Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 13, 2005

ATTENDEES: Ted Del Solar, Dane Leimbach, Jeff Borer, Jack Penton, Bill Smith, Alan Buehner, Greg Troyan John Borer, John Penton, Ollie Martin, Ed Youngblood, Barb Weisman, James Borer, Paul Danik, Al Martin, Scott Brogan, Matt Weisman and Al Born.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the Sept. meeting and a motion was made by S. Brogan to accept the minutes as presented. B. Smith seconded the motion and the motion carried. Pres. Danik then asked the group to observe a moment of silence in honor/memory of KTM President Rod Bush who recently passed away. With the absence of D. Wilford, A. Born gave the membership report that showed 4 new members (one being from the expired list}, 31 renewals, two being for six years, one for five years and the sale of two DVDs during September. There is now 411 active members and 231 on the expired list. There were ten members moved to the expired list whose renewal date was April of 2005. At this time a discussion was held on limiting the number of years that a member could renew for and for numerous reasons, A. Buehner made a motion to limit to two years that a member could renew for. The motion was seconded by John Borer and all were in favor .

Treasurer A. Buehner presented the financial statement. He also stated that we have received our approval from the IRS for our new status 501C4. He also said we would have to file a 990 form with the IRS if our gross receipts reach $25,000.00 and if it did not reach that amount we could then file an Easy 990 form. Alan also stated that he had 430 copies of the fall Newsletter printed and that he mailed 411 on Oct. 10th, plus two complimentary letters to Fred Hayes and Bruce McDougal as it had the articles about the Mettco Pentons in it. Alan says that Nov. 18th is the deadline for articles to be submitted for the winter newsletter that will have special articles about Teddy Leimbach and Rod Bush as well as a technical article about KTM cylinders. He also plans to have an article about our POG display at the KTM Dealers meeting kick-off day and the Six-Day reunion ride. P. Danik showed a Penton Dealer flyer he had received from Ken Barker about Joe Barker and Rod Bush winning an 8 hour Endurance race at Concord, N.C. in the early ’70s .

E. Youngblood stated that there was not anything new to report on the PFP and Paul said there was not anything new to report on the “Steel Tanker” book. B. Smith gave the web-site report for August and Sept. In August there was 29,824 visits which was up from July and Sept. showed 28,448 visits, down slightly from August. Bill says the Home Page photos are being changed and he soon plans on having a lot of the original Penton brochures on the site. Bill had been to the Hershey, Pa. swap meet recently and he shared with all some fine Hershey chocolates. John Borer gave his E-bay report showing that a 1969 125 cc Sachs engine had 7 bids for $255.00, a round air breather cover for a ‘69 125 cc Penton had 7 bids for $112.50, a steel tank removed from a ‘71 Penton in decent condition, less cap, had 16 bids for $213.49 and a set of early 70’s Magura control levers, one was new and one was used had three bids and sold for $204.50.

Paul had some pictures that a man named Richard Cross from Texas had found at a house he had bought that he sent to Doug and Doug sent on to Paul. They were of some early Penton riders and some were taken in a Penton dealership and one was of J.R. Horne and his wife in front of Penton Central. Paul stated that he has spoke with Mark Mederski and that Feb. 4th is the tentative date for “Penton Day at the AMA” in 2006, and E. Youngblood will be giving us an informative tour of the “History of Moto-cross” display. After a short discussion, the MC5 will be the “Bike of the Year” for 2006.

Under old business, Scott Brogan presented the POG with two $500.00 checks that he had made from selling Penton T-shirts and caps.

Under new business, Paul announced that Randy Kirkbride is working on the 2006 calendars and that if anyone wanting to have their Pentons picture on it should contact him as soon as possible. It was decided to hold POG “Family Night” on Dec. 1st this year. A. Born will be contacting Mrs. Pat Leimbach to see if she will be available to speak again and there will also be another person to entertain us for a few minutes.

Ted Del Solar, John Borer and Dane Leimbach gave reports on the Six-Day reunion ride. They said the weather was great, the ride was easy except for one down-hill and a couple mud holes. From our regular meeting attendees, Ted and Paul Busick earned silver medals and John Borer received a gold medal. They said that there were 135 riders. They stated that the banquet was very nice and that Larry Maiers served as Emcee. The fastest “Grass Track” time was accomplished by Dave Lindeman aboard a 400 Penton, the “Iron Man” award went to the sidecar entry, the “Leroy Winters Memorial” award went to Connie and Ted Del Solar for being the great motorcycle enthusiasts that they are. The “Bud Ekin” award went to Preston Petty, the “Al Ames” award went to John Zawazhki and the “John Penton” award went to Rod Bush. They also said that Jeff Fredette won the Vets class on his ‘83 KDX 200.

Al Born gave a brief report on the “Hall of Fame” induction week-end, including the motorcycle show. Paul stated that he had received a phone call from Mr. Ken Barker thanking the POG for the picture of his son, Joe that we signed and sent to him last month. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 3rd, 2005 at 7::00 p.m. at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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