Meeting Minutes

APRIL 3, 2008

ATTENDEES:  Ed Youngblood, Ollie Martin, Ambr Milakovic, James Borer, Alan Buehner, Randy Kirkbride, Al Martin, Mick Milakovic, Jeff Borer, Greg Troyan, Dane Leimbach, John Penton, Jarrin Milakovic, Al Born, Scott Brogan, Barb Weisman, Paul Busick, Bill Smith, Bob Rush, Doug Wilford, Matt Weisman, Conrad Pfeifer, Paul Danik, Jerry Burky  and Ted Guthrie.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and introduced the Milakovics and had each person introduce themselves. He then presented young Jarrin Milakovic with a John Penton book and asked him to help keep the Penton Movement going. Paul asked Conrad Pfeifer to come forward and Paul presented him with a large photo that he had taken of him while he was riding the Alligator on his Penton that all of the members present had signed. He was the only Penton entry and he finished. Paul also had a copy for Conrad’s cousin Dave Stype who lives in Florida. Al Born read the minutes of the March meeting and after changing CD to DVD and Pride to Pfeifer, Dane Leimbach made a motion to accept the minutes and Conrad Pfeifer seconded the motion and it carried. Doug Wilford gave the membership report showing 5 new members, 13 renewals, 6 being for 2 years and 2 for 15 months as they had sent $25.00 instead of $20.00. Three of the renewals came from the expired list. We now have 438 active members, as 4 were moved to the expired list. Alan Buehner made a motion to amend our rules to again allow renewals for up to, and including, but not to exceed 5 years. James Borer seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report. Alan stated that May 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the Summer Newsletter. Mick Milakovic remarked about how pleased he is to get the DVDs with the Newsletters. Bill Smith reported that the new POG anniversary shirts are now on the web-site. Paul stated that any members riding Vintage races that have photos suitable for our Home-page should send them to Bill Smith and Karen. Greg Troyan will be doing so.

The 40/10 Celebration was discussed at length and we will be trying to get a feel for how many might attend, as soon as possible. Many various ideas were discussed.

James Borer gave the E-bay report showing the following sales: a 125 cc Sachs engine that would run had 20 bids for $800.00, a 175 cc’75 1/2 Penton/KTM in decent condition had 14 bids for $1,136.00, a ’75 Penton 250 cc Hare Scrambler in nice condition had 5 bids for $1,525.00, a 1972 Penton 6-Day that was restored in 2000-2001 and runs well had 12 bids for $2500.00, a 1974 Penton 400 that was race ready had 3 bids for $2,551.00 and a 1972 Penton 6-Day, beautifully restored had 5 bids and the auction ended early on “Buy it Now” for $4,500.00. Scott Brogan had a very interesting (profitable) story about a trumpet he had recently sold on E-Bay.

Paul asked that those on the Steel Tanker Book Comm. come at 5:30 p.m. next month. He will be meeting earlier with Doug Wilford to review the photos he has for the Technical section.

Under old business, Alan Buehner stated that we need to renew our AMA Charter and that is being taken care of. Alan brought the new DVD duplicator for all to see and he says he has made 450 DVDs (#3 of “At Home with John Penton) to be distributed with the next Newsletter. He says it is a little slow, but does a great job. It doe not have the capability to put our logo on the DVDs, but he will be working on that. A discussion was held on how to market the other DVDs that Reb/Ted have produced at various events. Alan and Bill Smith will figure the best way to price/market them. A check has been sent to reserve our spaces for Vintage Days, the gift certificate has been sent to Scott Reiber and Doug has mailed Mr. Kalman Cseh a Newsletter and a Member Directory. Paul had been to the Museum and picked up our cut-away engines and he stated that the MX America display is gone. He also visited with the Klamfoths and discussed the Monument at Daytona with them and he will have more information at the next meeting.

Under new business, Ted Guthrie spoke about how he enjoys Ed Youngblood’s Moto-History reports and “Thanked” Ed for all he does for Motorcycling in general. Ted said that Rich Allison has given him some Super 8 film of local races from the 60s and 70s and he would like to borrow a projector so he could see what he would want to transfer to a DVD. Alan has a projector. Ed mentioned that the “Wheels Thru Time” Museum in Maggi Valley, N. Carolina will be closing in Sept. and he advises anyone who has not seen it to make a special effort to do so soon. Ted G. asked about buying a camera mount for a motorcycle for approx. $50.00, so Alan Buehner made a motion for the POG to buy it and the motion was seconded by Ollie Martin and all were in favor of the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for May 1st at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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