Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 7, 2008

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner,Jimmy Davis, Ollie Martin, Barb Weisman, Ed Youngblood, James Borer, Dale Buehner, John Kuhl, Al Martin, Matt Weisman, Dane Leimbach, John Borer, Paul Busick, John Penton, Bill Smith, Dave Callison, Scott Brogan, Bailey Borer, Bud Green, Jack Penton, Paul Danik, Greg Troyan, Doug Wilford and Al Born.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked Jack Penton to introduce his guest John Kuhl who is Pres. Of the Amherst Fire Dept. Social Club. After a discussion, the Amherst Fire Dept. will be holding a breakfast on Sunday morning Sept. 21st, at the Grange Hall, as a fund raiser. Jack spoke about the work that has been done on the building that will be home to the Penton Family Museum, located in the Sandstone Village. Jack also stated that Teddy Landers will be leading a worship service at the chapel that is available to us on Sunday morning. Jack and Paul both spoke very highly of all that Jimmie Davis, from KTM has done to help organize our celebration, even though he will no longer be employed by KTM after August 31st. Jimmy said that he will still be heavily involved as he has laid much ground work for us. Jimmy told that it has been a pleasure working with Jack and John to organize the Celebration event. Jimmy and Rod Bush were very close friends for many years before Rods death.

Al Born then read the minutes of the July 26th POG meeting that was held at Vintage Days. Bill Smith made a motion to accept the minutes as read and the motion was seconded by Ollie Martin and the motion carried. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 14 new members, 45 renewals, 12 being for 2 years and one for 5 years. Two came off the inactive list and three were moved to the inactive list, leaving 451 members. Doug thanked all who worked the membership sign-up at Mid-Ohio as about half of the new members and renewals occurred there. Alan gave the Treasurers report July 31st. Alan says the “absolute” deadline for receiving articles for the Fall Newsletter is August 20th, as he wants to have it mailed by Sept. 1st with all the details about our Celebration. Ed Youngblood has written an article titled “POG at Ten Years”.

Bill Smith gave the Web-site report, stating that we soon should have a new “Home Page” photo. He said he took 497 photos at Vintage Days and that many will soon be on the photo gallery. He also said he has sold a couple more DVDs.

We discussed the Vintage Days and Pres. Danik thanked all who worked so hard to make it such a success, especially Al/Ollie Martin and Scott Brogan who had built the new shirt counter and those who took care of the memberships and shirt sales. We all gave Scott a hand for the work he has done in designing and getting the shirts/caps made.

“Chef” Dale Buehner proposed a plan to prepare lunch on Saturday for the Celebration and after much discussion, Dale, Jack and Paul will be speaking to come up with a plan. Paul stated that they had met with a reporter from the Lorain Journal who will be printing an article about our Celebration. After much discussion, it was decided to allow people to purchase tickets separately for the banquet or the pig/corn roast for $30.00 and they also may take the bus tour for a fee of $20.00, if they don’t want to purchase the whole package for $75.00.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: a complete 125 cc Sachs engine had 14 bids for $258.26, a pair of 35 mm forks for a 1971 6-Day had 6 bids for $202.50, a complete 1972 6-Day engine had 16 bids for $358.51, a 1975 Penton 250 cc had 4 bids for $590.00, a 1975 Penton 250 Hare Scrambler had 22 bids for $1736. Also, a 1968 Steel tanker # V229 sold on buy it now for $1400.00 and a 1970 6-Day sold for $2500.00, and a Carl Cranke expansion chamber for a Penton had 15 bids for $299.00

There was no old business. Under new business, Paul gave John Penton the August issue of Dirt Bike that listed the Penton motorcycle as the “Most Significant Off-Road Motorcycle” in history and called John the “Father” of American off-road racing. Paul announced that Billy Uhl will be the “Legend” at the Portland, Mich. C.C. race, and that the BSA Owners Group will be holding their Reliability Run this coming Saturday. The meeting adjourned at 9:42 p.m. and the next meeting will be held on Sept. 4th at 7:00 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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