Meeting Minutes

JULY 6, 2006

ATTENDEES:  Barb Weisman, Ollie Martin, Jeff Borer, James Borer, William Hentges, Matt Weisman, Al Martin, Zak Borer, Al Born, Bill Smith, Dane Leimbach, Conrad Pfeifer, John Borer, Paul Busick, Doug Wilford, Alan Buehner, Paul Danik, Bailey Borer and Scott Brogan.
Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked Sec. A. Born to read the minutes of the June meeting and M. Weisman made a motion to accept the minutes as read and A. Buehner seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 4 new members, two coming from the expired list, 29 renewals, 10 of those being for 2 years and the sale of 2 DVDs. It also showed 398 active members as 12 who have not renewed since March were moved to the expired list. Doug is preparing a special card that will be sent to those that are about to expire. Doug also gave a report on Randy Kirkbride who is suffering from a blood infection. D. Leimbach gave an update on Jack Penton who is receiving treatments in Houston at the present time and A. Born gave an update on Dave Mungenasts condition. Paul had brought 3 blown-up pictures for all present to sign, one each for Jack and Randy and one for Karen Turner who recently celebrated a birthday.

A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report. Alan stated that he hopes to have the next Newsletter out by Sept. 1st. He said that Toni Roach will be giving him some results/stories/pictures from Vintage races. B. Smith says there is no report on the web-site, but that he could use some new pictures for the Home page.

John Borer gave his E-Bay report as follows: a nicely restored ’73 Penton H.S. had 2 bids for $2200.00, an alloy Hi-Point Penton/KTM gas tank had 9 bids but the auction ended early with “Buy it Now” for $500.00, a Penton 6-Day exhaust pipe had 2 bids but the auction also ended early with “Buy it Now” for $325.00. Also, a swing-arm for a ’75 Penton H. S. had 7 bids for $234.82, a yellow Penton fiber glass gas tank, less cap had 16 bids for $183.50, a vintage center stand had 8 bids for $112.50, a Penton 6-Day steel gas tank with scratches and small dents, less cap/petcocks had 20 bids for $265.00 and a Hi-Point leather pack for goggles had 1 bid on “Buy it Now” for $45.00

We held a discussion on Vintage Days and Paul said we will have a 20’ x 30’ tent which will be set up and removed for a fee of $675.00 and John Borer will be bringing a tent for cooking and S. Brogan will be taking the equipment there in Al Martins trailer. Thursday will be set-up day and Connie/Ted will be handling the sign-in book again. Scott will have a supply of MC5 caps and shirts available and John Borer will be making a sign with information on what POG will be offering for sale. He will also be producing 100 more of the DVDs of the KTM day at the museum last August as well as making some more tags to put on display bikes. John, Alan and Doug will be deciding if and how to number volumes of our C.D.s. John will also bring a projector and screen to show DVDs on Sat. night. Alan says we will have dinner around 5 or 5:30 p.m. and the meeting will follow. Some one stated that Adam Giddings will be contesting 4 classes in the MX on Penton motorcycles. He won 2 classes last year. Dane stated that they have made a whole new MX track as well as a track for minis and quads.

Under old business, it was reported that more DVDs were sold and that we received a couple donations.

Under new business, Paul gave out flyers for the BSA Owners Groups 25th annual rally and stated that they have a very nice reliability run on Sat. Dane, Al, and the Borers told about a very long but interesting auction sale at the late John Cobb’s residence as Mrs. Cobb is moving back to N. Carolina. Doug said that Teddy Landers has been sending him pictures of our banner at various Vintage races. A discussion was held concerning giving our Penton banners to Vintage Class Champions (AHRMA). They would have to be riding a Penton, including Wassell or a vintage KTM and must be an active POG member and there would be a limit of 1 banner per person. With the above stipulations, Paul Busick made a motion to give a banner to each class champion with it being retroactive to 2005 and for the banners to be given at Vintage Days the following year. The motion was seconded by D. Leimbach and all were in favor of the motion. For “Topic of Discussion”, Bill Smith showed several slides and Bill told the story of how he progressed from a mini-bike to riding Pentons. The meeting ended at 9:50 p.m. and the next meeting will be at Mid-Ohio and there will be no Aug. meeting.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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