Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 2, 2008

ATTENDEES:  Donna Penton, Jeff Penton, Ollie Martin, James Borer, Ed Youngblood, Joe Novak, John Penton, BJ
Penton, Al Martin, John Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Bill Smith, Julie Penton, Kate Pfeifer, Reba Guthrie, Jeff Borer, Kevin Outland, Bud Green, Tom Penton, Conrad Pfeifer, Ted Guthrie, Al Born, Doug Wilford, Rick Ashton, Gigi Penton, Norm Miller, Greg Troyan, Scott Brogan, Dane Leimbach, Paul Danik, Jack Penton, Alan Buehner and Paul Busick.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and stated that due to having several guests who needed to leave early, our agenda would be a little different tonight. Paul asked each person to introduce themselves and then Conrad Pfeifer introduced his wife Kate, who had taken over 1800 photos at our Celebration. The Pfeifers then presented a 17 minute slide show of their photos that was very well received by all present. Jack Penton then spoke about all the good feed-back he has received about the Celebration. Jack then “Thanked” all who had worked so hard to make it such a great success. He specially thanked Chief Dillon and the Amherst Police Dept. for their support and for escorting the parade, John Kuhl and the Amherst Fire Dept. for holding the pancake breakfast, Ron Saur, Ruth Haff, Donna and Terry with the Amherst Historical Society and KTM, North America, including Jon Erik Burleson and Robert Pearce for use of their building, Elaine Hall, Laura Reid and Carol Shinski for being KTM Tour Guides, Mark Hyde for manning the KTM demo rides and to Don Macan for bringing the KTM race truck and setting up the large canopy. Also, he “Thanked” the Honorable Mayor Taylor of Amherst, Gunver Penton Lodge and her daughters Kirsten, Ingrid and Hjordis for all the snacks by the Penton Farm Market and at the home of John Penton and to Holger Penton for being a Tour Guide and preparing the Museum, Dale Buehner for preparing the Saturday Breakfast, the Germans Villa for the Banquet Hall and food, Callihan’s catering for roasting the pig and providing the Sunday afternoon meal, Larry Lawrence from Cycle News, Paul Clipper, the Bossman at Trail Rider magazine and Kate Pfeifer and Tim Branscum for the photography work. Also to Karen Turner and Bill Smith for their photography and the web-site work they do, Reb and Ted Guthrie for their video work and to Conrad Pfeifer and his relatives and friends who handled the parking and related items. Jack specially “Thanked” Jimmy Davis, former KTM employee who had laid so much ground work with the Penton family, the POG, KTM, the Amherst Historical Society and the Amherst Police and Fire Depts. to help get the Celebration planned so well. He also “Thanked” many of the POG members such as Paul Danik, “The Brain Stormer, Cheer Leader and Master Planner”, Alan Buehner the cash/accounting man, Doug Wilford for taking care of all the mail, Scott and Belinda Brogan for getting all the shirts and caps and decals made and overseeing the sales of same, Chris Kovach and Dane Leimbach for serving as Tour Guides and Dane served as the “Site Manager of Activities” which also included hauling the garbage. Also to Al and Ollie Martin for hauling the display equipment, including setting up and dis-mantling same, Jerry Grakauskas for supplying and hauling the sound equipment where needed, Debbie Callison and Mike Husted for taking care of the registration, Larry Maiers for being the MC at the banquet and Ted and Rosemary Landers for leading the worship service that 40 people attended in the Chapel. Also “Thanks “ went to Toni and Gary Roach for decorating the banquet hall as well as all who brought the 115 Penton motorcycles and other items to display. Last but not least, Jack thanked John and Donna Penton for all their help and his wife Gigi who kept Jack’s feet on the ground for the last three months during all of the planning for the Celebration.

John Penton read a letter from Bob Hannah, who was sorry that he was unable to attend the Celebration. Then, on behalf of his whole family, John “Thanked” all of the POG and everyone else who helped make the Celebration such an enjoyable event. Jack Penton made a motion that the POG send a $200.00 donation to each of the following: The Amherst Police Dept., the Amherst Fire Dept. and the Amherst Historical Society. John Penton seconded the motion and the motion carried. It was reported that 260 people attended the banquet and that we only had 5 no-shows for it. Many interesting stories were told about the parade.

Sec. Al Born read the minutes of the Sept. meeting and Bill Smith made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Scott Brogan seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 4 new members, 43 renewals, 15 being for 2 years, 1 for 3 years and 1 for 5 years. Also, 17 members were moved to the inactive list, 2 were removed from the inactive list, leaving 430 active members. Paul “Thanked” Doug for all the extra work he has done in the last few months. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of Sept. 30th, 2008. Alan stated that the next Newsletter will have an article about the Celebration by Ted Guthrie, as well as articles about the Barber Vintage Days and the 6-Day Reunion Ride which is held in Tulsa this year. Scott Brogan gave a report on shirts/caps, stating that more are being made.

Bill Smith gave the Web-site report, stating that many photos of the Celebration have been posted and he “Thanked” Ed Youngblood for the update of “The POG at Ten” as well as all of those who have sent them photos. Bill stated that he and Karen have opened an account for the POG with Flickr for viewing photos on the internet in an organized manner. Paul Danik stated that Kent Knudson is organizing a Penton display for the 2008 Grand Concours d’Elegance Motorcycle Show at the AMA Hall of Fame Induction event on Saturday October 11. There will be separate judging of the Penton Motorcycles. Ed Youngblood stated that Ken Smith has requested some photos from the Celebration for an article in VMX magazine and Bill Smith will be sending him a selection for his use. It was noted that Cheryl Ashton, who is with the Amherst Public Library is requesting information on the Penton Family History and Jack will be working with her on this. Ed Youngblood spoke on the Antique Motorcycle Club of America holding an essay contest for Youth, with the winner learning how to assemble a Harley Davidson from beginning to end and he proposed that the POG might consider such an event in the future, using a Penton Motorcycle.

John Borer gave the E-bay report showing the following sales: a set of 35 mm forks for a Penton had 7 bids for $209.36, a used Vintage Penton racing jersey from 1972 had 14 bids for $202.49, a NOS Metzler 510X18 tire had 3 bids for $255.00, a used exhaust pipe for a Penton iron barrel Sachs had 19 bids for $426.00 and a set of rebuilt Koni shocks had 9 bids for $461.78 Also, a nice 1972 Jack-Piner had 15 bids for $1,413.00, 1976 Penton 175 cc Enduro model with 3 exhaust pipes had 12 bids for $1,550.00 and a Penton 400 cc in nice condition had 5 bids for $2,100.00.

Under old business, we again had a discussion on the Daytona monument and more details are to come later. Paul Busick told what a good fun ride they had at the “Pig Farm” recently on a 4.3 mile course.

Under new business, a discussion was held concerning the possibility of the POG sponsoring an AHRMA Race Series for next year. Paul will be getting more information from Teddy Landers and Jerry Grakauskas concerning this item. Jack Penton spoke again about how Jimmy Davis had brought about the concept of the “Penton Family Museum” and he felt that we needed a committee from POG to help the other committees decide what should be in the Museum. Norm Miller and Alan Buehner will be working with Jack, the Amherst Historical Society and the Penton family to handle this. Paul mentioned that the AMA’s Leather/Ice Auction will be coming up soon and he also stated that VMX has a featured article on the Wassel Trials bike. The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 6th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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