Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 4, 2006

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m. and briefly went over the agenda for the day. He introduced the POG officers and then had each person introduce themselves and state where they were from. There was 77 people in attendance from 9 different states and Canada. Paul introduced Mark Mederski, who is the museum director, who spoke about being glad to have the POG there for the day. Mark explained that he had put an article in the Pickerington Sun/Times about John Penton and the POG having the meeting there. Mark says that the Moto-cross exhibit will be there at least thru December, 2006. Pres. Danik then presented the Museum a $500.00 check from the POG in honor/memory of Rod Bush. He then showed the bronze sculpture of John Penton and explained that it was sculpted by Rick Stewart, who was in attendance.

Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the January meeting and D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by John Borer to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report for Jan., showing 8 new members, 22 renewals, six being for 2 years and the sale of one DVD/Program. The report showed 409 active members as 4 were moved to the expired list as they failed to renew their membership during Oct. 2005. Treasurer A. Buehner gave the financial report as of 1/31/06. Alan also stated that he has sent all of the information to the accountant for our year-end statement. He also asked if we wanted to renew our membership in the Blue Ribbon Coalition. D. Leimbach explained what the Coalition does and John Penton stated that he has supported them for a long time. D. Leimbach made a motion to renew our membership for a year for the fee of $100.00 and Art Busick seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Pres. Danik asked the membership about reserving the same 4 spaces at a cost of $600.00 for Vintage Days and A. Busick made a motion that was seconded by Bob Andersohn and this motion also carried. A. Buehner stated that the deadline for the Spring Newsletter articles is Feb. 18th. Everyone gave a big hand to Alan for all the work he does in getting the letter prepared for printing plus all of the mailing that has to be done. B. Smith gave the Web-site report stating that the featured motorcycle section is back up, but some of the original pictures are still missing. He also stated that the “Home Page” photo will be up in the next few days. Bill told about recently going to the Stanley Steamer 100th anniversary celebration in Ormond Beach, Fla. where they saw Don Garlitz and Jack Roush and he met Dave Despain who told him about John Penton visiting him while he was in a hospital. The E-bay report was given by John Borer showing the following sales: a ‘75 Penton 250cc Hare Scrambler had 10 bids for $2375.00, a ‘76 Penton 125, partially restored had 6 bids for $600.00, a ‘75 Penton/KTM 250cc engine, complete, except for the ignition cover, with a stuck piston , had 14 bids for $127.50. Also, a 75 Penton/KTM 250cc frame with swing arm had 2 bids for $10.00, a Penton VDO speedometer with cable and mounting bracket had 10 bids for $76.95 and a moto-plat ignition coil had 8 bids and sold for $51.00.

There was no old business and under new business John Penton spoke briefly about Rod Bush and all he had done for the Penton/KTM motorcycle world and he also “Thanked” the POG members for all the love that has been shown to the Penton motorcycle and to the Penton family. Pres. Danik then told about when he was racing that the Leimbachs and the Pentons would open their home to him and he told proudly that he recently had the privilege of putting Mrs. Leimbach up for the night as she was in his area. Randy Kirkbride showed his 2006 calendars and Scott and Belinda Brogan modeled the new MC5 jerseys they have made for 2006, and the McColloughs showed their Penton license plates. Pres. Danik thanked Connie and Ted Del Solar for taking care of the registration book and filling out the tickets for the drawing. He also thanked Brett Watson for coming with him a day early to get things prepared for the meeting and he announced that Ed Youngblood would be giving a tour of the Moto-cross exhibit in ten minutes after adjournment which was at 11:15 a.m. The next meeting is scheduled for March 2nd at KTM USA.

Ed gave a very interesting tour of the MX exhibit, explaining each phase of the exhibit and telling why and how it was set up in this manner. Pizza that was furnished by A. Buehner and a large cake that was brought by Toni Roach was enjoyed by all as we watched a video that was produced by Reb and Ted Guthrie in Aug. when we had our POG display set up at the museum for the KTM dealers. After a time to view the Pentons {many were MC5s}on display in the garage area, the group returned to the meeting area for a round-table discussion where E. Youngblood asked questions for some of the Penton pioneers, including John Penton, Don Mathias, who was the first official Penton dealer, Doug Wilford, Matt Weisman, Dane Leimbach, Jack Penton and Al Born. The floor was then opened to questions from the membership. A total of 25 very nice door prizes were given, consisting of items donated by the POG and various individual members of the group.

After putting the chairs, speakers, lights, etc. in their proper place, approximately 25 Poggers went to Chris and Tommy Garrett’s nearby home for a delicious meal as the rest headed out trying to beat the up-coming snow storm.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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