Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 4, 2007

ATTENDEES:  Jerry Grakauskas, Ollie Martin, Ted Guthrie, Bill Smith, John Borer, Alan Buehner, Al Martin, Scott Brogan, John Penton, Bailey Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, Dane Leimbach, Barb Weisman, Paul Busick, Jeff Borer, Paul Danik, Doug Wilford, Matt Weisman, Al Born, James Borer and Ed Youngblood.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. Sec. Al Born read the minutes of the Sept. 6th, 2007 meeting and James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as read and the motion was seconded by Bill Smith and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the membership report showing 4 new members, 24 renewals, 7 being for 2 years. We have 415 active members as 7 were moved to the inactive list. Doug and Alan have been checking to see if we have the correct addresses for the members on the expired list. Doug also stated that 96 of the “Commemorative Leather Bound” books were sold. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 9/30/07. Alan stated that the deadline for articles to be received for the Winter Newsletter is Nov. 20th. Alan says that he expects to have articles about the racing at Mid-Ohio, Jack and Jeff Pentons visit to Portland, Mi., the Barber Vintage Days and the 6-Day reunion ride.

Bill Smith gave the web-site report, stating that he has been very busy and that Karen has had to spend a lot of time with her aging mother and with her brother who is very ill at this time. Bill also said that Karen’s computer has broken and that she is having to use her lap-top which is not compatible with all the programs that she needs to use. Bill stated that the Home Page photo of the 4 generations of Pentons at the farm has gotten a lot of response. Paul brought a nice card and we all signed it for Karen. The next item on the agenda was a discussion of our up-coming 40th anniversary celebration of the Penton motorcycle and the 10th anniversary of the POG. Jack will be checking with KTM to see if early Sept. would be suitable for them. Many of the board members felt that a 2 day event would help to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Matt Weisman is working on a logo to be used for this event. John Borer gave his E-bay report showing the following sales: a NOS KTM/Penton/Husky alloy gas tank had 18 bids for $861.01, a Penton 6-Day #6605, less gas tank, with a good seat pan but no pad or cover had 12 bids for $750.00, a new Penton 6-Day gas tank had 4 bids for $655.00, a Penton 6-Day parts bike, less engine had 29 bids for $515.00 and a ‘75 Jack-Piner with some engine parts missing had 7 bids for $421.00. Also, a Penton “D” model fuel tank had 21 bids for $395.00, a ‘78 KTM Foxi moped in good condition had 2 bids for $305.00, a Penton Sportcycle sign had 15 bids for $278.89, a ‘72-74 Penton 6-Day air box in nice condition had 6 bids for $133.67, a ‘77 KTM/Penton kick-start lever had 7 bids for $128.01, an original letter to John Penton and Edison Dye concerning the1971 Husky/Torsten Hallman MX contract had 4 bids for $100.00, an original ISDT USA team gas tank for a ’73 Triumph thought to have been used by Dave Mungenast had 12 bids for $237.50 and a black/white photo of John Penton and his 1966 Husky equipped with a Honda gas tank and the over-all Jack Pine trophy had 1 bid for $12.00.

The “Penton Day at the AMA” was discussed and is tentatively set for the 1st Saturday in February, 2008. Paul stated that the MX America exhibit will likely be partially removed at this time so there may be more available space. We discussed making our annual donation to the Museum and Doug Wilford made a motion to present the Museum with a $500.00 donation in memory of Richard Sanders, who passed on in May of this year. The motion was seconded by John Borer and all were in favor of the motion. Paul Busick suggested that the POG set up a collage of pictures with some information on those that we have made donations in honor/memory of so more people will know more about them. There will be more discussion on this at a later date.

Ed Youngblood stated that he had no comments at this time on the “Steel Tanker” Book, and he stated that the Whitehorse Press will be offering the new hard back edition of the John Penton book in their catalogue. Paul then mentioned that progress is being made towards the photography needed for the “Steel Tanker” book.

Under old business, Alan spoke about the Guthrie’s video of John Penton at home and John Borer will be seeing about the condensing and duplication of these videos. Paul gave a report on the Radnor/Hunt motorcycle show, stating that it was a great event and a good time was had by all attending. Paul, Mike Gallagher and Lee Buffenmyer manned a Penton display and Paul won two trophies for his #V015 Penton and his Penton 6-Day motorcycle. Paul stated that Knobby Clark presented the trophies at this event. Paul Busick gave a short report on the Vintage Trail Ride that was held the day previous to the Little Burr. The AMA had sent the POG a commemorative T-shirt in appreciation of our donations to them and Doug Wilford suggested that we give it to Scott Brogan for all the effort he has made in getting our shirts/caps designed and made over the last few years and all were in agreement of Doug’s suggestion. Doug stated that things are looking and sounding positive for the display that he and Alan will have at the Barber Complex later this month, as they have some members from that area that are willing to help man the booth.

Under new business, it was again stated that Billy Uhl will be inducted into the AMA “Hall of Fame” on Oct. 6th so all attending signed a new hard cover John Penton book and Al Born will be giving it to him at this event. Also, it was decided that with his induction, Billy will become an “Honorary” member of the POG. Paul said that the VMX magazine will be having an article about the Penton Berkshire next month. Paul will be sending the editor, Ken Smith, a copy of the John Penton book. It was announced that the AMA Hall of Fame Fund Raiser auction will be held on Nov. 1st and after a short discussion, Paul Busick made a motion to donate one of the “Commemorative” leather bound books to them. The motion was seconded by Jerry Grakauskas and all were in favor of the motion. The Penton Future Project was mentioned and after a discussion, a motion was made by Scott Brogan and seconded by Alan Buehner to send Ambr Milakovic and Mike Gallagher, Jr. each a copy of the new John Penton hard cover book to show appreciation of their extreme enthusiasm about the Penton motorcycles and the POG in general. All attending were in favor of this motion also. Several of the attendees stated that they will be attending the 6-Day Reunion Ride in Ark. near the end of the month. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 1st, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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