Meeting Minutes

MAY 7, 2009

ATTENDEES:  Rebba Guthrie, Reg Blackman, Joan Borer, Jack Penton, Ollie Martin, Jerry Grakauskas, Ted Guthrie, Tim Blackman, James Borer, John Penton, Al Martin, Barb Weisman, Joe Dengler, Bob LeForme, John Borer ,Joe Novak , Larry Maiers, Doug Wilford, Dave Callison, Paul Danik, Al Born, Don Knaggs, Greg Troyan, Scott Brogan, Alan Buehner and Bill Smith.
Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and asked each person to introduce themselves, including guests Reg and Tim Blackman and Bob LeForme who spoke about their riding experiences. Al Born read the minutes of the April meeting and Scott Brogan made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Barb Weisman seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the membership report showing 6 new members, 15 renewals, 5 being for 2 years and 2 for 5 years. Seven were moved to the inactive list, leaving 432 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers as of 4/30/09. Alan also had the year-end Financial Statement for 2008, as well as a “Social Charter” from the AMA. Alan stated that he has been working on the Summer Newsletter that will have a “Member Profile” on Dwight Rudder. Bill Smith reported that all is well for our web-site and that the Feb. issue of Trail Rider magazine that has extensive coverage of the POG 40/10 Celebration is now listed for sale on the site for as long as they last.

Paul stated that Steve Barber and The Enduro Riders has entry forms and a Preview report on the Reunion Ride done and is being reviewed at this time and will soon be on the web-site. Paul also stated that on a week-end in June that he and a few others will go check out the trails that are laid out. A discussion was held about reserving the banquet hall at “The Inn at Hocking College”. John Borer made a motion that the POG send a check for $1,339.83 to Kent Knudson to reserve the hall. This would be refundable up until 2 weeks of the date, if, for some unknown reason we would have to cancel. This will be repaid to the POG by The Enduro Riders from sales of banquet tickets. Paul also stated that camping sites are available for the R.R. ride, with electrical and water hook-ups. There is also a sewer dumping station available. Alan Buehner stated that our spaces for Vintage Days are paid for and the tent installation order is in. He also read a press release from the AMA about the Vintage Racing events this year. Our POG theme at Vintage Days will be John Penton’s record-breaking Cross Country ride.

John Borer gave the E-Bay report that showed the following sales: a nice 1970s Vintage Penton MX gas tank with petcocks had 7 bids for $227.50, a ‘74 Penton 6-Day triple clamp tree had 21 bids for $217.50, a set of 35 mm Ceriani forks had 15 bids for $208.50, another set of 35 mm forks with triple clamp had 7 bids for $174.50 and a ‘74 Penton 6-Day exhaust pipe had 12 bids for $202.53. Also, a left side number plate/cover for a ‘74 6-Day had 17 bids for $108.49, a Penton Hi-Point tool bag had 2 bids for $149.00, a round 68/69 air box assembly had 8 bids for $103.50, a nice ‘70s Penton 6-Day, including lights had 19 bids for $1326.00, a very nice ‘74 Berkshire sold on “Buy it Now” for $1,999.00 and a nice race-ready 1977 Penton MC5, 250 cc sold on Buy it Now” for $2000.00.

Under old business, Jack spoke about the opening of the new Quaker Steak/Lube in Vermillion that will have John Born’s Berkshire displayed there for at least a year. They also have on display a BSA Flat-tracker belonging to POG member Pat Holbrook. We discussed the possibility of holding a meeting there sometime this summer.

Under new business, Larry Maiers announced that former Penton rider, Frank Gallo had suffered severe leg injuries while riding last Sunday. Ted Guthrie spoke about meeting the publisher of "Rider" magazine at Mid-Ohio last summer and he showed the June, 2009 issue that has photos of Dave McCollough’s Penton Mint 400 with a two page article. We discussed the fact that Teddy Landers had purchased a POG easy-up for approximately $1,000.00 that is used at many events he attends. S. Brogan made a motion that the POG reimburse Teddy for the cost of the easy-up. John Penton seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Paul distributed flyers about the Spring Classic Reliability & Dual Sport run to be held on May 30th at Toronto, Oh. by the Ohio Valley BSA Owners club. Ted Guthrie is helping them lay out this run. Ted says they now have 4 DVDs made from the POG Celebration. Jack Penton spoke briefly about the retirement of Mark Mederski from the AMA Museum and he stated that Katie Woods has been named as the Museums Operations Manager. Jack told about a man named Chris Miller that he recently had contact with who was a young lad when the Penton team was riding the Ft. Hood Qualifiers. He had a large poster that he took around and had all the Penton riders sign. He recently passed away, but his father had copies of the poster made and sent 2 of them to Jack. Those should be a conversation piece at future events. It was reported that “Young Ted” is installing disc brakes on a Penton. Could this be “Davy”??? If so, look out. Bill Smith told a couple interesting stories about winning a trophy on a 80 cc Yamaha and also about finding a couple Pentons by placing an ad in the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan’s Trail Rider magazine. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for June 4th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM., USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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