Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 7, 2009

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and he asked each attendee to introduce themselves. We held a moment of silence in memory of Jeremy Ash, 30, son of Dave Ash of Weirton, W.V. Jeremy lost his life in Nov. of 2008 while riding his motorcycle, after hitting a patch of oil on the roadway. Paul then introduced Rick Stewart, an AMA volunteer who had helped with the set-up on Friday. Paul presented Rick with a new Penton shirt and Rick asked everyone to pray for Ozzie Scofield who recently had extensive surgery. Paul also “Thanked” the Martins for hauling all of the needed items for the day. Scott Brogan showed the new “shirts of the year” and Scott presented John Penton with a {one of a kind} white sweat shirt as all the rest are gray. The 2009 shirts have a photo of John on his BMW after arriving in California after his record-breaking Cross Country ride in June of 1959. They also have a map of the route he rode. The shirts are to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his ride. In fact, John’s record-breaking ride was the theme of the day. Paul then announced that there were several 8 ½ x 14” complimentary posters of John sitting on a BMW with a map of the U.S. showing the route he rode. These were given out at the shirt counter and were very nice to have autographed. Paul also announced that Dan Smith, the Museum’s Development Director would be giving a presentation on the “Motorcycles of Celebrities” after the business meeting, until lunch time.

Al Born read the minutes of the January 8th, 2009 meeting and Gary Hext made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Ted Guthrie seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 6 new members and 23 renewals, 15 being for 2 years, 1 for 3 years and 2 for 5 years. Six members were moved to the inactive list, leaving 438 active members. Doug Wilford made a motion to make Paul Clipper, the author of “Trail Rider” magazine a Complimentary member. Dane Leimbach seconded the motion and the motion carried. Paul’s February issue was nearly 80% about Pentons/POG. Doug also read a letter of “Thanks” from the Amherst Fire Department for our $200.00 donation to them. Doug also stated that he had received a letter from Leo Keller, from Germany and this letter may be read in the upcoming Newsletter.

Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 1/31/09. Alan also reminded everyone that Feb. 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the Spring Newsletter. He also “Thanked” Ted Guthrie for writing a “Member Profile” on Paul Arthur Busick that will appear in this up-coming letter. Karen Turner gave the Web-site report stating that all is calm and running well. Karen says the Message Board is used regularly and averages approx. 6 new users per month. Karen read a comment made by Ed Youngblood in answer to a question from a reader of his Motohistory Update as follows: After our January update, a reader wrote to question why we seem to have something about Penton Motorcycles every month. I think he referred to my “obsession.” I replied, “If you live in Ohio, you just can’t get away from them. In fact, John was sitting at my kitchen table yesterday drinking coffee.” Now I try to avoid crass name-dropping, but this was true, so it was an opportunity I just could not pass up. Yes, I suppose I give the Penton brand and the Penton Owners Group a disproportionate amount of coverage, but then I never claimed Motohistory would be fair and balanced. And I’ll probably keep doing it. Obsessions are like that. Everyone gave Ed a round of applause and also a big hand was given to Karen and Bill for taking such good care of our Web-site.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report showing the following sales: a rusty, rough set of foot pegs for a ’74 Jackpiner had one bid for $1.00, a used rear-mount Hi-Point tool bag had 25 bids for $275.00, a Penton Trophy decal had 18 bids for $61.77, a set of Penton cuff links and 3 small pins had 4 bids for $51.00, a seized 1974 Penton 175 c.c. engine had one bid and sold on “Buy it Now” for $325.00. A used Vintage Penton small head light had 13 bids for $233.30, a vintage Penton Jackpiner side cover had 2 bids for $8.00, a used 1977 Penton GS6 side cover had 14 bids for $29.00, a used 1974 Jackpiner engine had 9 bids for $229.25, a nice 1972 Penton 6-Day gas tank, complete with petcocks and cap had 12 bids for $236.16, a 1968-70 steel tanker frame #3580 had 5 bids for $113.61, a 1971 steel tanker frame #6798 had 9 bids for $355.00, a 1974 Jackpiner in sad condition had 2 bids for $316.11. A very nice 1972 Penton 6-Day sold on “Buy it Now” for $2500.00 and a extra rare BMW VDO 8-day ISDT clock had 12 bids for $1,081.00

Steve Barber, Pres. of the Enduro Riders Assn.gave a report on the proceedings for the ISDT/E Reunion Ride and said that everything is going well. Conrad Pfeifer showed some slides of the Daytona 200 Monument showing the outer wall sections. Paul explained that there is one section for the POG that will have space for 72 names to be put on it. Applications to have a name printed on it are available and the price is $175.00 per name [up to 22 letters}. These applications are to be sent directly to Dick Klamfoth and will be accepted on a first come basis. John Penton spoke briefly on the Monument and told how he and the late Dave Mungenast had volunteered to help Dick with this project. Paul announced that Will Stoner would be holding a Swap Meet the following day at the Ashland County Fairgrounds, and that the Penton family, Penton motorcycles and Penton riders would be recognized.

There was no old business and under new business, Paul showed the February copy of the Trail Rider magazine and mentioned all of the articles in it about our 40th Anniversary Celebration and the Pentons in general. It contains articles by Paul Clipper, Rick Sieman, Ed Youngblood, Ted Guthrie and Bill Smith. The cover had a photo of Bob McCollough riding his steel tanker Penton at the 2004 Tulsa Reunion Ride. Nelson McCollough came forward and presented John Penton with a framed enlargement of the cover photo. Ed Youngblood suggested that the POG board members consider having an ad in the Trail Rider magazine about our sponsorship of the Vintage Cross Country Series this year. Jack Penton spoke on the up-coming Indy Trade Show and stated that the 6-Day riders would be recognized at the Blue Ribbon Coalition “Breakfast of Champions”. Ted Guthrie spoke briefly how he has been able to make several contacts in the Motorcycling Media World.

Alan Buehner made a motion at this time that the POG make a $500.00 donation to the AMA Museum as we have been doing annually now for some time. Doug Wilford seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Dan Smith of the Museum was called forward and on behalf of the POG, Al Born presented Dan with a $500.00 check in honor/memory of Leroy Winters, long time friend of John Penton as well as many others in the off-road motorcycle world. Al remarked that we were less than 2 weeks short of the 10 anniversary of Leroy’s death. Ted Del Solar spoke briefly on this years Jack Pine Enduro, stating that again, it will be on the same week-end as Vintage Days. Paul reminded everyone that due to “Bike Week”, our next POG meeting will be one week later on March 12th at KTM, USA. The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m., and was followed by a short tour of the Museum by Dan Smith. Pizza, cake and soft drinks were enjoyed by all. The pizza was furnished by Buehners Supply and two beautifully decorated cakes were brought by Toni and Gary Roach. An afternoon of activities concerning John Penton’s Cross Country ride was held. Fifty two people from 9 different states attended this event. For more information on this, read your up-coming Newsletter.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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