Meeting Minutes

APRIL 6, 2006

ATTENDEES: Randy Kirkbride, Paul Danik, James Borer, Scott Brogan, Alex Buehner, Ted Del Solar, Ollie Martin, Jeff Borer, Doug Wilford, Alan Buehner, Jerry Grakauskas, Al Martin, Bailey Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, John Penton, Ed Youngblood, Bill Smith, John Borer, Paul Busick, Jack Penton and Al Born.
Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the March 2, 2006 POG meeting. James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as given and S. Brogan seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report for March that showed 8 new members, 19 renewals, 3 for 2 years for a total of 423 active members. He also read two letters, one being from Dan Smith of the AMA, thanking the POG for the recent donation of $500.00 which brings our total donations to the museum to $3015.00. Treasurer A. Buehner presented the financial statement of 3/31/06. Alan stated that he has received the CPA’s year end statement on the POG’s assets, liabilities and fund balances that proved to be in order. Alan stated that he had mailed 420 Newsletters on March 11th and that 52 had renewal notices with them and 48 had expiration notices in them. Al Born stated that he could use some authentic race results and dated Penton related news for his “The Way it Was” articles so if you have any Cycle News or magazines dated from March of 1971 and later that isn’t wanted, please get them to him.

B. Smith gave the web-site report and talked about the new “Video Gallery” section and stated that some of the older computers would possibly have trouble opening the videos due to the long load time. Paul mentioned adding the steel tanker V-numbers to the web-site and Bill said that they would be added under the “production years” section. Bill says that he now has 107 questionnaires returned and that he will be striving to get more on the V-numbered bikes and promised that no names would be published. The use of certificates of origin, titles and bill of sales to gain more info was also discussed.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report showing the following sales: a NOS seat for a steel tanker had 12 bids for $327.99, a NOS head light with switch and mounting brackets had 13 bids for $260.00, a MX gas tank for a 250 cc Hare Scrambler had 19 bids for $227.50 and a vintage red, white and blue Penton racing jersey had 5 bids for $26.01. Also a Penton 125cc parts bike had 2 bids for $99.99, a Jackpiner parts bike had 11 bids for $225.73, a Penton Six-Day project bike had 6 bids for $650.00, a ‘68 Penton #V765 had 16 bids for $1625.00 which did not meet the reserve, a NOS Penton frame #V4584 had 8 bids for $821.11 and a 1998 KTM Jackpiner 200EXC-LE 30th anniversary John Penton edition with 3000 miles on it had 15 bids and sold for $3500.00.

The upcoming Vintage Days were discussed and we will be having the same spaces we had last year. Paul will be ordering the tent soon and anyone with MC5s are encouraged to bring them for displaying. John Borer suggested that we show some of our videos during the late evenings there this year.

Under old business, Art Busick talked of how much he appreciated the videos that the Guthries have made of our display at the Museum last August and he made a motion to buy 600 blank videos for reproduction purposes and the motion was seconded by Randy Kirkbride and the motion carried. D. Wilford then made a motion to sell those videos for $10.00, including shipping and the motion was seconded by Alan Buehner and the motion carried. Doug then reported that he had gotten a price of $75.00 each for the Penton banners we had discussed at an earlier date. This price is good only when bought in quantities of ten. Doug had brought one for all to see and everyone liked it. S. Brogan made a motion to buy 10 of them and Jerry Grakauskas seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. These will be used to display at various races and events by POG members, especially at any Vintage races. A list of names was established and it will be determined who should have them to display at the various events. Paul showed six photos of the original Penton proto model bike, presumably taken in Austria.

Under new business, Randy Kirkbride donated the proceed from the sale of his 2006 calendars to the POG. Randy suggested turning the sale of the 2007 calendars over to the POG as he is still willing to do the footwork to get them printed. A. Buehner made a motion to let Randy produce the 2007 calendars as a POG project and the motion was seconded by S. Brogan and all were in favor of the motion. A rather lengthy discussion was held on the pros and cons of the POG accepting credit cards and Art Busick suggested we table the discussion until we learn more about using them. A. Buehner reported that Tom Benolkin had won 6 motos on a Penton at Diamond Dons Moto-cross National in Texas. Ed Youngblood stated that he had E-mail from people from VMX magazine in Australia who will be attending Vintage Days and it was questioned if we could possibly have them visit our tent on Sat. evening. Al Martin questioned if we should buy another Easy-up to accommodate Dales cooking area at Vintage Days, so Paul is to check about possibly getting a larger tent. B. Smith showed some magazines and brochures that Heribel Bertrand had sent him from France and James Borer showed some pictures of the Michelin airless tires for motorcycles.

For “Topic of Discussion” Paul spoke about and showed several pictures of the Daytona Monument/Plaques that John has mentioned several times. Conrad Pheifer told about he and his cousins adventures of riding their Vintage Pentons in the Alligator Enduro. Also the breakfast and the auction were mentioned. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 with the next meeting scheduled for May 4th at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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