Meeting Minutes

JULY 10, 2010

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. and asked each person present to state their names and where they were from. A moment of silence was held in memory of Tom Carmichael and for Alan and Dale Buehners mother-in-law who had recently passed away. Paul “Thanked” Jake Fischer and Kevin Grimes for displaying their beautiful Huskys in our tent, as Husky was the “Featured Marque” this year. He also “Thanked” Kip Kern and Forrest Stahl for cooking breakfast each morning and Dale Buehner for keeping us fed the rest of the week-end. Dale came forward and recognized those who were sponsors of the food and especially “Thanked” Connie del Solar, Pat Green, Debbie Callison,, John and Jeff Borer for all their help in the kitchen. Vice-Pres. Scott Brogan spoke about the 24’ Hi-Point trailer that the POG recently bought and he presented Al/Ollie Martin with a nice plaque in recognition of the professional job they have done in cleaning it and the renovation of the interior to hold all of our equipment plus 6 dirt bikes. All present gave the Martins a round of applause.

Sec. Al Born read the minutes of the June meeting and Scott Brogan made a motion that was seconded by John Borer to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. Alan Buehner gave the Membership report as Doug Wilford was not in attendance today. The report showed 5 new members, 22 renewals, 8 being for 2 years, leaving 412 active members, as 6 were moved to the inactive list. Alan also gave the Treasurers report
as of 6/30/10. Alan “Thanked” Conrad Pfeifer for writing the article about “Crazy” Jake Fischer and Paul for writing the side-bar. Jake came forward and told us that the Cover photo of him on a 1967 Greeves Challenger was taken at Murraysville, Pa. Jake said he was coming up out of a strip-mine pit and that he did “save it”. Jake stated that he was “Grateful” to John Penton, Malcolm Smith and Edison Dye for all they had done relating to the Husky motorcycles. Karen Turner reported that all is calm on the web-site and she thanked everyone for their participation. She said that the Message Board is the most popular item, followed by the Home Page Photo. Bill Smith had Bud Green, Ted del Solar and Jake Fischer come sit in chairs as they all claimed to be the “Mystery Man”. The audience asked them questions just like they did on the TV show “Whats My Line”. It proved to be a lot of fun and Bud Green was the real “Mystery Man” on the web-site.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: a fiber glass Penton gas tank had 6 bids for $71.00, a NOS 100cc piston and cylinder sleeve had 6 bids for $113.61, a set of used 1974 Jack-Piner 35 mm forks with triple clamps had 16 bids for $165.00, and another set of 35 mm Ceriani forks with triple clamps had 8 bids for $278.00 . Also, a NOS 1975 250 cc exhaust pipe had 6 bids for $407.02, a pair of pre-owned Hi-Point MX boots had 20 bids for $370.00 and a 1950s Bell 500 TX Toptex helmet had 1 bid and sold for $1,000.00.

For Show/Tell, Dane Leimbach and Jack Penton had brought some large travel bags from John Penton’s garage. Jack and Paul dug out the items and John described them. They contained a Belstaff coat, a Barber suit for riding Enduros, a pair of Hi-Point boots, a kidney belt for riding with broken ribs, several pairs of plastic glasses wrapped in red bandanas and they actually found one pair of goggles. Also, a tow rope, a pair of Hi-Point gloves, a red, white and blue 6-Day jacket, a chest protector that Bob Hannah had given him, one of Jack’s 6-Day helmets along with 4 other helmets and a bag containing bars of soap from Ft. McGruder Inn. They also found a roll of toilet paper, a bag of shop rags, a folder with some photos, a first aid kit and many other items. They had also taken several photos of many shelves full of various items as well as John’s collection of chain saws and lawn mowers and of the various signs mounted on the outside of his garage that brought about some interesting stories.

Jack told us about his new job at the AMA and her introduced Rob Dingman, Pres. of the AMA who spoke briefly about working with Jack and how the AMA has a battle to keep riding areas open so our off-spring will have a place to ride. There was no old or new business. John Penton was honored by the group with a Birthday cake decorated as a race track We all sang “Happy Birthday” to John and he came forward and admitted that he has about 35 chain saws. He also stated that he and Donna recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and told how she has professionally made many quilts and that all are still in the family except one that she had given to Bob (Buckwheat) Hannah. As everyone enjoyed cake, many door prizes that were donated by Bob Wardlow, Dave McCollough, Kathy/Elmer Towne and the POG were given by means of a drawing. During the week-end, 100 people signed the register with approx. 85 being members. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 5th at 7:00 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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