Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 2, 2007


President Paul DANIK called the Penton Owners Group meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2007. Paul DANIK asked that all present to please sign the two "Jack PENTON" get-well posters to be sent to POG members, Dave STYPE and Dot GILMAN. POG wishes them both quick recoveries.

Barbara WEISMAN, acting secretary, read the minutes for the past June 7th, 2007 POG meeting held at KTM USA, Amherst, Ohio. The minutes were approved, as read, with one small correction.

Doug WILFORD gave his Membership Report that shows POG has 7 new members, with 24 renewals. POG has 50 two-year members and 19 three-year members; 5 members from the expired list and 3 members to expire from April. There is a total of 430 active paid-up POG members, to date. Doug next related that he had received an AMA promotional sheet about that organization's upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Doug also invited all POG officers to please sign a John PENTON hardback book purchased by Marvin Drosky.

Al BUEHNER, POG treasurer, gave the POG Statement of Income and Expenditures for the period ending July 31, 2007. Al next informed the meeting members of the upcoming Fall issue of the Still Keeping Track newsletter. Al BUEHNER stated any interested authors are welcome to submit their articles for the Fall issue. Some promised articles have yet to be received. A summary of planned articles was given.

Barbara WEISMAN next read the minutes from the Saturday, July 28th, 2007 POG meeting held in the POG tent during the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days event, at Mid-Ohio Raceway, Lexington, Ohio. Al BUEHNER and Ollie MARTIN voted that the minutes be approved as read, and the assembled all approved.

Bill SMITH gave his monthly POG e-mail and web-site report. The site activity has recently been slow, but since the Vintage Days event, the traffic has picked up a little. Karen has recently taken over the registration portion of the POG web-site.

No date has been selected for the 40th Penton Sportcycle Anniversary and 10th year for the POG, but Jack PENTON gave a report on some of the activity ideas that are being proposed for the 2008 event. POG member, Matt WEISMAN, has been recruited to design a logo for the celebrations.

Referring back to the POG's total membership, president Paul DANIK called for ideas to retain current members and to encourage retired or lapsed members to re-new their memberships. One idea found favor and Paul A. BUSICK made a motion that POG include a free POG personalities interviews DVD in the December 2007 Still Keeping Track newsletter, making that mailing to both paid-up members and to those with expired memberships. A prominent notice, also to be included in the December mailing, will tell the recipient that a different free POG personalities DVD will be a membership benefit to be included with three of the 2008 newsletter mailings for those with a paid-up membership to the Penton Owners Group. After a discussion held on the POG membership's motion for the free DVDs and a member's benefit notice, Al Buehner seconded the motion and it was passed by the members assembled. Doug WILFORD said that the mailing might amount to a mailing to about 960 names.

Ed YOUNGBLOOD gave a book report on the printing of the leather bound John PENTON book, saying that the first printing of the leather bound covers was rejected due to the smearing of the gold printing. The job has been resubmitted for a second effort. A discussion of the wholesale pricing system for the hardcover version of the John PENTON book followed, with Jack PENTON advising that careful consideration be taken on this issue to avoid any conflict between the different venues where the book will be promoted. White Horse Publishers and Motor Books might be approached to enter the book in their catalogs. It was reported that 34 of the total 125 special editions leather bound books were unsold. The remaining 34 will never be offered for purchase again.

On a different subject, a discussion was held as to whether the Penton Owners Group should consider assembling and printing a new membership Directory. It was suggested that the new Directory could also be included with the upcoming 2007 December Still Keeping Track newsletter. For such a large mailing (approximately 960) with the addition of the DVDs, a members' benefit notice, and a proposed new Directory, extra hands would be needed to help stuff the envelopes.

Under Old Business, Jack PENTON said he would attend during the August 24, 25, and 26, 2007 Portland, Michigan Legends Race. A POG tent will also be set up at the event. Scott BROGAN reported that he has the new POG caps in stock. Some POG shirt sizes are sold out and only a very few of the Jackpine shirts are still available. Scott also said that anyone wishing to show a bike at the Annual Wings and Wheels is more than welcome. The event is held at the Norwalk, Ohio airport. President Paul DANIK gave his Steeltank Book report, saying that work on the book has been moving forward, but has slowed down during the summer.

Under New Business, Ed YOUNGBLOOD said he would ask the AMA if the POG could be the 2009 Club of the Year, to honor the Anniversary of John PENTON's record cross-country motorcycle run. The evening's Point of Discussion covered how best to improve the POG tent experience at next year's Vintage Days by possibly controlling the noise and unwarranted traffic during our meetings. POG could provide our own trash containers at the tent; appoint a series of POG members to help relieve the long hours and days at the sign-in table; and determine how to add to our parking area near our tent.

Al BUEHNER read a note from Dale BUEHNER thanking the POG, numerous contributors and sponsors to his Kitchen in the POG tent during Vintage Days. All present gave a hardy applause in appreciation of Dale’s delicious and welcome meals.

POG members are reminded of the September 8th, 2007 Vintage Trail Ride and Little Burr Enduro in southern Ohio. POG members are also encouraged to attend the Radnor Hunt Concours on September 7,8, and 9, 2007, where the Penton Sportcycle is to be the featured Marque. On October 6 and 7, 2007, the Hall of Fame will be inducting Billy UHL. Ed YOUNGBLOOD gave a report on the recent AMA HALL of FAME event for the opening of the Malcolm Smith exhibit. Among those in attendance were Malcolm SMITH, Jeremy McGRATH, Brad LACKEY, Marty TRIPES, John DESOTO, Dave ALDANA, Mert LAWILL, Bruce BROWN, Tom WHITE and many others. President Paul DANIK then called the August 2nd POG meeting to close after announcing that the next POG meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, September 6, 2007 at KTM, USA, Amherst, Ohio.

Barbara WEISMAN, acting POG secretary, August 2, 2007

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