Meeting Minutes

JUNE 7, 2007

ATTENDEES:  Connie Del Solar, Ollie Martin, James Borer, Ed Youngblood, John Penton, Ted Del Sola, Al Martin, John Borer, Dane Leimbach, Bill Smith, Barb Weisman, Paul Busick, Jeff Borer, Doug Wilford, Paul Danik, Matt Weisman, Tyler Berner, Al Born, Scott Brogan and Alan Buehner.
Pres. P. Danik opened the meeting at 7:10 asking everyone to observe a moment of silence in honor/memory of Richard Sanders, who passed away on May 28th. A. Born read the minutes of the May meeting. A correction is to be noted concerning the sale of the Penton/KTM model, as the original bid was retracted, but it did sell later for $255.00. After this correction, John Borer made a motion to accept the minutes and Al Martin seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 6 new members, 6 renewals, 5 being for 2 years and the sale of 3 1973 ISDT DVDs. There is 426 active members, as 7 were moved to the expired list. Doug also reported that he had received 91 orders for the commemorative John Penton book, with 55 being paid in full and 36 orders had the minimum $50.00 payment. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers. Alan also stated that the Newsletter is behind schedule, mainly due to his getting together a member profile on Richard Sanders. Alan says he plans to have it printed by June 12th and expects to have them in the mail by the week-end. B. Smith had nothing to report for the Web-site.

Pres. Danik spoke about the 40th anniversary celebration of the Penton Motorcycle to be held next summer. Paul says he will be seeing if KTM will participate in it and if so, to what extent, as well as finding a suitable date as the summer is always a very busy time for them.

John Borer gave his E-bay report showing the following sales: a vintage Sachs 125 cc engine had 15 bids for $763.00, a ‘74 Penton fork set, complete with clamps had 11 bids for $510.00, a set of Magura controls with new covers, star adjusters and bellows had 26 bids for $316.00, a gas tank for a 70-71 Penton with surface rust sold on “Buy it Now” with 1 bid for $300.00 and a ‘73 125 6-Day tank (unused) with cap/chain had 12 bids for $287.99. Also a Penton frame #1201 had 2 bids for $204.87, a ‘75 Penton/KTM 400 cc engine with a cracked case had 21 bids for$242.50, a Berkshire frame #V4741 had 23 bids for $920.00, a 72 Jack-Piner in fairly nice cond. had 3 bids for $1000.00, 1 ‘75 250 cc Penton (less seat) had 1 bid for $750.00, a ‘73 Wassel bike in fair cond. had 35 bids for $1500.00 and a ‘78 Honda XL engine in a Penton frame had 16 bids for $179.50.

There was no “Steel Tanker” book comm. meeting this evening but Paul did state that he would like to have all photos, with captions, ready by Sept. 1st. We discussed the upcoming Vintage Days. Alan has talked to Tru-Sports and we will be having the 20’x30’ tent again this year as John Borer made a motion to rent it and Paul Busick seconded the motion and the motion carried. Scott will be pulling the trailer with the needed items again and Dane will be helping him get it loaded. Buehners Office Supply will be furnishing dinner again on Sat. evening right before the meeting. It was mentioned that KTM will be having demo rides this year and Paul reminded everyone that the Malcolm Smith exhibit will have it opening on Thursday evening.

Under old business, Ed Youngblood stated that the hard-cover edition of the John Penton book will be coming off the press on June 8th at Ann Arbor and that he will be there and bring several back with him. Ed expects to finalize all the plans for the leather-bound commemorative books while he is there. Ed says they will be green with gold trim with John Penton’s signature on the front with the serial number on the bottom. It will also have an inside page with the Penton crest as well as places for John and Ed’s signatures. Scott volunteered to pick up the remainder of the books when they are done to save on shipping. It was reported that “Chicago” Jerry has contacted the group at Portland, MI. that is promoting the MX Legends event and he says they will provide us space for a display and that Jerry would be willing to haul the needed items there. P. Busick and S. Brogan told about the ride at the farm and what a good time was had by those who came, and Scott says that he hopes to have a fall ride. Paul, Alan, P. Busick, Al and Ollie Martin and Bob McCollough had ridden the BSA Owners Groups Reliability run and told about how much fun they had there.

Under new business, Ed reminded everyone that Billy Uhl will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Oct. 6th. Scott Brogan mentioned a gathering at the Norwalk, Ohio airport on August 4th and he will use the POG easy-up to display his three Pentons there. Bill Smith told about he and Karen riding their Pentons at Jackson, Mich. on Memorial Day.

For the “Topic of Discusion”, we talked about Richard Sanders and his passing. Paul said that Frank, one of Richards employees had let him know that they had taken the large poster that we signed at the May meeting to the hospital for him to see. Paul also read an article that stated that Richard had recently been selected to serve on the AMA Museum Board of Directors. Paul told that at one time Richard worked for Edison Dye and had stayed with him for a short time.

Ed Youngblood had donated a DVD of last years 6-Day event held in New Zealand. We had a drawing and it was won by Dane Leimbach. The July meeting will be held at Mid-Ohio on the 28th. There will be a meeting on Aug. 2nd at KTM, USA. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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