Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 6, 2010

ATTENDEES: Dolly Martin, John Penton, Connie del Solar, James Borer, Bob Wardlow, Joe Ambrose, Ollie Martin, Jack Penton, Ted del Solar, John Borer, Jim Hoellerich, Jeff Borer, Al Martin, Gary Hext, Randy Kirkbride, Bailey Borer, John Albanese, Zak Borer, Toni Roach, Mike Scholl, Pat Herbison, Bob Gilman, Dick Neumann, Paul Borer, Gary Roach, Bob Zacks, Bruce Herbison, Bryan Howell, Bob Andersohn, Al Born, Bill Smith, David Laite, Dane Leimbach, Joe Novak, Alan Buehner, Paul Danik, Kip Kern and Tom Garrett.

Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 11:10 a.m. due to late-comers due to the wintry weather conditions. Jack Penton welcomed everyone to the Museum and stated that he would be giving us a tour later in the day. Jack also spoke of their plans to bring the “Hall of Fame” to the main floor. He also spoke about the recent “Induction Ceremony” that was held in Las Vegas and how that gave the Museum more exposure that might help them seek more grant money. Pres. Danik called John, Jack and Dane to the front and he presented the Museum a $500.00 check in honor of Pat Leimbach, who is John’s sister and Dane’s mother. Jack accepted the check as he is now the Chairman of the Board for the Museum. Katie Woods, who is now the Director of the Museum had to leave, but Paul extended “Thanks to her and to Ric Stewart for helping with the set-up for our meeting. He also “Thanked” Al and Ollie Martin for coming on Friday to help. Ric Stewart asked the POG members to keep Ozzie Scofield in their prayers as he is still having some health problems. Paul asked Jim Hoellerich to come forward and speak briefly about his Museum in Chesire, Mass. Paul also announced that if anyone signed up today, that their names could be put on the Daytona Monument by Speed Weeks.

Al Born read the minutes of the January, 2010 meeting and Jack Penton made a motion to accept the minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Bill Smith and all were in favor of the motion. Al Buehner gave the membership report that showed 3 new members, 15 renewals, 3 being for 2 years and 1 for 5 years, leaving 421 active members. Alan also gave the Treasurers report as of 1/31/10. Alan also stated that Feb. 22nd will be the deadline for receiving articles for the Spring Newsletter that will have a “Riders Profile” on Mike Scholl along with some photos and will cover our participation at the International Motorcycle Show at Cleveland as well as our meeting today. Bill Smith reported that the photos from the Cleveland Show have been posted and that he and “Young” Ted are going through a photo collection seeking Penton riders that will soon be added.

John Borer gave the E-bay report that showed the following sales: A used Hi-point gas tank had 2 bids for $250.00, a set of used 32 m.m. Ceriani forks had 2 bids for $79.95, a used 6-Day exhaust pipe had 1 bid for $79.95, a used Jack-piner enduro headlight bucket had 6 bids for $46.00 and a used “Penton, Built for Champions” banner had 3 bids for $150.00. Also, a 6-Day and a Berkshire brochure with a riders pamphlet had 10 bids for $100.00, a Jack-piner engine side cover had 16 bids for $154.49 and a used KTM 250 cc MC5 cylinder and head assembly had 1 bid for $149.95. A used KTM/Penton engine stand had 3 bids for $157.50, a Jack-piner cylinder and head had 1 bid for $149.95, a used Sachs engine mag cover had 8 bids for $162.50, a 1973 ISDT pin had 2 bids for $10.50, a set of 35 m.m. Ceriani forks/triple clamp had 14 bids for $294.92 and a 50’s vintage Bell helmet had 15 bids for $3,061.00 The price of this helmet brought about several interesting stories.

Jack Penton presented his Show/Tell of various items from his garage including: a Brooks tan leather jacket his friend, Pat Schultz had used for 25 years that was finally returned to him, a Bell 400 helmet, a book from the Colorado 500 that was signed by a fighter pilot, a cap from the Austrian 6 Days, a Bell helmet from the 1980 Kawasaki Enduro Team and a Kawasaki recruiter poster with photos of Jack on it. Also, a pair of his size 28 inch racing pants, a bike stool from the ‘71 Isle of Man, the brief case that John used to carry miscellaneous parts, etc. from home to Austria and many places in Europe and a large plastic envelop full of miscellaneous photos. Jack chose James Borer to do Show/Tell at our March meeting.

Under old business, Paul gave a report on our display at the Motorcycle show in Cleveland. We had a total of eight Pentons there and we have been offered a bigger/better space for next years show. Paul “Thanked” all who brought bikes as well as those who manned the booth. Ted del Solar spoke about the upcoming Jackpine Enduro where we will have a display as well as some Penton entries. They are wanting to have as many previous winners there as possible. We then took a break for pizza and drinks provided by Buehners Office Supply and enjoyed two beautifully decorated cakes brought by Toni/Gary Roach. After a short time of visiting, we resumed the meeting.

Under new business, Jack informed us that a movie is being produced about the Corduroy Enduros of the past. In a past meeting, a committee was formed to try to locate a nice Hi-point trailer for our group and through some contacts at the Motorcycle Show one was located. Jack and John went to inspect it and after a report on it, a discussion was held and Bill Smith made a motion to purchase the 24’ trailer. John Borer seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Jack and Paul spoke about the Blue Ribbon Coalition and James Borer made a motion that was seconded by Dane Leimbach to renew our membership at a fee of $100.00 and the motion carried. Due to our late start, it was decided in the interest of time that Kip’s and Dane’s presentations would be put on hold. Kip passed around some literature pertaining to rebuilding KTM engines along with an engine build sheet. Kip promised to present his seminar at Vintage Days this summer. Jack gave us a very informative tour of the Museum and Mike Scholl gave a very nice slide show of the 1968 Inter-Am MX at New Philly and the 1969 Inter-Am MX at Larue, Ohio. Paul “Thanked” those who provided the lunch and announced that the March meeting will be one week later on March 11 at KTM due to the Daytona Speed Week. The meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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