Meeting Minutes

APRIL 2, 2009

ATTENDEES:  Joan Borer, Ollie Martin, Al Buehner, Ed Youngblood, Barb Weisman, Bud Green, James Borer, Al Martin, Dane Leimbach, Randy Kirkbride, Matt Weisman, Paul Danik, John Borer, Jack Penton, Larry Maiers, Scott Brogan, Bill Smith, Joe Novak, Al Born, John Penton, Paul Busick and Doug Wilford .

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Al Born read the minutes of the March meeting. A correction was made to the last paragraph stating that the BSA James Borer purchased from Bill Penton was a 1951, not a 1953 and that the bumper carrier that Ted had made was for his NSU, not the BSA. A. Buehner then made a motion to accept the minutes and James Borer seconded the motion and the motion carried. Pres. Danik announced that Sandy Augustine is doing well since having double lung transplant and that she would soon be home. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 3 new members, 34 renewals, 10 being for 2 years, 1 for 3 years, 4 for 5 years and 1 for 15 months. Thirteen were moved to the inactive list, leaving 431 active members. A. Buehner stated that the next Newsletter is being planned and the deadline for receiving articles will be May 20th. B. Smith reported that the server for our web-site had crashed, but would be back running on this date. Alan gave the Treasurers report as of 3/31/09.

John Borer gave the E-bay report showing the following sales: An ISDT medallion had 5 bids for $102.50, a used Hi-point ISDT tank bag with card holder had 6 bids for $108.05, a NOS ELKO Jackpiner piston had 4 bids for $63.00, a 1976 Penton 250 shifting mechanism sold on “Buy it Now” for $69.00 and a used Jackpiner gas tank had 11 bids for $162.40. Also, a used Penton aluminum gas tank with petcocks and cap had 10 bids for $181.20, a new green Penton jersey had 19 bids for $235.49, a 1970 Penton #V2302 (less engine) had 10 bids for $1100.76 and an early Penton Jackpiner (fully restored) #7-21159476 had 43 bids for $2950.00

Paul spoke about the Daytona monument, stating that the Klamfoths have received several applications for having names put on the Penton Owners Group section. Paul also suggested that the POG have a get-together at the monument on Tuesday of next years Speed Week. Many thought that that would be ideal. Paul also stated that Steve Barber and crew are close to having entry forms ready for the Reunion Ride and he thinks they will be on the Enduro Riders and the POG web site soon. Paul is going to make a special effort to see if he can get Paul Clipper, Rick Seiman and Ed Hertsfelder to attend this event.

Under old business, Alan stated that he has applications for spaces at Vintage Days and that we will be applying for the same spaces we had last year. Scott Brogan reported that shirt sales are down a little and that he is stocked for Vintage Days. Paul Busick gave a report on the C.C. race at Fountain Inn, S.C. that turned into a disaster due to rain, rain and more rain. He said they had a shirt for sale with a picture of Tom Penton riding a Penton. Jack Penton and B. Smith will see if they can get it advertised on our web-site to help their group financially. Paul reported that Wendell Phillips had recently suffered a broken leg, so we all signed a program from our 40/10 Celebration, as well as an autographed poster from the Daytona Breakfast that was signed by Bill Werner, Scott Parker and Jay Springsteen. We also discussed the sale of children’s off-road equipment and what Malcolm Smith and other notable Motorcyclists have done about it.

Under new business, Paul mentioned that the March issue of Trail Rider has articles written by several riders and others, that revisited the 1973 6-Day event. Paul also showed an August 1959 issue of American Motorcyclist that had been donated to the POG by Mike Gallagher. It had an advertisement from BMW showing John Penton with a BMW that called him the “King of Endurance”, pertaining to his record breaking cross country ride as well as his off-road riding. Alan reported that POG member Bob Neruda, from Illinois had recently rescued two older ladies from a burning house by kicking in the door. Alan said that Bob’s straw hat was damaged by the fire and he rolled on the ground to make sure all the fire was out, his sweat shirt fell apart and that exposed his Penton t-shirt. Good job, Bob. Jack reported that a Quaker Steak/Lube will be opening a restaurant in Vermillion, Oh. and that he had been called about having a Penton motorcycle displayed there. A short discussion was held on this and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for May 7th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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