Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 6, 2007

ATTENDEES:  Joan Borer, Chris Grakauskas, Pat Leimbach, Jerry Burkey, Randy Kirkbride, Dolly Martin, James Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Dane Leimbach, Bill Smith, Rosemary Buehner, Ollie Martin, Nancy Borer, Barb Weisman, Craig Garrett, Bob Rush, Alan Buehner, Al Martin, Alyssa Borer, Matt Weisman, Tommy Garrett, Toni Roach, Dot Wilford, Colleen Busick, Zack Borer, Connie DelSolar, Bev Troyan, Gary Roach, Doug Wilford, Paul Busick, Paul Borer, Ted DelSolar, Greg Troyan, Paul Danik, Belinda Brogan, Reb Guthrie, Jeff Borer, Kent Knudeson, Conrad Pfeifer,Al Born, Scott Brogan, Ted Guthrie, Hallie Borer, Donna Penton, Barb Penton, John Penton, Gigi Penton, Jack Penton and John Borer.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and asked each person to introduce themselves and tell where they were from. After doing so, Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the November meeting and James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Jack Penton seconded the motion and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 7 new members, 10 renewals, 2 being for 2 years and the sale of 4 1973 6-Day DVDs. Three members were moved to the inactive list, leaving 412 active members as of 11/30/07. Doug also read a nice letter from Billy Uhl, thanking the POG for the Hard back edition of the John Penton book that we had given him. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 11/30/07. Alan also gave a Newsletter report stating that 785 were printed and that 410 were sent to active members and 343 were sent to members on the expired list. Each Newsletter contained DVD #1 of the series entitled “At Home With John Penton”, that were produced by Reb and Ted Guthrie. Alan also reported that we held an “envelope stuffing party” at the Wilfords on Dec. 1st that included Doug, Paul Busick, Ollie and Al Martin, Jeff and John Borer, Al Born and himself. Doug furnished the coffee and “Chef” Dale Buehner had sent two home-made apple pies that were devoured after the work was done.

Bill Smith gave the Web-Site report stating that the site is doing fine and that there has been several registering for the message board by the new system. Bill also mentioned that Tom Penton and Jack’s son Ryan have recently registered and that he feels that will stir more interest on the message board. At this point Gary Roach stated that he and Kent Knudeson had become owners of approx. 400 photos that had been taken by Richard Christensen, from Southern Ohio, who was well known as “The Picture Man”, who is now deceased. Gary said that he found seperate pictures of his Dad, Kevin Brown’s Dad and Adam Gidding’s Grandfather, all on Steel-tanker Pentons. Paul stated that many photos have been taken to be used in the “Steel Tanker” book. Paul also stated that he has sent a "Hard Back" edition of the John Penton book to Ken Smith, who is editor of the VMX magazine that will be having an article on the early Penton Berkshire in issue #32. Ken will also be having an article about our 40/10 celebration coming up next year.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report showing the following sales: a nice ‘73 ish??? gas tank had 12 bids for $190.00, a set of NOS Sachs engine cases had 3 bids for $170.50, a 100 c.c. Sachs cylinder that was bored 1 over had 5 bids for $156.72, a new reproduction aluminum chain guard for a 68-71 Penton had 7 bids for $109.00 and a new reproduction front fender mounting bracket for a 68-71 Penton had 1 bid for $99.00. Also, a new Hi-Point tool bag for an early Penton had 1 bid for $99.00 and sold on “Buy it Now”, a used VDO Speedo with a broken mount had 3 bids for $52.09, a used aluminum air-box side cover for a 74 Penton 250 Hare Scrambler had 1 bid for $50.00 and also sold on “Buy it Now”, an old re-painted ISDT compressed air flask located in Germany that was listed for “Decorative Purposes Only” had 17 bids for $256.51, a first edition 1973 “Olympics of Motorcycle Racing” book in VGC had 9 bids for $114.50 and issues #1, 2, 3, and 4 of Dirt Rider magazine from March thru June of 1973 each had one bid for $9.99

Under old business, Paul reminded everyone of “Penton Day at the AMA on Feb. 2nd, ‘08 and D.
Leimbach reported that Kalman Czeh will be there and that he seems very anxious to see all the people that were closely associated with the Penton operation here in the states. Dane also reported that the Meadowlarks will be holding races the week-end of our 40/10 celebration and that it might affect the amount of available camping space. Paul reported that he had attended the GNCC banquet at the Sheraton near his home and that he had a “Steel Tanker” displayed alongside David Knight’s championship winning KTM.

