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ATTENDEES: Paul Danik , Doug Wilford, Al Martin, Jack Penton, Al Born, Toni Roach, Ted Del Solar, Ollie Martin, John Penton, John Borer, Gary Roach, Randy Kirkbride, Scott Brogan, Paul Busick, Jeff Borer, Bob Rush, Jerry Grakauskas, Kent Knudson, Barb Weisman, James Borer, Alan Buehner, Conrad Pfeifer and Ted Guthrie.
Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and A. Born read the minutes of the July 6th meeting. James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as read and J. Grakauskas seconded the motion and the motion carried. The Pres. then welcomed Jack Penton back and Jack “Thanked” everyone for all of their care, love and concern that they had extended to him in so many ways. Jack had brought the large banner that we had sent to him as well as a series of pictures of him from a past Little Burr Enduro with many signatures and had posted them on the wall for all to see. Sec. A. Born then read the minutes of the July 29th meeting held at Mid-Ohio and a motion was made by James Borer to accept those minutes as read and O. Martin seconded that motion and it carried also. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 11 new members, 7 coming off the expired list, 25 renewals, 5 being for 2 years and the sale of 1 DVD of the ’73 Six-Days. The report also showed 411 active members as 3 were moved to the inactive list. Doug also thanked Connie and Ted for all the work they did at Mid-Ohio by taking care of the sign-in book and applications as well as selling the T-shirts and caps.

Treasurer A. Buehner presented his report. Alan also stated that he was happy to get the Newsletter out by Sept. 1st. He stated that he had 460 copies printed and that he mailed out 410 that included the 3rd commemorative post card. Toni Roach will be getting Alan a summary of Penton riders results from the vintage races for the summer before the next Newsletter deadline on Nov. 20th. Due to Bill Smiths absence, there was no web-site report but there were several compliments made concerning all he and Karen have done for the site.

We had a discussion concerning the recent Vintage Days and Paul thanked everyone for making it “happen” again, especially Connie and Ted for all their work. Those present that rode the new moto-cross track spoke highly of it. It was agreed that the tents served their purpose well and much was said about all the good food that was served by Dale Buehner and his helpers. James Borer made a motion that was seconded by Toni Roach to send a card of thanks to Dale and all were in favor of the motion. James will bring a nice card to the Oct. meeting for all present to sign to send to Dale. Jack Penton says that he missed it all “a lot”. Paul and Doug told about a man with a French accent stopping in our tent and remarking that the POG knows how to set up a great display and Paul spoke about how good it was to see Danny Young there. Scott says that the caps and shirts sold well and a special thanks went to Al Martin for the use of his trailer and to Scott for pulling it there with the display items. Alan said he had recently talked with Paul Stannard from the Hodaka group and that he was thanking the POG members that helped them with their nice display and “Chicago” Jerry remarked about how nice it was to have Jim Pomeroy there to help with the trophy presentations.

John Borer gave his E-bay report that listed the following sales: a nice, used Penton 125 cc exhaust pipe had 28 bids for $233.50, a NOS, 2 clip exhaust tip for an early Penton had 14 bids for $177.50, an ISDT ‘73 Olympics of Motorcycling book had 9 bids for $43.88, a Penton pennant had 5 bids $23.49 and a ‘74 Penton 250 cc Hare Scrambler head light switch had 8 bids for $55.00. Also a ’72 Berkshire with a “seized” engine had 1 bid for $300.00, a very original ’74 Berkshire had 2 bids and sold on “Buy it Now” for $1500.00, a nice ’74 Penton 250 cc Hare Scrambler had 2 bids for $1625.00, a very nice ’76 Jack-Piner had 11 bids for $2,025.00, a real nice ’72 Jack-Piner had 19 bids for $2000.00 and a Penton rolling chassis {V044} had 4 bids and sold for $787.77.

The book committee reported that they will be having meetings before the Oct. and Nov. meetings. Ted Guthrie says that he and Reba have several of the interviews edited and ready but still have several key interviews to do. Bill Smith is in the process of summarizing all the surveys that he has received.

Under old business, we discussed the large Penton racing banners as we are down to two. Paul Busick made a motion to order ten more and the motion was seconded by James Borer and the motion carried so Doug will be ordering them in the near future. We received a card of “Thanks” from Lew Mayer for the one he has and Ted Del Solar showed pictures of his banner hanging at the Mosquito Classic Enduro in Harrison, Mich. on Aug. 6th. We discussed this years up-coming 6 Day Reunion Ride that will be held on Oct. 27, 28 and 29th in Missouri. There were several local POG members at this meeting who plan to attend and Paul had entry blanks available. Paul also mentioned that the Sept. issue of Hemmings Motors has an article about the 1969 Penton 6-Day. Paul also announced that Ed Youngblood plans to have the new Dave Mungenast book published and ready for sale at the Reunion Ride.

Under new business, Paul stated that Rick Stewart, who made the bronze bust of John Penton had offered to sell one to the POG for half the price of $1300.00 so Ed had purchased it and James Borer made a motion to reimburse Ed for it and Al Martin seconded the motion and the motion carried. Jack will talk to Jon Eric Burleson about displaying it at KTM except when we want to display it at any of our events. Randy Kirkbride showed a preview of the 2007 Penton calendar he is working on. Choosing a “Bike of the Year” for 2007 was discussed and we will try to make a choice at the Oct. meeting. “Chicago” Jerry Grakauskas announced that he is running for a position on the AHRMA trustee board in their election next month. Alan Buehner was very proud to announce that after 30 years he had won a trophy {2nd place], riding his 175 cc Penton at the BSA Owners Groups Reliability Run. Paul Danik and Ted Guthrie also rode the event and stated that they all had a good time. For “Topic of Discussion” the various types of Penton motorcycle engines were discussed. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. and the Oct. meeting is scheduled on the 5th day at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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