Meeting Minutes

JULY 29, 2006

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and asked each person present to introduce themselves and to give their message board name, if they use one. Paul then recognized all of the officers of POG as well as Reb and Ted Guthrie who have produced the DVDs from last years KTM Dealers meeting “Kick Off” day at the museum. Paul thanked everyone who had worked hard to make this event what it is. We held a moment of silence for Jack Penton and Dave Mungenast who are both ill at this time and he reminded everyone to be sure to sign the large picture banner for Jack, who was taking treatments in Houston. At this time there had been 83 members who had signed the register and there was likely 50 to 60 present at the meeting. Paul then introduced Dale Buehner who thanked all who had helped to sponsor the food for the week-end including Karl and Eric Schneider of All Custom Fab Shop, Buehners Office Supply, John Penton, Al Born, Richard Sanders, Tommy Garrett, Connie and Ted Del Solar, John Slivka, Pat and Augie Mikevicius and Don Roth. He also thanked all who helped cook and serve that included James, Jeff, Zak and Paul Borer, Augie Mickevicius, Connie Del Solar, Dot Wilford, Ryan Hoover, Mick and Jarrin Milakovic, Danny Young, Don Roth, Laura and Reba Slivka, Reb Guthrie, Pat Herbison, and Nelson McCullough. He also thanked his wife Mary Ann for doing most of the food shopping. Dale gave out special “Chef Hats” to some of the sponsors and thanked Kip Kern and Forest Stahl for cooking breakfast each year for the early risers who stayed in the Pentonville area.

John Penton was presented a huge 81st birthday cake as his birthday will be on August 19th. John remarked that he was speechless, but that proved to be untrue as he came forward to take the “mike” and thanked everyone for all they have done for the POG and told about how he was one of several who convinced the owners of Mid-Ohio to let them bring Vintage Days there and how it has become the biggest draw of the year for them.

Paul gave an overview of all of our events in the last year including KTM day at the museum in August, the death of Rod Bush in Sept., Penton Day at the AMA in Feb. and Toni Roach gave a report on the John Penton GNCC race and told of the long line of people waiting for John’s autograph.

In the interest of time, Paul asked for a motion to dispense of the reading of the minutes of the July 6th meeting and a motion to do so was made by James Borer and seconded by Alan Buehner and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 7 new members, 2 coming off the expired list, 15 renewals, 3 being for 2 years and the sale of 2 DVDs. It showed 398 active members at the time. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report. Alan stated that he hoped to have the next Newsletter out by Sept. 1st and the deadline for articles will be Aug. 20th. He also gave an overview of the special articles for the past year and thanked Ted Guthrie for all the help he has been in writing stories. Bill Smith gave the Web-site report, stating that they are working on some real neat items at the present time. Bill says that it is very easy to get side-lined during the summer months when so much is going on and says he could still use some photos for the home page. Bill says that we can look for some of the pictures that he is taking this week-end in about three weeks.

John Borer gave the E-bay report showing the following sales: a nice ’74 Jack-Piner had 32 bids for $3551.00, a 79 KTM 250 MX had 2 bids for $600.00, a ’73 Penton 250 cc project bike had 1 bid for $500.00 and a NOS 125 cc Sachs cylinder had 8 bids for $261.11. Also, an original Penton 100/125 leather Enduro tool bag had 23 bids for $251.50, a ‘72 Jack-Piner exhaust pipe had 8 bids for $183.50, a Penton banner had 7 bids for $158.20, a Penton fork brace had 12 bids for $105.50 and a Penton front fender with mounting bracket had 7 bids for $107.50. A Penton Enduro head light had 7 bids for $70.01, a Penton gas tank had 3 bids for $41.00, a 70/71 Penton gas tank had 6 bids for $102.50 and a Penton steel tank model light switch had 10 bids for $81.00. A ‘75 Penton 250 cc MX sold on “Buy it Now” after 4 bids for $2200.00, and a brand new Hiro engine {complete}sold on “Buy it Now” after 15 bids for $1500.00 and a Penton/KTM alloy Hi-Point gas tank failed to reach the $600.00 reserve price after receiving 8 bids for $406.57.

Pres. Danik stated that the PFP committee is behind schedule on the Steel Tanker book but stated that Reb/Ted have gathered much data through many interviews over the last year and that there is still a need for more surveys for the steel tankers to be turned in, so if you own one please complete a survey and return it to Bill Smith. Conrad Pfeifer told an interesting story of how he and a friend rode their Pentons in the Alligator Enduro this year. Paul stated that he has entries for the 2006 6-Day reunion ride that will be held in Missouri this year. Teddy Landers spoke of the spring 2 day ride they have in Ark. and urged all present to try to attend next spring. Paul reminded everyone that we are planning to hold our Feb. meeting at the Museum again. D. Wilford spoke briefly about the Penton race banners the POG had made recently. A banner has been given to be displayed at the Dave Mungenast Museum and Teddy Landers has been displaying one at the Vintage races he has been attending. Banners were given at this meeting to Toni/Gary Roach, Ted Del Solar and Lew Mayer to display at Vintage races. Banners have also been sent to Skip Miller in Texas and Victor Monz in California.

Toni Roach reported that the following riders had placed well enough to receive plaques at the Vintage Moto-cross races today: Toni Roach, Terry Gates, Teddy Landers, Dan Pagel, Bob Wardlow, “Chicago “ Jerry Grakauskas and 17 year old Adam Giddings, who won 7 out of 8 motos and may have won the other except for being involved in a large pile-up. Adam rides Kent Knudson’s Pentons and Ted Guthrie came forward and thanked Kent and Toni and Gary Roach for all of the support they give Adam. It was also reported that Lew Mayer and Glenn Berry did well in the Vintage Trials.

Mike Gallagher, from the Meteor M.C. Club that has put on the Sandy Lane Enduro since 1934 presented John Penton with a picture of John as he is a 6 time winner of that Enduro. When John came to get the picture, he told of riding the BMW and winning 4 National Enduros on it and again expressed his feelings about the POG, Penton and KTM extended families, and how compassionate the Texans have been to Jack while he has been there receiving his treatments. Doug also told of receiving some Penton related pictures from J. R. Horne’s grandson that he had found in a house he had moved into.

Paul gave certificates of appreciation to Pat and Augie Mickevicius, Bob Andersohn, Bill Smith, Scott Brogan, Dave and Nelson McCollough, Ollie Martin, Larry Perkins, Ted Del Solar and Ray Levesque for displaying their Penton motorcycles, many being MC5s. Also, the Ted Penton Technical Award went to Kip Kern for building and displaying the replica model of the proto model of the Puch powered 175 cc Penton that was never put into production. Ten lucky attendees received door prizes consisting of T-shirts, decals, tires, oil and badges. Al Born gave Rosemary Landers a nice rectangular Penton Pin that he had bought in a box of items at the Ted/Mable Penton estate sale as Rosemary had lost her hat with a lot of pins and badges at Vintage Days last year. Rosemary thanked several people for sending her pins and badges and Ron Carbaugh had even sent her a “beanie” to put them on. The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 7th at KTM, USA at 7:00 p.m.

Thanks to John Borer, many folks including passers-by enjoyed “The Worlds Fastest Indian” movie at the make-shift outdoor theatre right by our POG tent.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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