Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 3, 2007

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. and asked each person to introduce themselves and remarked that he was pleased to see fathers/sons/grandsons in attendance. The register showed 76 people present from 17 different states. Paul called Ozzie Scofield forward, who was filling in for M. Mederski who was out of town. Ozzie welcomed everyone to the Museum and “Thanked” everyone for coming on such a cold day. He stated that the next exhibit will be made up of motorcycles that are/were owned by celebrities. Paul presented a $500.00 check to Ozzie for the Museum in honor/memory of Dave Mungenast who has done so much for the motorcycle industry. A moment of silence was held in honor/memory of Dave. Paul thanked Rick Stewart and Brett Watson for all the help they gave towards getting all set up on Friday that included moving a few items, setting up chairs, lights, speakers, banners, etc. They also displayed Pauls #V015 and Al Born’s V003 that has been at the Museum for over 5 years. Paul and A. Buehner also displayed many Penton parts and Kent Knudson had a beautiful display of patches, decals and ribbons.

Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the Jan. 4th, 2007 meeting and D. Leimbach made a motion to accept the minutes as read. A. Buehner seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 5 new members, 21 renewals, 10 being for 2 years and the sale of five 1973 Six-Day DVDs. He had moved 3 members to the inactive list, leaving 413 active members. Doug asked for suggestions on how to get members to renew before their expiration dates. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 1/31/07. Alan stated that the deadline for receiving articles for the Spring Newsletter is Feb. 20th and he “Thanked” Ted Guthrie for all the help he has given towards the Newsletters. B. Smith stated that the web-site has been very busy and that he would like to get a lot more Steel Tanker surveys. We gave a big “round of applause” in appreciation for all that Bill and Karen do for our site. Paul read a response that was recently on the message board from a man who was a 6th grader in 1973 and told how they were let out of school to watch the riders go by during the Six-Days event. This boy wrote a letter to the Pentons and told how they enjoyed watching the riders go by. Tom Penton then sent the boy an autographed Penton post card and decal that he still has to this day. Paul told how pleased he is to see that after thirty some years this man makes contact with the POG site.

John Borer gave his E-bay report that has been shortened again as it was a very busy month. His report showed the following sales: a Preston Petty headlight had 9 bids for $123.50, a Penton light switch had 7 bids for $45.00, a 1973 ISDT Olympics of Motorcycling book had 5 bids for $78.50, a Jack-piner enduro tail light had 9 bids for $51.99 and a NOS Penton side cover/number plate had ll bids for $112.50. Also, a nice Penton trials gas tank had 12 bids for $306.11, a NOS Sachs 6 speed engine had 5 bids but the auction ended early with “Buy it Now” for $2250.00, a 77 Penton KTM GS250 Enduro sold on “Buy it Now” for $1,899.00 and a Penton steel tanker with frame #V5063 (1971) had 13 bids for $2,025.00.

Ed Youngblood gave an update on the Steel Tanker book progress. Ed has written 3 short introductory chapters at this time. Ed thanked Paul Danik for seeing the need for this book. He stated that there were many people involved in the early Pentons and that there is also many involved in gathering the information on how it all started and how it evolved into the CMF models. Ed thanked B. Smith for sorting out all the information regarding changes, etc. that he has received from the surveys. Ed says that the book should be a great guide for buying, restoring and maintaining the Steel Tanker models as it will have a nice colored photo gallery and that it should explain why people love them so. Ed also stated that there is no time-line for getting the book printed, but at best, it likely will take a year. Ted Guthrie has been writing some stories that will likely be used in the book. Everyone present gave Ed a “Big Hand” for all the work he does with his Moto-history updates.

Under old business, A. Buehner gave A. Born the POG’s 2007 AMA charter to be kept with the previous ones. Under new business, Steve Barber, Pres. of the Enduro Riders Assn. came forward, stating that the Little Burr will be run on Sun. Sept. 9th and on Sat. Sept. 8th, they will hold a 50 mile “Vintage Friendly” Enduro and Steve encouraged Penton riders to ride this event. He stated that the Little Burr will be a 200 mile event but will no longer be a National. Paul announced that Steve Metz had notified him that on the same date, Sept. 8th, they will be holding the Radnor Hunt Concours motorcycle show at Radnor, Pa. and that the Penton motorcycle will be the featured marque. Dennis Jones also announced that they are holding the 1st annual Penton gathering on Nov. 4th at Cape Girardeau, Mo. It was also announced that the SMOG will be holding a “Weekend of Motorcycling” on Nov. 4th at Marion, Il. Ted Guthrie spoke about Dave “CHIEF”Capretta being very ill at this time and a moment of silence was held for him. John Penton came forward and read an interesting letter he had received from Chris Lavery, who at one time was Joel Robert’s mechanic, about how the Penton had evolved into the KTM and how well they were doing in the Paris to Dakar” event at that time. John also spoke about the Daytona Monument and how it is/was his, Dave Mungenasts and D. Klamfoths goal to get it finished soon. John also spoke about what a great asset that Dave had been to the Motorcycle Industry. He also spoke about how well Richard Sanders had treated Jack and how he had supported Jack when he was in Houston last summer receiving his treatments. Randy Kirkbride stated that he still has a few calendars for sale and that he could print more if needed. The official business meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m., with the next meeting scheduled for March 1st, 2007 at KTM, USA. Pres. Danik then introduced our “Speakers for the Day”, who were Dave Duarte and Carl Cranke. For all the information concerning the remainder of the day, see Ted Guthrie’s “Penton Day at the AMA” article in the next Newsletter.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

P.S. Later in the afternoon, we held a drawing for 21 door prizes, consisting of decals and a badge donated by Larry Maiers, misc. literature donated by Kent Knudson, a cap donated by Ted Del Solar, an original style head light rim donated by Jeff Borer, ticket holders, patches, decals, painter caps, key chains, and a Penton licence plate donated by Toni and Gary Roach, a new, bright orange Penton Hi-Point wind-breaker {still in package} donated by Kathi and Elmer Towne and a cap, t-shirt and jersey donated by the POG. Nelson Lingle, from Oak Ridge, Tenn. was the first name drawn and he immediately chose the beautiful orange wind breaker. Many thanks to those who donated items to make the drawing such a success.

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