Meeting Minutes

MARCH 12, 2009

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, Joan Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Joe Dengler, Bill Smith, Brad Babcock, Dane Leimbach, James Borer, Randy Kirkbride, Paul Busick, Joe Novak, Ollie Martin, Conrad Pfeifer, John Borer, Barb Weisman, Brett Beam, Paul Danik, Al Martin, Greg Troyan, Al Born, Doug Wilford, Scott Brogan and Jack Penton.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.. A. Born read the minutes of the Feb. 7, 2009 meeting and D. Leimbach made a motion to accept the minutes as read and A. Buehner seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. A. Born gave a positive update on O. Scofields condition after having surgery and P. Danik announced that Sandy Augustine had a double lung transplant on this date and he asked everyone to sign a poster that he had for her. Jack Penton reported the death of well-known Enduro rider, Sox Brookhart. D. Wilford gave the membership report showing 3 new members, 9 renewals, 1 for 2 yrs., 2 for 3 yrs. and 1 for 5 years. Eight were moved to the inactive list, leaving 439 members. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 2/28/09. Alan read a letter from Dan Smith at the AMA, acknowledging our $500.00 donation that we made in Feb. in honor/memory of Leroy Winters.

Alan reported that 470 Newsletters were printed and 447 were mailed after an envelope stuffing at the home of D. Wilford. He pointed out that the “Member Profile” was on Arthur Paul Busick and that he wanted to thank Ted Guthrie for the article on Jack Penton. B. Smith reported that the new T-shirts, sweat shirts and jackets are now listed on the web-site. Bill recommends that if any one spots something in error on the web-site to call them immediately as it might not be read on the E-mail right away. Paul spoke about the Daytona monument and told about how much information about motorcycling and other history that is available in the Daytona area. He also mentioned the fact that POG member, Bud Green is one of the very few who raced on the old beach course as well as in the 6-Day event. We reviewed our “Penton Day at the AMA” and everyone thought that it went very well, even though attendance was down a little this year. The Indy Trade Show was discussed at length as well as the party at the William’s business on Sat. evening and the “Breakfast of Champions” on Sunday morning. Some 6-Day film clips were shown and Bruce Brown and Malcolm told how they were produced.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report that showed the following sales: A Penton Wassel aluminum chain guard had 5 bids for $112.49, a Penton/Sachs/KTM special tool kit had 1 bid and sold on “Buy it Now” for $125.00, a Penton front number plate assembly sold on “Buy it Now” for $75.00, a Penton/Sachs cylinder, head and piston had 15 bids for $180.38 and a Penton 125 6-Day gas tank had 6 bids for $186.50. A Penton 1.8 gallon gas tank had 13 bids for $200.00, a Penton steel-tanker down pipe had 3 bids for $200.00, a vintage Penton steel gas tank had 15 bids for $227.50, a new Wassel gas tank had 10 bids for $515.00, a very nice refinished Berkshire steel gas tank sold on “Buy it Now” for $299.00 and a set of 71-72 Penton aluminum fenders sold on “Buy it Now” for $269.00 and a NOS 152 cc kit, including cast iron cylinder, alloy sunburst head and a Weisco piston had 9 bids for $617.11. Also, a 1974 Jackpiner had 13 bids for $860.00, a 1978 250 cc Penton MC5 had 6 bids for $830.00 and a 1983 KTM 125 cc MX had 18 bids for $760.00. There was no old business.

Under new business, it was noted that Ted/Reb have sent a DVD of our 40/10 celebration and is being reviewed by Alan and Paul.. We had the opportunity to buy 254 issues of the Feb. Trail Rider magazine from Paul Clipper at $3.00 each. John Borer made a motion that was seconded by Bill Smith to buy and sell them for $3.00 each and to charge $5.00 if they have to be mailed. The motion carried. This issue is nearly 80% about our 40/10 celebration and other Penton stories by Paul Clipper, Rick Sieman, Ed Youngblood, Ted Guthrie and Bill Smith and it has many photos. It was announced that POG member Teddy Landers has received the well deserved “Tommy McDermott” award for all of his outstanding contributions to the Vintage C.C. Series. After a discussion, John Borer made a motion that was seconded by Bill Smith that a Committee of Paul Danik, Jack Penton and A. Buehner present an ad to the Trail Rider magazine about the POG sponsorship of the Vintage C.C. Series this year. The motion carried.

Jack Penton spoke to compliment Chicago Jerry and Teddy Landers for all the effort they have put forth to further the C.C. Series. At this point, D. Wilford made a motion that the POG make Teddy and Chicago Jerry complimentary members of the POG. Paul Busick seconded the motion and the motion carried.

For a Show/Tell session, James Borer showed a bill of sale for a 1953 BSA Bantam signed by Bill Penton, score sheets from the 1949 Jack Pine that listed John Penton as the “Sportsman of the Year”. Bill and John Penton and Don Slack made up a team and it showed Stan Cappell and Ellis Clement winning the Side-Car class. Jim also showed a post card of the Top Hat Motel where the Penton gang usually stayed when at the Jack-Pine. Also, he actually had a channel type bumper carrier for his 1954 Mercury that Ted Penton had fabricated for him to carry his BSA on. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for April 2nd, 2009 at KTM, USA. President Danik then presented a Birthday cake for Al Born, who had a birthday the previous day. After everyone had cake and coffee and a chat session, everyone headed for home.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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