Meeting Minutes

MAY 4, 2006

ATTENDEES: Barb Weisman, James Borer, Ollie Martin, Randy Suta, Alan Buehner, Matt Weisman, John Borer, Al Martin, Paul Danik, Paul A. Busick, Dane Leimbach, Bailey Borer, John Penton, Reb Guthrie, Doug Wilford, Ed Youngblood, Jeff Borer, Jack Penton, Ted Guthrie, Bill Smith, Scott Brogan and Al Born.
Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. and Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the April 6th meeting. With one correction made, that being that the pictures of the airless tires that James Borer showed were for autos, not motorcycles. Ollie Martin made a motion to then accept the minutes and the motion was seconded by Alan Buehner and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the April membership report showing 3 new members, 11 renewals, 5 being for 2 years and the sale of 1 DVD. The report showed 427 active members at the end of April. Doug said he went over the roster and that several of the real early members had failed to renew and it was recommended that we should do some calling and some thought that being able to pay with a credit card might help and we will be looking further into that. Doug had also received a reply of “THANKS” from Teddy Landers for the banner we sent him to take to Vintage events and that he had already done that. Doug stated that we had also received our new membership card from the Blue Ribbon Coalition and that the POG had received an application from the AMA Heritage Club.

A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 4/40/06. Alan also reported that he has been working on the next Newsletter and he has set May 18th as the deadline for receiving articles and he expects to have it in the mail by June 1st. It will contain Part II of the Bob Wardlow story and will also have a profile on an early Penton dealer as well as an update on what to expect at Vintage Days this July. Paul says he has talked to Don Roth about writing a future article about his street legal Penton that he regularly rides on the road. John Penton brought some more letters for Alan to look through to see if he wants to use any of them in future Newsletters. Bill Smith says that there isn’t too much new on the Web-site, but that they have bought a new digital camera for use in taking “still” pictures.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report as follows: a ’72 Jack-Piner for parts/restoration had 1 bid for $499.00 but did not meet the reserve price, a ’75 Penton 250 cc in rough condition with several parts missing had 14 bids for $211.50, a ’76 to ’78 Penton/KTM engine had 22 bids for $407.00 and an after market swing arm had 12 bids for $259.11. Also, a slightly used pair of Hi-Point Alpinestar boots, size 12, had 8 bids for $255.00, an air-box cover/number plate in rough condition had 7 bids for $67.00, a ‘78 KTM/Penton 400 had 24 bids for $1125.00, a ‘78 KTM MC400 bike in rough condition had 6 bids for $580.00 and an original Penton 1976 license plate from Kansas that had stickers through 1980 had 2 bids and sold for $31.00 and this plate was “in attendance” at this meeting.

Vintage Days was discussed and Paul says our same spaces as last year have been confirmed. Someone stated that there will be a vendor picnic on Thursday and that Hodaka will have a tent and that people from the VMX magazine will be at out tent on Sat. eve. Paul stated that we will have the same size tent and that John Borer will be bringing a 10’ x 20’ tubular frame easy up for Dale to cook under.

The Book Committee reported that the steel tanker survey results will soon be on the Web-site and Ted Guthrie thanked Ed Youngblood for the interview he got to do with Dave Mungenast.

Under old business, we again discussed the possibility of a Penton display at the Barber Motorsport complex on Oct. 20, 21 and 22nd as Ted Guthrie and Paul have hopes of going there this year. We also discussed the possibility of sponsoring a plaque for off-road riders at the Daytona Beach Monument and Paul will be bringing some good pictures of it to the June meeting. John Borer had 100 copies of our Penton display at the Museum last August on DVDs and Paul will be handling the sale of them. Ted Guthrie told about recently spending some vacation time in Arizona and meeting some KTM off-road riders and he said they were in awe that Ted gets to meet with John Penton each month and Ted says he invited them to come to Vintage Days this year. Ted also “Thanked “ everyone who showed up for the John Penton video that he and Reb shot at Pentonville last Saturday. Scott Brogan turned in the profits to the Treasurer from his recent POG shirt sales and says that he will have to re-order to have plenty for Mid-Ohio.

Under new business, someone stated that the new issue of VMX has a 250 KTM/Penton on the cover. We also had an E-mail and phone call from Don Roth who is Treasurer of the Athens, Oh. Enduro Club, stating that the Milk Run will be a National this year on July 2nd and that they will also be having a Pro-Am event on July 1st. Art Busick made a motion that the POG be an event sponsor of this for a one-time fee of $150.00 and John Penton seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. This will entitle our POG logo to be shown on their Web-site, flyers and the T-shirts they will be selling. Dane Leimbach told about the interesting auction that was held at the Ted and Mable Penton residence recently and showed a Filtron notebook and an engine and enduro kit shipping box that he had bought from Teds’s basement. He also told of being able to buy some plaques that the Meadowlarks had awarded to Ted and a Machinist tool box that had belonged to Ted and John’s father that Ted had used for years.

For “Point of Discussion” Bill Smith and Al Born showed 85 slides of early Penton riders that were sold at the sale and the buyer had brought all of the motorcycle slides back and gave them to John. The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for June 1st at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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