Meeting Minutes

JUNE 2, 2005

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, John Penton, Bob Rush, Bailey Borer, Ed Youngblood, Scott Brogan, Ted Del Solar. Bill Smith, Paul Danik, Halle Borer, Ric Stewart, Ted Guthrie, Dane Leimbach, Al Martin, Al Born, James Borer, Greg Troyan, Doug Wilford, Wil Hentges, Ollie Martin, John Borer, Jeff Borer and Paul Busick.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and the minutes of the May meeting were read by Sec. A. Born. A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by B. Smith and seconded by D. Leimbach and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 3 new members, two being complimentary and the other came from the expired list. There was one renewal. Doug also stated that 14 members were moved to the expired list due to not renewing in Feb. Treasurer A. Buehner gave the report as of May 31st. The big change in the balances is due to a C.D. that matured was put in the checking Acct. as there will be some expenditures for Vintage Days and for the brochures we had printed for the John Penton GNCC event and Alan felt that the interest rate may be better by then.

Alan stated that he had 440 newsletters printed and that he will have 28 left for new members. The letters included the commemorative post card and quite a few renewal notices. Alan thanked T. Guthrie and T. Roach for their articles, which are always very good.

E. Youngblood stated that there was no PFP this month as he has been out of town quite a bit and that he had not talked to Tim Owens recently but he felt that Tim had likely filed our new tax status on the Federal level by now, but he was not sure. Paul said that Dave Sanders will be setting up a Penton display at Casey, Ill. for the AHRMA National Vintage Moto-cross event and that Ron Carbaugh was to have a Penton display at some museum in Texas.

Paul showed the map of our new spaces at Mid-Ohio and showed some photos of the area that they had taken when they were there earlier this year. He also named several POG members who had spaces rented either by or across the roadway from ours. A motion to rent a larger tent, if its available, was made by D. Wilford and was seconded by James Borer and all were in favor of the motion and Paul will be finalizing the tent rental with Will Stoner very soon. It was decided that there will be no judging of motorcycles in our display this year. Alan says he will be furnishing dinner again on Sat. evening around 5:00 p.m. and we will be holding our July meeting right afterward. S. Brogan volunteered to haul the display material so there will be no need to take Johns trailer there this year. Scott, Alan, Paul and Ted will be there on Thursday to get things organized at our tent. E. Youngblood announced that there will be a special auction this year to sell a lot of Doc Cleveland’s collection of BMWs and parts.

B. Smith gave our web-site report stating that we had 29,289 visits last month, which was up slightly. He said that he and Karen have put photos from Davenport and Penton Day at the AMA, 2005 on the photo gallery. Bill also stated that there has been over 400 of the steel-tank surveys printed and that he has received 61 as of this date.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report showing a nice ’75 Roberts/Penton having 6 bids for $2561.11, a 19?? Penton 6-Day project bike had 2 bids for $227.50 with 5 1/2 hours left for bidding and a very nice 1974 Penton 250 GS with a lot of new parts on it sold for $1850.00 and a fairly nice Penton 100/125 parts manual with accessory catalog had 10 bids for $69.00. Also a set of well used Magura levers had 10 bids for $91.00 and a Penton CFM Vintage Enduro light switch had 5 bids and sold for $40.11.

Under old business, S. Brogan showed some very nice Jack-Piner T-shirts that he has had made that he will be selling for $15.00 at Mid-Ohio. Scott says he will donate any profits from them to the POG. Bill will be showing them on the Web-site very shortly. Scott is also having 50 POG caps made for sale at Vintage Days and he may possibly have some long sleeve jerseys made by fall. A few people spoke about the muddy conditions at the John Penton GNCC and John showed a picture of himself that will be in the new book on the MX exhibit at the museum. Due to Jack Pentons absence, a very brief discussion was held on the KTM dealers meeting to be held at the museum in August and our plans are to have our display set up by noon and then start removing it around 5:00 p.m. Any Penton motorcycle in any condition is welcome. More details will be available at the August meeting.

Under new business, E. Youngblood officially introduced Ric Stewart who does a lot of volunteer work for the Museum and Ric showed us a wax bust he had made of John Penton and he explained how he makes them and the process that is involved to make it in bronze. Ted Guthrie said he has made some progress in making contacts and doing interviews for the Steel Tanker book and told a little about some of them. He will be doing several “one on one” interviews that will be on video. Jeff Borer stated that Rick Anderson of “Motorcycle Classics” is wanting to do an interview with John.

For “Point of Discussion”, D. Leimbach showed a lot of test information on the Hiro engine that Carl Cranke had sent him that included dyno charts, drawings and sketches of expansion chambers, piston/cylinder info as well as specs for a 250 cc engine along with porting information. Dane also stated that a recent Cycle News showed Carl as the overall winner at Bad Rock thirty years ago. James Borer’s sons had brought a cake to celebrate his recent retirement and it was enjoyed by all present. S. Brogan showed a nice sign that said “Penton Sportcycles, Built for Champions” so be sure to see him at Vintage Days if you are interested in buying same.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 and the July meeting will be on the 16th at Mid-Ohio at approx. 5:30 to 6:00 p.m., immediately following dinner.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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