Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 10, 2009

ATTENDEES: Belinda Brogan, Ollie Martin, Connie Del Solar, Chris Grakauskas, Bailey Borer, Linda Losse, Scott Brogan, Al Martin, Ted Del Solar, Jerry Grakauskas, Halle Borer, Val Losse, Pat Leimbach, Diann Maiers, Dot Wilford, Randy Kirkbride, Patty Borer, Joan Borer, Dane Leimbach, Larry Maiers, Doug Wilford, Greg Troyan, John Borer, James Borer, Shelly Miller, Pat Green, Barb Penton, Gunver Lodge, Alyssa Borer, Al Born, Norm Miller, Bud Green, Donna Penton, Rosemary Buehner, Nancy Borer, Karen Turner, Tom Garrett, Joe Novak, John Penton, Alan Buehne,r Zak Borer, Bill Smith, Sheila Burke, Judy Danik, Gigi Penton, Coleen Busick, Paul Borer, Larry Roper, Kirsten Hill, Paul Danik, Jack Penton, Paul Busick, Jeff Borer, Tom Janocik and Janelle Pacic.

Holiday music was played for 20 minutes by Karen Turner, Linda Losse, Janelle Pacic, Larry Roper and Al Born before the meeting was called to order by Pres. Paul Danik. Al Born read the minutes of the Nov. 5th, 2009 meeting and Bill Smith made a motion that was seconded by James Borer to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 1 new member, 13 renewals, 1 being from France, leaving 415 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 11/30/09. Alan “Thanked” all who came to the Wilford’s home to stuff the Winter Newsletters in the envelopes, as 435 were printed and 404 were mailed. Alan extended “Thanks” to Jerry Chafton for the nice “Profile” that he had sent. He also “Thanked” Ted Guthrie for the Reunion Ride article and Ted Del Solar for his nice story and photos from the Colorado 500 event. Karen Turner spoke briefly about the new Photo Gallery on the web-site. Everyone applauded Karen for the tremendous job she does with the site.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: a 1953 Czech ISDT pin and medallion had 6 bids for $50.00, a vintage Penton Sportscycle manual had 6 bids for $25.25, a small Penton (1”) “Built for Champions” badge had 10 bids for $31.00, a used vintage Hi-point tank had 7 bids for $65.55, a 1973 USA ISDT pin had 3 bids for $67.00 and a 1974 Italy ISDT pin had 5 bids for $102.00. A set of used Metzler tires had 9 bids for $76.11, a partial bottom end of a Jackpiner had 12 bids for $115.83, a Sachs cyl. head/piston had 10 bids for $151.01, a NOS 1970s Penton speed pipe had 5 bids for $125.76, a Penton race banner had 9 bids for $212.17, a yellow/red Penton banner had 10 bids for $277.67, a 250GS expansion chamber sold for $295.00, a used Jackpiner engine (nearly complete) had 3 bids for $305.00 and a Penton 6-Day had 3 bids for $102.50.

Paul reminded everyone of “Penton Day at the AMA” on Feb. 6th and stated that Kip Kern and Forrest Stahl will be speaking on rebuilding/maintaining KTM engines. Paul also mentioned Will Stoner’s Swap Meet at the Ashland County Fairgrounds the following day where we will be having a Penton display.

Under old business, “Chicago” Jerry reminded everyone that he is a candidate for Trustee for AHRMA. Under new business, Ted Del Solar announced that the 2010 Jack Pine Enduro will be on July 25th and that it will start in Morristown, not at the Jack-Pine Lodge. Ted says he will have more info at the Feb. meeting. Jack Penton stated that the AMA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Vegas was a giant success with 550 persons being a sell-out. He also stated that the Hall of Fame will soon be moved to the main floor of the Museum, in a very professional style. John Penton spoke briefly about the Ceremony. Dane Leimbach chose Jeff Borer to show/tell what is in his garage at the Jan. meeting. The business meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled for January 7th at KTM, USA.

Kirsten Penton Hill then gave us a very interesting history of the Penton Family Farm Market and Pres. Danik presented Kirsten, Pat Leimbach and Donna Penton with a box of chocolates. Norm Miller, Paul Danik and Al Born all made some remarks with their relationships to the Penton Family/Market. Several Christmas songs were played by the musicians as everyone enjoyed refreshments and soft drinks. Bill Smith gave a very interesting presentation on his sled collection. Bill had 5 of his antique sleds there and explained certain features about each of them. We all sang “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (POG style) that was written by Paul (Lightbulb) Danik. We then held a drawing for approx. 20 door prizes including Penton shirts, caps, decals and misc. The Grand Prize was a Penton/KTM winter coat, that was won by Larry Maiers. As the meeting room was restored to its original setting, the musicians played several more songs and the last of the group headed out into wintry conditions on their way home.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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