Meeting Minutes

JULY 2, 2009

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, Don Knaggs, Barb Weisman, Ollie Martin, Joan Borer, Ed Youngblood, Dane Leimbach, Joe Novak, Matt Weisman, Al Martin, James Borer, Randy Kirkbride, Thomas Flores, Paul Danik, Scott Brogan, Jack Penton, John Borer, Doug Wilford, Dave Callison, Paul Busick, Al Born, John Penton and Jeff Borer.
Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. A. Born read the minutes of the June meeting and Jack Penton made a motion to accept the minutes as read and A. Buehner seconded the motion and the motion carried. E. Youngblood added that the museum in Hershey has a very nice Penton owned by Mike Gallagher in its display. Tom Flores, from Lorain, Oh. and Plano, Texas was attending his first meeting, told how he used to help around the Penton Honda Shop when he was younger. Tom attended the 2007 R.R. and immediately went and bought a “Berkshire in a Basket”. He raced quite a bit last year and is currently carrying the #1 plate on his Penton 250 cc MC5 as he became the National Champion in the C.C. Hist. Open Int. Class. Tom and Larry Perkins are preparing a 125 Penton to ride in the up-coming Vegas to Reno race. D. Wilford gave the membership report that showed 2 new members, 26 renewals, 5 being for 2 years and 4 being for 5 years. Ten were moved to the inactive list leaving 418 active members. Alan gave the Treasurers as of 6/30/09. He also stated that Aug. 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the Fall Newsletter. There was no Web-site report.

John Borer gave the E-bay report that showed the following sales: A very nice rack and Penton tool bag had 15 bids for $125.50, a pair of vintage Alpine Stars Hi-Point MX boots had 26 bids for $325.00, a Penton steel gas tank, frame #V1588 and a few misc. parts had 13 bids for $405.00 and a NOS early ’70 Penton front fender had 10 bids for $282.85. Also, a pair of original 6-Day fenders in exc. Condition had 11 bids for $260.00, a ’74 Penton Mint 400 in fair cond. had 1 bid for $1500.00 and a ’74 Penton Wassell with rebuilt engine had 28 bids for $4,250.00

P. Danik stated that he had recently talked to S. Barber and that he says that 2500 arrows will be sufficient for the R.R. ride. The Martins will bring the trailer with all of the POG equipment to Vintage Days and S. Brogan will be helping them, as usual. D. Wilford mentioned a work schedule for our booth and it seemed that there will be available manpower. A. Buehner stated that Buehners Office Supply will be providing the Sat. evening meal with “Chef Dale” doing the cooking. A. Born made a motion that the POG present Dale with one of the Commemorative Leather bound John Penton books in appreciation of all the work he does for POG. D. Leimbach seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. S. Brogan stated that he is stocked well with 2009 shirts and that he has a few left-overs that we may sell at a reduced price. John Borer will bring his sound system to use at Vintage Days.

Under old business, Jack Penton gave a report on the John Penton GNCC, stating that it seemed attendance was up and that there was an internet based interview done with John Penton. Alan spoke about the scrapbooks of John Penton and Al Born being on the Amherst Public Library’s web-site. The death of Matt Glawe was reported. Matt had been past president of the Amherst Meadowlarks and the CRA. A motion was made by John Borer and seconded by Jim Borer to send a DVD of the 74/75 ISDT to all active members with the next Newsletter. The motion carried. They will also be advertised on our web-site at an appropriate price.

Under new business, R. Kirkbride stated that he will soon be working on the 2010 calendar and he will welcome receiving nice Penton photos. E. Youngblood presented the POG with taped interviews with Jack, Jeff and Ike Penton and D. Leimbach when he was writing the John Penton book. P. Busick reported that “Chicago Jerry” is helping put on a Vintage CC race at Windham, Oh. on July 17th.

We had a show/tell session by Joe Novak who brought a box of misc. items from his garage that included the following items: an old 8 track tape player, a 1967 license plate in a Llewellen Pontiac frame, a home-made muffler for a Penton, a Magura lever that had been welded by Floyd Beattie, a couple Penton front fender brackets, two Penton coils, a 32 mm ???Bing carb and a set of Ceriana shocks. Joe, with the aid of Pres. Danik coerced A. Born to bring some items from his garage to the next meeting. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 and the next meeting is scheduled for July 25th at Mid-Ohio at approx. 6:00 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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