Meeting Minutes


ATTENDEES: Doug Wilford, Al Born, Scott Brogan, John Penton, Ollie Martin, Paul Busick, James Borer, Ted Del Solar, Jack Penton, Al Martin, Rebba Guthrie, John Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Paul Danik, Barb Weisman and Ted Guthrie.

Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and asked each person to introduce themselves. Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the Aug. 4th meeting and P. Busick made a motion to accept the minutes as read and James Borer seconded the motion and the motion carried. D. Wilford presented the membership report showing 16 new members, six coming from the expired list, 13 renewals with 2 being for 2 years and also showing a DVD sale. We now have 416 active members. Doug also reported that we had received a hand book from the Blue Ribbon Coalition. A. Buehner presented the financial report. Alan will be checking the C.D. interest rates next week and possibly transfer some money from the checking acct. into a C.D. Alan stated that he had received acknowledgement of our request for our new tax status from the IRS and that we would be notified of this issue within 120 days.

Alan also stated that the Newsletter is at the Printer and he expects to get 430 copies by next Thursday. He also stated that he will be sending several membership renewal notices out with them and that he will be mailing complimentary copies to Fred Hayes and Bruce McDougal as they cover the articles about the Mettco Pentons. Due to E. Youngbloods absence, there was no PFP update. Also, Bill Smith had left for Davenport, so there was not a Web-site report either.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report listing the following sales: a 1974 Penton Hare Scrambler sold for $2500.00, a 70 or 71 Penton Wassell (less title) that had been stored for 25 years had 10 bids and sold for $1000.00, a set of 35 mm Ceriani forks had 10 bids for $234.15. Also, a set of triple clamps for 35 mm forks had 10 bids for $107.50 and a set of forks with lower tree in decent shape had 8 bids for $81.56.

Ted Guthrie reported that he has done several interviews and has made himself a list for scheduling more interviews for use in writing the “Steel Tanker Book”. Pres. Danik said that we need to come up with a basic outline, a time frame and a plan to meet that time frame in order to get the book published in a timely manner, as a lot of time in the last two months has been dedicated to Vintage Days and our display at the Museum that helped to kick off the KTM Dealers meeting. Paul also “Thanked” everyone who helped to make our display such a success. We had a goal of having 80 Pentons there in honor of John’s 80th birthday which was earlier that week. Paul says that we made it if we count John, Donna, Jack, Gigi and Tim as we had 73 Pentons outside and Al Born’s and Kent Knudson’s inside as well as two KTM Mopeds and two KTM bicycles. Vice Pres. S. Brogan expressed “Thanks” to KTM for allowing us to have our display there and for inviting us to their Kick-Off dinner celebration. John thanked all for his month-long birthday celebration that had started at Vintage Days, especially the Roaches for the cakes and Paul for the banner. Jack says that most of the Dealers were really impressed with our display and that Mark Mederski took Al Born’s #003 Penton to the Convention center where the meetings were held. Jack “Thanked” John Borer for the large picture of Rod Bush that he had brought that many signed so we could present it to him. We had also received a note from Mark Mederski about our large display and an announcement of the 8th Concourse Show to be held during the “Hall of Fame” Induction week end. Paul spoke about Bob Kent’s KTM sidecar rig that was on display and how Bobs getting ready to bring it had helped his recuperation from recent heart surgery. Ted Guthrie spoke about John Penton being the only finisher at the 1968 Little Burr Enduro and he also showed an article from Popular Cycling in 1975 about Leroy Winters and told how honored he felt to be a member of the POG.

There was no old business and under new business, Alan mentioned the 2005 6-day reunion ride coming up in Oct. and asked the groups thoughts on placing an ad in their program and James Borer made a motion to purchase a $100.00 full page ad and the motion was seconded by John Penton and all were in favor of the motion. There were at least five members at the meeting who were planning on attending the ride in Arkansas. Also, everyone in attendance signed a large picture of Joe Barker riding a Penton that will be sent to his father, Ken who has been having problems with his knee. Paul D. told about recently being at Watkins Glen and visiting with Calvin Lane, a Yamaha dealer who had won Hi-point at the Alligator Enduro in 1972. Lee Buffenmyer had sent us an article about the antique Motorcycle show that was held at Oley, Pa. earlier in the year. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. Please take notice that the Oct. meeting will not be held until Thursday the 13th due to the 6-Day Reunion Ride being the previous week.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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