the engine Adam used today was being built and sold, that being more than twice as many years as Adam is old. Alan mentioned the “History of Moto-cross “ book which is being sold at the museum which has a picture of Kent’s motorcycle that is also on display there. Alan also mentioned that DVDs were on sale that his nephew Anthony and his friends made from the interviews they did at last years Vintage Days. Pres. Danik thanked everyone who brought their Pentons to display this week-end including Jeff and James Borer, the Mickevicious brothers, Dave McCullough, Dwight Rudder, Bob Andersohn Don Cole, Don Roth, Gary Ellis and Ted Del Solar. Also the special “Ted Penton Technical” award went to Kevin Grimes for the immaculate job he did of building a replica of Leroy Winters 1968 Berkshire 6 day bike. Kevin told a story of how he used to hang around Leroy’s shop when he was a boy. Kevin also donated several pictures of the 1968 Vase team to the POG.

Under “Point of Discussion” John spoke of the up-coming KTM Dealers meeting at the museum, the new moto-cross exhibit and book and the Daytona Beach Memorial Monument. He then recognized many of his former employees who were present and told of how proud he is of each of them. It was noted that John’s birthday is near the time of the KTM dealers meeting so we all celebrated it early with a large birthday cake and the Mickevicious brothers presented John with a jar of Michigan sand as a gift. John remarked that it did not have the petroleum odor that Mich. sand usually has and he then told a story about Lenny Keen, an old Enduro friend giving him a Superior engine powered oil pumper as a gift. Bill Smith suggested that anyone who takes some good photos this week-end to get with him so they can be put on the web-site. A lot of door prizes, including key chains, pins, badges, decals and a cap that was donated by Larry Maiers and a couple DVDs and a Jack-Piner T-shirt that was donated by the POG were given to 30 members whose names were drawn from a cap.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 4th at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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