Under new business, Ted DelSolar announced that the Jack Pine Enduro will be held on the same week-end as Vintage Days next July. Greg Troyan gave a report on the years Vintage and Post Vintage Racing as follows: Vintage MotoCross: Teddy Landers took 2nd place in +60 int.-----“Chicago” Jerry Grakauskas took 1st place in Open Age Int.----Greg Troyan won 1st place in Sportsman 500 Int.-----Terry Gates took 2nd place in Classic 125 Expert. Results from the Post Vintage MX were: Teddy Landers won 2nd place in +60 Int.------Ric Smits took 1st place in Open Age Expert---Ric also took 2nd place in the Ultima 500 Int. Cross Country Vintage results were as follows: Chicago Jerry took 2nd place in the 500 Expert class----Teddy Landers won 1st place in the +60 Expert class. The Cross Country Post Vintage results were as follows: Teddy Landers took 4th place in Hist. 200 Expert class-----Larry Perkins won 1st place in Hist. 200 Int. class---Phil Ketchum took 3rd place in Hist. Open class-----Larry Perkins won 1st place in Hist. Open Int.-----Dave Withrow took 6th place in Open Age-----Paul Busick took 10th in +50 Expert class-----Chicago Jerry took 14th in +50 Expert class and Teddy Landers took 2nd in the +60 class. Most, but not all were riding Pentons or KTMs. Chicago Jerry stated that there will be a Cross Country Race at Vintage Days this coming year, likely to be held on Fri. morning, but not for sure yet. He also stated that AHRMA will be having a 100 c.c. class in 2008. Paul D. stated that there will be a Vintage ride consisting of 60 miles in the a.m. and 40 miles in the p.m., promoted by Steve Barber and The Enduro Riders Assn. on June 22, 2008. John Penton then spoke about Kalman Czeh and how he had become like a son to him as he served as John’s interpreter and how he connected him with many prominent business men in Europe. John highly recommends that all who possibly can to be at the Feb. meeting to hear him speak. James Borer then displayed a nice Lorain Journal article describing KTM and their role in the community.

We took about 1/2 hour to enjoy pizza and all of the “goodies” that the ladies had brought, then Paul introduced Mrs. Pat Leimbach, who then entertained us for approx. 20 minutes with stories about life at the Penton Family Farm when they were growing up and also some very funny and interesting stories about being a farm wife. As usual, she kept every ones undivided attention. Conrad Pfeifer then gave a very interesting presentation including a slide show about the Naval battles that occurred during the Civil War. He had a display of his diving equipment and told of his exploration of the USS Monitor. He and his diving partner recovered a dinner plate from the ships coal bin and it is now on display at the National Mariners Museum in Newport News, Va. Conrad also showed items including a cup and saucer, sugar bowl and a window that he had recovered from the Andrea Doria that sank in the’50s. Everything he told about and displayed proved to be very interesting, even to the kids. Ted Guthrie then read a very interesting story that he had written about several of the POG members riding the Ohio Valley BSA Riders Reliability Run that was held earlier in the year. We then held a drawing for two Penton caps, some Penton decals and several of the POG shirts with the following winners: Hallie and Zack Borer, Connie DelSolar, Ted Guthrie, Gigi and Jack Penton, Dollie Martin, Chris Grakauskas, Dot and Doug Wilford, Conrad Pfeifer, Nancy Borer and Bob Rush. A good time was had by all and some folks lingered until nearly 11:00 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 3rd, 2008 at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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