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ATTENDEES:  Jack Penton, Toni Roach, Jeff Borer, Al Martin, Randy Kirkbride, John Penton, Gary Roach, James Borer, Ollie Martin, Barb Weisman, Alan Buehner, Paul Busick, John Borer, Paul Danik ,Clayton Montgomery, Doug Wilford, Scott Brogan, Al Born and Jimmy Davis.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked Jack Penton to introduce Jimmy Davis, who is KTMs Community Relations Progress Manager, who spoke on the possibilities of opening a Penton Museum in the city of Amherst. He and Jack had some photos of a small building that will be available. Jimmy and Jack will be working with the Amherst Historical Society to try to have something ready for our 40th year celebration next year. A rather lengthy discussion was held concerning choosing a date for the celebration that would be suitable to all interested parties and it seemed that early Sept. might be best.

Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the August meeting that were written by Barb Weisman. Paul Busick made a motion to accept the minutes as read and the motion was seconded by James Borer and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 1 new member and 8 renewals for the month of August. There is 418 active members as 7 were moved to the inactive list. Doug also stated that he had received several items of mail from the AMA. A. Buehner gave the financial as of August 31st, 2007. Alan stated that 450 copies of the Newsletter were printed and that 418 had been mailed, 97 of them having renewal notices in them. Toni Roach and A. Born volunteered to help stuff the envelopes with the items to be mailed in early Dec. John Borer suggested that we check out the postage rates for that particular type of mailing and A. Buehner will be doing so. Toni Roach also suggested that we send a questionnaire with this mailing to see if there were specific reasons for members failing to renew. There was no Web-site report due to Bill Smiths absence.

John Borer gave his E-bay report showing the following items of interest: a 1995 14 foot Hi-Point trailer with tandem axle had 19 bids for $2550.00, a ’76 Penton/KTM kick stand had 6 bids for $64.00, a CEV tail light had 9 bids for $102.50 but did not meet the reserve, another CEV tail light had 10 bids for $119.50, a set of used Magura levers with boots had 1 bid for $150.00 on “Buy it Now”. A short style CEV Penton headlight with switch had 8 bids for $222.50 but did not meet the reserve price, a red fiber-glass gas tank had 2 bids and sold for $250.00 on “Buy it Now” and another gas tank for 73-75 Penton had 2 bids and sold on “Buy it Now” for $400.00 and a ’74 red Penton tank also had 2 bids for $400.00 and also sold on “Buy it Now”. Also, a ’75/76 Penton Jack-Piner with some new parts, needing some work had 4 bids for $745.00, a ’74 Penton Six-Day in nice, original condition had 8 bids for $2475.00 and a restored ’72 Penton Six-Day had 1 bid for $3750.00 that also sold on “Buy it Now”. It was very nicely restored and the gas tank was autographed by Jack/John Penton, Alan Buehner, Doug Wilford, Al Born, Paul Danik, Ollie Martin and Larry Maiers.

D. Wilford reported that all of the “Commemorative” leather bound John Penton books that were ordered except seven have been totally paid for. Paul stated that Ed Youngblood has sold several of the new “Hard Back” editions of the John Penton books to various businesses. These “Hard Back” books are not to be confused with the Commemorative leather bound books. Paul announced that he has arranged for a photographer to take pictures for the technical portion of the “Steel Tanker” book that we are currently working on.

Under old business, Paul stated that several members of the Executive Board have received “THANKS” for the posters that we mailed to Dave Stype and Mrs. Bob Gillman. Several stories were told about the recent BSA Owners Reliability Run. It was reported that they had 70 riders, including 4 in the “Buddy” class and 1 side car unit. John Borer and daughter Bailey rode his fathers NSU that he had ridden back in the 50s and 60s. Paul Busick, Al and Ollie Martin, Paul Danik and Ted Guthrie all enjoyed the ride, with Ollie tying for the Hi-Point award. Jack and John Penton also had some interesting stories after recently riding the Colorado 500. This ride was started 32 years ago by Wally Dallenbach, Sr. and has raised over 2 million dollars for various charities. KTM had prepared a lowered KTM 450EXC for John to ride that resulted in John winning the “Iron Man” award. John says that he just does not know how so many people there knew him. The laugh of the evening was when John made the statement that there sure was a lot of “OLD GUYS” riding the event. Jack stated that he thought this was the first time he and John had ridden together since they rode the “Copper Canyon Run” about 16 to 18 years ago. Jack also expressed how “thankful" he is that his new job allows him time to do the things that he loves to do. He and brother Jeff had recently went to the Portland, Mich. MX Race of Legends. Jack and Jeff had put on a MX school there in 1973 and he said they were introduced at the riders meeting and that they asked he and Jeff to lead the Parade Lap as well as help with the trophy presentation. Jack stated that he and both of his sons are plannning to ride the Reunion Ride this October.

Under new business, Paul stated that Billy Uhl, a former Penton team member will be inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame on Oct. 6th. Paul wants to have some Penton Motorcycles on the stage at the Induction Banquet, if possible. A. Buehner stated that Bobby Lucas, from Texas, had suffered a broken ankle in a race. A. Buehner and D. Wilford will be manning a Penton display at the Barber Motorsports Complex in October. Randy Kirkbride showed the new 2008 Penton calendars that are beautiful, as always, and the price is still only $15.00 each. Paul Danik, Lee Buffenmyer and Mike Gallagher will be manning a Penton display on Sunday Sept. 9th at the Radnor/Hunt concours in Pa. Paul is planning on taking his #V015 and his Six-Day bike with him. Scott Brogan suggested that we look into buying a trailer (HI-POINT) to store and transport items used in displays. Scott will be looking into details such as insurance, etc. Do not forget the Six Day Reunion Ride on Oct. 27th and 28th.

The “Topic of Discussion” was to be the Colorado 500 Ride that had already been discussed. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 and the next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 4th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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