Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 8, 2009

ATTENDEES: Alan Buehner, Ollie Martin, Larry Maiers, John Penton, James Borer, Al Born, Charles Harper, Al Martin, Greg Troyan, Jack Penton, Jeff Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, Bill Smith, Paul Busick, Paul Danik, Joe Novak, Dane Leimbach, Bud Green, Scott Brogan, Mike Rosso and Barb Weisman.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and A. Born read the minutes of the Sept. 3rd meeting and after changing the time of the ride at the Hog Farm to 9:00 a.m. instead of p.m. and in the 5th paragraph, it was Malcolm Smith that had begun treatments, not his son. A. Buehner then made a motion to accept the minutes and the motion was seconded by B. Smith and the motion carried. P. Busick gave the membership report that showed 6 new members, 23 renewals,, 6 being for 2 years and 1 being for 5 years, leaving 427 active members, as 8 were move to the inactive list. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report 9/30/09. Alan reported that 450 Newsletters were printed and 429 were mailed that also included the DVDs. B. Smith reported that Karen Turner has established a new photo gallery system and that it will soon have photos from Vintage Days and from the Reunion Ride. There was no E-bay report.

The Reunion Ride was discussed at length. John Penton and Bud Green led off the event on steel tanker Pentons that were provided by Nelson McCollough and Toni/Gary Roach that even carried the numbers they used many years ago. It was noted that the POG received a lot of recognition for our part in the ride. It was also noted that the motorcycles and all the related items on display at the banquet hall were phenomenal, “Thanks” to the Kent Knudson and Gary Roach families and others. There were no injuries reported and the trails were great to ride. It was noted that 33 ISDE/T vets were in attendance and that there was approx. 170 riders. It was also noted that due to a completely new format for the program that we did not have an ad in it.

There was no old business and under new business it was noted that Al Berquist, a POG member had recently passed away. A card was signed by all present to be sent to his family. It was reported that several of the National Enduros will be televised next year. Paul stated that he has talked to Katie Wood at the Museum and the tentative date for “Penton Day at the AMA” is Feb. 6th, 2010. Also, Vintage Days will be on July 9th thru the 11th next year. Charles Harper spoke about his son racing the mini-bikes, etc. B. Smith stated that Charles has done 7 “Century Rides” (100 miles or more) on the “Big Wheel” bicycle. Jack Penton reminded us that the “Hall of Fame” Induction Ceremony will be held in Las Vegas in Dec. and that “Hall of Fame” members who are present will be handing out awards to the Amateur Champions on the night preceding the Ceremony. Special Note: It was decided to hold our Annual Family Night on Dec. 10th as several members will be in Vegas on the 1st Thursday.

For Show/Tell, Paul Busick emptied (impossible) his garage of items that I don’t have enough ink to print, including an old Bell helmet visor, a Suzuki fly-wheel puller, a spark arrestor, a can of Hi-Point Deluxe 2-cycle oil, a can of a Hi-Point 4- cycle oil, a Suzuki spark plug wrench, a folding foot brake pedal, a Bultaco clutch spring adjuster, a chain guide and a dual spark plug holder. Also, a Gold Rock Lodge plastic key, a photo of the Powder Horn Saloon, a ’67 Husky manual, a Penton banner signed by many Penton riders and several other items too numerous to mention. Mike Rosso of KTM spoke about some of his early riding experiences and told of how much fun he had at the Reunion Ride and that he even scouted out some old autos while on the ride. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5th , 2009 at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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