Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 8, 2009

ATTENDEES:  Joan Borer, Tom Janocik, Joseph Dengler, John Penton, Karen Turner, Al Martin, James Borer, Randy Kirkbride,Brett Watson, Jack Penton, Bill Smith, Ollie Martin, John Borer, Alan Buehner, Dave Callison, Joe Novak, Bob Rush, Craig Garrett, Jeff Borer, Doug Wilford, Don Knaggs, Paul Busick, Paul Danik,Thom Garrett, Al Born, Conrad Pfeifer and Scott Brogan.
President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and he introduced guests Joe Dengler from Pittsburgh and Tom Janocik from Amherst. Joe told about riding Rokons on the U.S. Army team from Ft. Hood, Texas in 1973 and also on Huskys in 1974. Joe had a table full of photos from those riding days. Tom told about beginning his riding on a 160 cc Honda and later on a 360 cc Husky.

Sec. A. Born read the minutes of the Dec. 4th, 2008 meeting and after removing an erroneous price for the new hooded sweat-shirt that Scott Brogan is having made, Bill Smith made a motion to accept the reading of the minutes and James Borer seconded the motion that carried. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 2 new members, 30 renewals with 11 being for two years and 1 being for 5 years. We now have 434 active members as 3 were moved to the inactive list. The report showed Carl Cranke, Jeff Fredette, Bob Hannah, Larry Maiers, Jack, Tom and John Penton, Stan Simpson, Billy Uhl and Ed Youngblood as "Honorary" members who are in the “Hall of Fame”. Also, Dale Barris, Tim Owens, Gerri Penton and Will Stoner are "Complimentary" members and John Cappel and Pete Petrik are "Military" members. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 12/31/08. It was agreed to move the $1500.00 spent to sponsor the AHRMA C.C. series from Affiliation Expense to the Advertising Acct. Alan stated that the Spring
Newsletter is in progress and that Feb. 20 is the deadline for receiving articles. It will include a special article about our “Penton Day” at the AMA. Karen Turner gave the Web-site report stating that the Home Page photo is of Pat Leimbach. She also stated that she will soon be posting an album of photos by Randy Kirkbride, Kate Pfeifer and Al Martin that was taken at the 40/10 Celebration. Everyone gave Karen and Bill Smith a big hand for all they do for our Web-site.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report stating that December was a slow month, but he reported the following sales: a 1974 250 cc Hare Scrambler had 12 bids for $995.00, a nice 6-Day gas tank had 19 bids for $440.35, a set of Marzocchi Vintage shocks had 3 bids for $300.00, a set of rebuilt Works air cooled performance shocks had 7 bids for $156.49 and a nice 36 spoke, 21” Akront rim sold for a “best offer” of $70.00. Also, a ‘73 "Olympics of Motorcycling" book had 5 bids for $29.00, a 2003 30th anniversary program for the 6-Day Reunion Ride had two bids for $16.26 and a 1981 Cycle News that had a photo of Preston Petty on the front cover had 3 bids and sold for $3.99.

Under old business, a discussion was held concerning POG banners to be used at the AHRMA C.C. series and S. Brogan made a motion to send them 2 POG banners and to have one new larger one made with both POG and AHRMA logos on them. James Borer seconded the motion and the motion carried. P. Danik will be checking on getting/using POG arrows for their trails. Bill Smith asked about making access to the AHRMA link easier and Paul will also check on this.

Under new business, A. Buehner stated that he has an application to renew our membership with the Blue Ribbon Coalition for another year. Alan made a motion to renew our membership with them for $100.00 and Ollie Martin seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Jack Penton spoke about the Indy Trade Show and stated there will be a Sat. evening party at “Wicked Motor Sports” business and Paul will check to see about having a couple Penton Motorcycles on display there. Jack stated that the 6-Day riders will get special recognition at the Breakfast. Paul Busick made a motion that POG donate a “Leatherbound” Penton book to them to be auctioned at the Breakfast. John Penton seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. We discussed the spaces for Vintage Days and it was decided to retain the same spaces that we had last year. James Borer announced that the Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio is hosting a special display of Motorcycles made in the USA. Jim’s 1912 Pope is on display there from Jan. 3rd until May 31, 2009. It was noted that issue #36 of VMX has an article by E. Youngblood about our 40/10 Celebration and also that the next issue of Trail Rider will also contain an article on our Celebration. It was also noted that this months Cycle World had an article by Peter Egan who was at the Hall of Fame Induction/Show and he chose Kent Knudson’s Penton as “Best in Show”. We discussed shirts, sweat-shirts and possibly a winter jacket and Scott is working on these items. Paul reminded everyone that the Feb. meeting will be at the Hall of Fame Museum on Saturday Feb. 7th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. and a nice DVD that was produced by Barb and Matt Weisman was shown for several minutes that covered the hi-lites of the actual 1974 and 1975 6-Day events, starring many Penton riders.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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