Meeting Minutes

JUNE 1, 2006

ATTENDEES: Alan Buehner , Bailey Borer, Paul Danik, Barb Weisman, John Penton, Scott Brogan, John Borer, Toni Roach, Matt Weisman, Jack Penton, Doug Wilford, Jeff Borer, Gary Roach, Randy Kirkbride, Paul Busick, Dane Leimbach, James Borer, Ollie Martin, Ed Youngblood, Bill Smith, Conrad Pfeifer, Al Born and Al Martin.
Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the May 4th meeting. After correcting the date in the 2nd paragraph from 4/40/06 to 4/30/06 and the word out to our preceding tent in the 4th paragraph, D. Leimbach made a motion to accept the minutes and B. Smith seconded the motion and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the May membership report that showed 4 new members, 6 renewals, 3 being for 2 years and the sale of 3 DVDs. There is now 405 active members. Treasurer A. Buehner gave his report showing a cash/checking acct. as of 5/31/06. Pres. Danik asked D. Wilford to make him a list of all expired members. Alan gave the Newsletter report, stating that he had 475 copies printed and that he had sent several expiration notices out with them. Alan also stated that he will be enclosing another commemorative post card with the next edition. Also, Alan and Doug will be looking into printing a new member directory in the near future. B. Smith said they will soon have the new C.D.s offered for sale on the web and that they are preparing a POG merchandise list also. Paul, Bill and Karen will be discussing the best way to go about putting the steel tank info gathered in the surveys on the site and Bill stated that he still is not able to track the total visits to the site.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report as follows: a ‘71 Penton 6-Day had 26 bids for $1266.25, a ‘74 Penton Mint 400 cc had 12 bids for $750.00, a ‘72 Penton Jack-Piner with a seized engine had 2 bids for $450.00 and the auction ended early with “Buy it Now”. An exhaust pipe for a steel tank model had 11 bids for $280.00, a 250 cc engine had 24 bids for $276.66, a set of 35 mm forks had 6 bids for $200.00, a nice ’68-’71 Berkshire gas tank had 6 bids for $152.50 and a round air box assembly for a steel tank model had 7 bids and sold for $152.50.

Vintage Days was discussed very briefly as we will be having a meeting on July 6th to finalize plans. As Vintage Days are 2 weeks later this year, we will be having a meeting there but will not meet in August.

Under old business, D. Leimbach, C. Pfeifer, R. Kirkbride, A. Buehner and Jack Penton all spoke briefly about how they use credit cards in their own business and D. Wilford is going to have his son-in-law who works at Century-Tel check this out for us as we might be using credit cards in the future. Paul said that Bob Kent gave one of the DVDs to a friend who in turn had sent a donation to the POG. Alan stated that he has sent a check to pay for our sponsorship of the Milk Run Enduro. S. Brogan turned in the proceeds from his POG shirt sales and Scott will be replenishing his supply before Vintage Days and also having a few MC5 caps made. Paul showed several pictures of the Daytona monument plaques and John spoke about the drive that he and Dick Klamfoth are having to get it completed.

Under new business, John gave an update on the condition of Dave Mungenast and a prayer was offered for him and his family. Paul had blown up a picture taken at Pentonville last month into poster size and everyone present signed it and Paul will be sending it and a DVD to Dave. Paul and Doug presented Toni and Gary Roach a Penton banner to display at Vintage races or any events they may attend. Toni reported that the Mountain Fest will be held in Morgantown, W.V. the same week-end as Vintage Days and she also gave a report on the John Penton GNCC and stated that Gary took 3rd place in the 2 hour race. Conrad brought to attention that one week from this date would be the 47th anniversary of John Pentons record cross-country ride on the BMW. The meeting adjounded shortly after 9:00 p.m. and the next meeting will be on July 6th at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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