Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 5, 2006

ATTENDEES: Jerry Grakauskas, Alan Buehner, Doug Wilford, John Borer, Ted Guthrie, Randy Kirkbride, Barb Weisman, Al Martin, Bailey Borer, John Penton, Ed Youngblood, Matt Weisman, Ollie Martin, James Borer, Jack Penton, Paul A. Busick, Kent Knudson, Paul Danik, Jeff Borer, Bill Smith, Scott Brogan and Al Born.
Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m. and asked A. Born to read the minutes of the Dec. 2005 meeting and a motion to accept the minutes as read was made by J. Grakauskas and was seconded by B. Smith and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 7 new members, 19 renewals, 11 being for 2 years and the sale of 8 DVD/programs for Dec. 2005. There is now 405 active members as 8 were moved to the expired list as their renewal month was Sept. A. Buehner gave the treasurers report as of 12/31/. Alan stated that he will soon be submitting the POG financial records to the accountant so he can compile our yearly statement. He also reminded everyone that Feb. 18th will be the deadline for receiving Spring Newsletter articles. There will be a member profile about Mike Lewis, a former Penton Dealer in this letter.

B. Smith gave his web-site report stating that there was not much new except for a few recent changes and that he and Karen are making some corrections due to the crash and that they will soon be seeking a new server. John Borer gave the E-bay report showing a Penton/KTM MC5 400 frame and swing arm had 4 bids for $102.50, a right side panel for GS6/MC5 had 5 bids for $142.61, a set of 1970s Girling shocks had 7 bids for $161.50 and a Penton/KTM moto- plat ignition had 7 bids for $42.55 that did not meet the reserve price. Also, a 1973 Jackpiner in good condition that ran had 12 bids for $1,050.00, another ’73 Jackpiner in very nice condition had 5 bids for $2600.00 and a 1972 Penton Six Day, all original with approx. 600 actual miles in very good condition had 28 bids and sold for $4,561.11.

P. Danik showed a 1973 Six Day banner that he recently purchased on an AMA auction. It had many signatures on it and was in very nice condition. A PFP report was given by T. Guthrie. Ted stated that he has slowly but steadily been getting personal interviews that include some very neat stories and that he is very thankful for the opportunities he has had to reap so many interesting Penton experiences. Ted said that they have recently purchased a new computer with a lot of software and that his wife, Rebba has been spending time learning about its capabilities. Paul then spoke about “Penton Day at the AMA” which will be on Feb. 4th and said that Ed Youngblood will be giving a tour of the Moto-cross exhibit. A discussion was held on making a donation to the Museum and John Borer made a motion that was seconded by B. Smith to donate $500.00 in honor/memory of Rod Bush and all were in favor of the motion.

There was no old business so Pres. Danik asked if anyone had any ideas or suggestion for this years “Family Night” and nearly everyone suggested we have Karen Turner and Linda Losse back with their dulcimers and harmonica.

Under new business, R. Kirkbride showed his 2006 calendars which brought about a lot of compliments. He stated that he sold 100 of the 2005 calendars that netted a $400.00 profit that he donated to the POG along with a $25.00 check from Tom Benolkin as a donation. Tom was the featured rider for the month of October. Scott Brogan showed some design and color schemes that he has come up with for the 2006 MC5 T-shirts and caps. Paul passed around some items that Larry Maiers had sent him for the POG archives, including the bill of sale for Penton #V002. The Barber Motorsports vintage meet in Oct. was discussed and Paul thinks it would be nice if we could possibly have a Penton display there in the not too distant future. Jeff Borer stated that he will be displaying his 1970 Penton at the Packard Museum in Warren, Oh. until some time in April. Jack Penton showed a video clip of some of Rebba Guthries camera work. It was announced that the Six-Day reunion ride will be Oct. 27th thru 30th this year in Park Hills, Mo. Pres. Danik presented Ollie Martin with a birthday cake in order to celebrate his 69th birthday. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. and birthday cake was enjoyed by all present.. The next meeting will be at the AMA Museum on Feb. 4th at 10:00 a.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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