Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 6, 2008

ATTENDEES:  Joan Borer, Ollie Martin, Randy Kirkbride, Barb Weisman, Jack Penton, Alan Buehner, James Borer, Al Martin, Ed Youngblood, Matt Weisman, John Penton, Dane Leimbach, John Borer, Bill Smith, Paul A. Busick, Scott
Brogan, Jerry Birky, Dave Callison, Jeff Borer, Joe Novak, Paul Danik, Larry Maiers, Bud Green, Norm Miller and Al Born.
President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and Sec. Al Born read the minutes of the October 2nd, 2008 meeting and Dane Leimbach made a motion to accept the minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Bill Smith and the motion carried. With the absence of Doug Wilford, Paul Busick gave the membership report, showing five new members, eight renewals, four being for two years and one for three years. Seventeen members were moved to the inactive list, leaving 431 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers as of 10/31/08. Alan stated that he has been working on the next Newsletter and that the deadline for receiving articles/ads, etc. is November 20th. Dane Leimbach and John Borer will be writing articles on the Reunion Ride.

Bill Smith reported that the web-site has some photos from the Concours D’Elegence show that was recently held at the AMA Museum. Paul spoke about the above show and told how Rolf Tibblin, who was an inductee into the “Hall of Fame” had attended some of the 6-Day events and that he had motioned to riders on which trail to take. The recently held ISDT Reunion Ride was discussed at length and several interesting stories were told by Paul Busick, John Borer, Jack Penton, Dane Leimbach and Al Born. It was noted that the POG team consisting of John Borer, Paul Busick and Ted Del Solar took 10th place out of 25 teams that participated. All of the team members received Gold Medals. It was also noted that the 2009 Reunion Ride will be promoted by the POG and will be held near Athens, Ohio, with the Enduro Riders Assn. doing the layout of the trails. Several items concerning this event was discussed and all POG members are urged to spread the word about this event that is scheduled for October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2009.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report showing the following sales: a used Penton # plate with the cut-out for the headlight sold for $69.00, a Penton seat had 7 bids for $94.99, a used fiber-glass Penton gas tank that had been repaired but in good condition had 9 bids for $105.05, a used Penton Wassell gas tank had 3 bids for $149.00, a used Penton/KTM lower end of engine had 10 bids for $165.25 and a used Penton steel gas tank had 11 bids for $188.00. A used air box for a Penton Wassell had 14 bids for $225.16, a used Penton Wassell motor had 5 bids for $237.50, a set of NOS Penton levers sold on “Buy it Now” for $250.00, a Hi-Point polished aluminum gas tank in very good condition had 11 bids for $412.70, a NOS exhaust pipe for a 1976-1977 GS125 had 1 bid and sold on “Buy it Now” for $420.00, and a used Penton exhaust pipe for 100/125 steel tanker had 4 bids for $211.50, Also, a 1975 Penton Hare Scrambler had 18 bids for $585.01, a Penton vintage parts/project bike sold on “Buy it Now” for $650.00 and a used Penton Wassell Trials bike had 8 bids for $1900.00.

Under old business, Scott Brogan stated that he has re-stocked with shirts. Bill Smith asked about getting some sweat-shirts made and Dane inquired about getting some winter jackets made with the Penton logo on them, but not for a specific year or event and Scott will be checking on these items. Scott stated that he has begun the design of a special shirt that he wants to have ready for sale at “Penton Day at the AMA”. Alan Buehner gave a report on the Barber event stating that the Swap Meet traffic was lighter than last year, but that he did sell a few POG items there.

Under new business, Randy Kirkbride stated that he had the new 2009 Penton calendars for sale. The calendars are beautiful, as usual. A very short discussion was held concerning the POG sponsoring the Vintage Cross Country Series next year. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. and the next meeting which will be our annual “Family Night’ is scheduled for Thursday December 4th at 7:00 p.m., so everyone is asked to bring the family.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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