Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 2, 2008

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. after a time of meeting and visiting with old friends. Paul introduced special guests Dallas York who had brought Penton #V002 and Mike Winblad who had brought Penton #V132 for display. Dallas’s Penton #V002 was displayed in the lobby along with Penton #001, owned by Dale Barris and Penton #V003 owned by Al Born. Several other Pentons were sitting outside and Paul had #V015 and a special built early Jackpiner displayed in the main aisle-way. Paul introduced Jack and John Penton who in turn introduced Kalman Cseh from KTM in Austria who came forward and told of how proud he was to be a part of our meeting.

The minutes of the Jan. meeting were read by Sec. A. Born and A. Buehner made a motion that was seconded by D. Leimbach to accept the minutes as read and the motion carried. Paul then mentioned that this was the 7th year that we have met at the Museum in Feb. and he introduced Mark Mederski, Museum Director who stated that the MX exhibit will be leaving in March and that they are trying to arrange for it to be set up elsewhere. Mark stated that the next exhibit will be “Moto-Stars, Celebrities that Ride”. He also reminded everyone that the “Hall of Fame” Induction Ceremony and Motorcycle Show will be on Oct. 11th and that he would welcome a “Penton Corral” to be set up there. Mark also boasted about the display that the POG had at the 2000 Vintage Days when the Penton was the featured marque. Ric Stewart was called forward and Paul and Mark “Thanked” him for all the help in preparing for the meeting. Paul then presented the Museum with a $500.00 donation in honor/memory of our POG member and friend, Richard Sanders who had passed away in May of ’07.

D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 6 new members, 24 renewals, 8 being for 2 years, with 5 coming from the inactive list, making 436 active members. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of Jan. 31. 2008. Alan also stated that Feb. 15th will be the deadline for receiving articles for the Spring Newsletter. He also said that members will be getting the John Penton video #2 with this Newsletter and he “Thanked” the Guthries for doing such a good job with them. B. Smith turned the Web-site report over to Karen Turner and she spoke about getting the new scanner and thanked the POG for their contribution towards getting it. Karen also spoke about how she enjoys keeping the site going for us and she received a big hand for all that she does for us. Jimmy Davis, who is the Community Relations Project Manager for KTM stated that things are moving well on our 40/10 celebration coming up on Sept. 13th and 14th. Jimmy says that the celebration has the support of the KTM staff and that he is expecting a lot of nice activities, possibly including a banquet, depending on finding a suitable location.

Due to John Borers absence, no E-bay report was given, although he sent some print-outs with his father that showed the following sales: a NOS Penton seat had 27 bids for $345.05, and a NOS Hi-point tool bag had 11 bids for $68.00. Also, a nice, rebuilt ‘73 Penton 6-Day had 17 bids for $1800.00, a Penton 6-day in average cond. had 23 bids for $1,076.51 and a ‘70 Penton #V3548 in rather poor cond. had 10 bids for $1,026.00

Under old business, “Young Ted” showed Paul his new Pa. cap that consisted of some straps and a block of wood that said, “Please don’t abandon me-Your block head friend”. Paul had Steve Barber, Pres. of The Enduro Riders Assn. announce their Vintage Trail Ride on June 22nd that will consist of a 60 mile a.m. ride, lunch, and a 40 mile p.m. ride. Ted Guthrie thanked all who have made such nice comments about the DVDs that he and Reb have produced. Ted said that Reb is even taking a computer science class that will help her do even better with her editing. He had her on his cell phone and everyone yelled out a big “HI” to her.

Under new business, Paul announced the possibility that the March meeting may be a week later as several Board members will be in Daytona. If so, there will be a notification. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m. Kalman gave a 35 minute power-point presentation and he and John answered questions for 45 minutes. We all went to the lower level for pizza, furnished by Buehners Office Supply and cake that was brought by Toni/Gary Roach. After about 1 1/2 hour of eating, visiting and admiring the Pentons on display, Kalman , aided by John, Jack and Dane held another question/answer period of over an hour. A drawing for door prizes that were donated by Toni/Gary Roach, Kent Knudson, Larry Maiers, Bob Wardlow, Dave McCollough and Randy Kirkbride was held and approx. 30 people were winners. After everything was put back in place at the Museum, everyone was merrily on their way home from a very interesting day.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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