Meeting Minutes

MARCH 13, 200

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, John Born, Ollie Martin, Randy Kirkbride, James Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Al Born, Al Martin, Greg Troyan, Jeff Borer, Dane Leimbach, Bill Smith, Kurt Haveri, Paul Busick,  Paul Borer, Barb Weisman, Jack Penton, Paul Danik, Doug Wilford, Zak Borer, Matt Weisman John Penton.

Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and A. Born read the minutes of the Feb. meeting
and B. Smith made a motion to accept the minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Jack Penton and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 8 new members, 11 renewals, 3 being for 2 years, with 5 coming off the expired list. We now have 434 active members. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers as of 2/29/08. Alan reported that 450 Newsletters were printed and 430 were mailed out, along with a new membership directory and the #2 C.D. of “John Penton at home“. An envelop stuffing party was held at Dougs and was attended by Doug, Alan, Paul Busick, Al/Ollie Martin and James/Jeff Borer. Dane is to get Kalmans address so Doug can mail him a Newsletter. It was noted that if your name does not appear in the new Directory, it is because you did not give us permission to print it when you filled out your membership application. B. Smith reported that there really was nothing new to report about the web-site, however he mentioned that Scott Reiber does a lot of work with Karen and we use his server and do not pay a monthly fee, so D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by James Borer to send a $200.00 gift certificate from Best Buy to him to help with his expenses. The motion carried.

The 40/10 celebration date has been changed to Sept. 20 and 21st in order to avoid a date conflict as well as to allow us to verbally reserve the Eagles Hall for a banquet. Also, an agreement has been made to use Fligners Catering (who are located in the original KTM building in Lorain). James Borer made a motion that was seconded by A. Buehner to give a deposit to the Eagles and Fligners to positively reserve their services for said date. Paul , Al Born and Jimmie Davis from KTM had spent the afternoon looking over their campus concerning space for a tent, parking and camping, etc. Jack Penton will be chairing a comm. comprised of Dane, Doug, Jerry G., Al Born and possibly others to work with Jimmie Davis to plan and work out details. A long discussion was held and a few ideas were presented on how we might invite people and get a good estimate of how many would be attending.

James Borer gave the E-Bay report showing the following sales: a 125 cc Penton, #3039374 in decent cond. had 17 bids for $787.77, a used , but nice looking Penton/KTM engine had 4 bids for $1,375.50, a used ’74/’75 Penton 6-Day gas tank had 7 bids for $177.50, a very nice NOS Jack-piner lighting kit with horn had 19 bids for $228.61, a new Preston Petty head light had 15 bids for $171.50, a steel skid plate in new cond. had 12 bids for $152.50 and a Bell helmet visor with 3 snaps, painted orange, in great cond. sold on “Buy it Now” for $75.00

James Borer says he shipped one John Penton book this month and Paul stated that most photos have been taken for the Steel Tanker Book.

Under old business, B. Smith introduced his friend Kurt Haveri who owns a Penton and Kurt told us a little about himself. A. Buehner made a motion to send $100.00 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition for membership renewal and Dane spoke about all they do to keep public areas open for off-roaders, horsemen, snow mobiles, etc. Dane seconded the motion and the motion carried. Paul asked for suggestions on how to plan for next years Penton Day at the AMA. Space and what the agenda might consist of was discussed.

Under new business, Paul stated that he had a “Get Well” card for all to sign to be sent to Scott Brogan who had recently had surgery. He also had two blown up pictures that he had taken of Conrad Pfeifer riding the Alligator, (He finished) on his Penton, We all signed them and one is for Conrad and the other is for Conrad’s cousin, Dave Stype. Paul passed around flyers about the Ohio Valley BSA owners holding their Spring Classic on May 31st and June 1st. A. Buehner made a motion to buy a U-Print Thermal Printer for reproducing CDs, along with 500 blank DVDs, mailing sleeves and extra ribbon, not to exceed $1,000.00. John Penton seconded the motion and the motion carried. We discussed spaces for Vintage Days and James Borer made a motion that we reserve 6 spaces for a total cost of $900.00. A. Buehner seconded the motion and the motion carried. A. Buehner also made a motion that we rent the tent again and Ollie Martin seconded the motion and it was approved. Also, James Borer made a motion to rent one space at Barber Vintage Days for $100.00. Dane seconded the motion and it also was approved. The dates at Barber are Oct. 17 and 18th. It was also announced that the 6-Day Reunion Ride will be at Tulsa, Okla. on Oct. 31st, Nov. 1st and 2nd. Teddy Landers had requested a DVD to show at the Cross Country Banquet at Ocala where Jack Penton was the guest speaker and he helped Teddy hand out the awards. Teddy was sent a DVD of the 73 ISDT. Paul also showed some pictures of the Daytona Monument and the possibilities of the POG having a large section was discussed and Paul will be getting more information concerning this item from Dick Klamfoth. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for April 3rd at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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