Meeting Minutes

MAY 5, 2005

ATTENDEES:   Bailey Borer, Barb Weisman, Toni Roach, Alan Buehner, Bill Smith, Doug Wilford, John Borer, Matt Weisman, Gary Roach, Paul Busick, Wil Hentges, Scott Brogan, Zak Borer, Ed Youngblood, Tim Owens, Ted Guthrie, John Penton, Al Martin, Jeff Borer, Dane Leimbach, Al Born, Ted Del Solar, Jack Penton, Ollie Martin, James Borer and Paul Danik.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked Sec. A. Born to read the minutes of the April 7th meeting and a motion was made by O. Martin to accept the minutes as read and the motion was seconded by James Borer and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the Membership report showing 5 new members, 2 coming from the expired list and 15 renewals, 2 being for 2 years. The report showed 407 active members and 200 on the expired list. Keep in mind that the expired list goes back to the groups beginning, including those deceased. It also showed the sale of two DVDs and Reunion Ride programs. Doug also stated that we had received some pictures from Heribel Bertrand, a member from France as well as a membership magazine from the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of April 30th, 2005. Alan said that he will be renewing the C.D. that is maturing in a couple days for only 18 months as the interest rates have been rising. Alan also said that the Newsletter is in process and that May 18th is the deadline for articles to arrive and that this issue will include one of the commemorative post cards.

E. Youngblood reported that the PFP Comm. did not meet this evening but the Board met with Tim Owens and him to finalize all of the papers needed to be filed with the Federal Tax Service. A. Buehner made a motion to give Tim the Power of Attorney for the POG for the filing only of these papers with the Federal Tax Service. The motion was seconded by John Penton and all were in favor of the motion.

E. Youngblood and Jack Penton both spoke about the upcoming John Penton GNCC. Jack said that KTM will be sponsoring some things for the youth at this event. It was requested that POG members bring some Penton motorcycles for display. Jack thought it would be a good idea to reprint some brochures showing John on a Penton to distribute at this event. D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by Ted Del Solar to print 1000 of these at a cost of no more than one dollar each and this motion carried also. John Penton spoke briefly on how well the GNCCs have been promoted. Toni Roach spoke briefly about how the promoters of the John Penton GNCC race always include the kids and how you are always hearing a few of the kids and sometimes the parents and/or grandparents speaking of the Penton/KTM relationship and she suggested that we get something on our Web-site about this up-coming event. P. Danik then officially introduced Tim Owens to the group and recommended that Tim be made an Honorary member of the POG, even though Tim had the dues money in his hand, so D. Wilford made a motion to make Tim an Honorary member and the motion was seconded by James Borer and all were in favor of the motion Someone stated that the Whitehorse Press has less tan 500 of the John Penton books on hand and that they are planning on doing a reprint in Oct.

B. Smith stated that he has received 57 steel tank surveys and that one man had 10 of those and that 123 more have recently been printed from our Web-site. T. Guthrie says that he has not had much response on the steel tank questions pertaining to the new book but that he will be doing some interviews in the very near future now that he has the new video camera.

B. Smith gave the Web-site report showing that the visits had dropped by over 5000 last month, down to 28,677. Bill also gave a summary of the visits by categories. John Borer gave his E-bay report showing Penton #726, in very poor condition going for $600.00 on “buy it now”, an official 1973 ISDT book sold for $60.00 on “buy it now” and a complete set of NOS pre 1971 Magura control levers had 9 bids for $370.00. Also, another set of the Magura control levers, one being slightly used had 11 bids for $271.90, a used Motoplat Ignition system had 15 bids for $112.50 and a Proto pipe for a Penton MC5, 250 cc motorcycle sold on “buy it now” for $275.00

Under old business, we discussed the upcoming KTM Dealers meeting that will be held at the AMA Museum in August where we will be having a Penton display. Gary Roach showed some very nice identification tags that they had made for putting on bikes that were on display and P. Danik suggested that we use this as a standard tag and he recommended that we put them on the Web-site so they could be printed and then laminated for use. Jack Penton also suggested that we have everyone that displays a bike to register it so we could recognize them in some way. More details on this will be available at our June meeting. P. Danik gave a report on a conversation he had with Lee Buffenmyer about the Oley, Pa. event. It was stated that Lee and Rob Shofstahl had a very nice display that drew a lot of interest and that they received many thanks for their efforts and the POG wishes to thank them and also Bruce Williams for a job well done. Paul said that there was people there from the Barber Museum and that they showed interest in buying the Pentons that were on display there. Jack Penton said that he was going to be at the Barber facility next month and Ed Y. remarked that they had one of the very best motorcycle collections in the world but said he thought they were just a bit weak in the dirt-bike category. P. Danik suggested that the POG might think about visiting there sometime as a group. It was also stated that we have received our membership card from the Blue Ribbon Coalition

Under new business, a motion was made by D. Wilford to give Ed Hertfelder a complimentary one year membership to the POG and the motion was seconded by John Borer and the motion carried. Ted Del Solar gave us a report on their Mich. trail ride in April that had 9 riders on Sat. and a couple less on Sunday. Ted said there was a little snow on Sunday but they all had a good time. Ted also reported on the Spring Pine Cone Enduro that he had recently ridden. Paul then showed a large layout of the Vintage Days rental spaces at Mid Ohio and stated that some spaces in a more level area had become available and Paul Busick made a motion that was seconded by Scott Brogan to reserve the new location and all were in favor of the motion. Paul, Scott Brogan and D. Wilford had been to Mid Ohio recently and looked at the spaces and all felt that this would be a wise move.

A drawing was held for some more of the Penton and Hi-Point mementos that Larry Maiers had sent us and the lucky winners were Tim Owens, Toni Roach, Gary Roach, Ollie Martin, D. Wilford and Scott Brogan. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2005 at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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