Meeting Minutes

JUNE 3, 2010

ATTENDEES: Alan Buehner, Randy Kirkbride, Dane Leimbach, John Cornelius, Joe Novak, Barb Weisman, Paul Busick, Connie delSolar, Dave Callison, Jeff Greenberg, Larry Maiers, Matt Weisman, Don Knaggs, Ted delSolar, Greg Troyan, Jim Hagele ,Ollie Martin, Wes Willis, Joan Borer, Tom Worcester, Jerry Birkey, Scott Brogan, Al Martin, John Penton, James Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Paul Danik, Al Born, Ken Beck, Jack Penton, Jeff Borer and Doug Wilford.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. and asked first time attendees Jeff Greenberg, Jim Hagele and John Cornelius to introduce themselves and they each spoke of their riding experiences. Everyone else then introduced themselves and stated where they were from. Al Born read the minutes of the May 6th, 2010 meeting and Dane Leimbach made a motion that was seconded by Scott Brogan to accept the minutes as read and the motion carried. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 2 new members and 7 renewals, 2 being for 2 years and 1 being for 5 years, leaving 414 active members, as 9 were moved to the inactive list. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 5/31/10. Alan gave the Secretary and the President copies of the 2009 Financial Statement from our attorney. Bill Smith was not in attendance to give the Web-site report so Jeff Greenberg spoke about the Home-page photo of Jon Leak, Clint Fannin and Rich and Joe Mack and himself. He told of how close he had become with the Leak family. Both Leak and Fannin have been deceased for approx. 15 years. Jeff also told a couple racing stories.

James Borer gave the E-bay report as his son John was absent. The report showed the following sales: a nice set of 35 mm Ceriani forks complete with triple clamps, bar mounts and hardware had 1 bid for $200.00, a large lot of misc. Sachs/Penton parts had 8 bids for $167.50, an Ace Performance exhaust for a 250cc Hare Scrambler had 5 bids for $152.50, a ‘70s vintage Electron #34 carburetor/cables had 1 bid for $79.95 and a Preston Petty Enduro headlight in excellent condition had 8 bids for $70.01. Also, a used 1974 Penton MX gas tank had 9 bids for $71.00, a used Hare Scrambler gas tank had 3 bids for $79.00, a used 6-day tank had 13 bids for $114.50, an aluminum gas tank with John’s autograph had 2 bids for $152.50 and an early 70s NOS Hi-Point gas tank sold for $350.00. A vintage Bell Magnum LTD helmet in mint condition had 23 bids for $2,550.00, a vintage Bell 500TX helmet had 15 bids for $2,561.00 and a 1950s vintage Bell TX 500 (for racing) had 1 bid and sold for $3,000.00

Paul Danik showed/told us “What was in his Garage” that included his first helmet, a boot cleaner that his son Chad made in high school, a couple of machined items his son Chad made at work, a can of red touch-up paint for an early Penton, a picture from his friend Augie and wood from a BSA barn (Dealership) memento. Also, a BMW letter holder from Augie’s Dealership, a photo of the BSA Club when it had the 1st “Featured Marque” at the AMA Vintage Days, a backing plate from his ‘73 Penton 6-Day with the #17 impoundment decal on it, his first AMA membership card, a sign that read “PENTON PARKING ONLY”, a small can of touch-up paint for a BSA, a pre-read manuscript of the John Penton book, a first aid kit from the 1973 6-Days, a small air horn, a buzz box for setting points, a 1970 Inter-Am program signed by Ted Penton, a letter from American Honda asking him to ride on their Enduro team and a NOS Penton choke that was packaged by Wally Wilford. Paul also showed several other items that all seemed to relate to some person. Paul stated that he has someone special to do “Show/Tell at our Vintage Days meeting and he chose Doug Wilford do show/tell at the August meeting.

On the subject of “Field Trips”, Chicago Jerry gave a report on the Windam Jeep School and CC races. Paul Danik reported that he had attended the event in Columbus called “Roll on Columbus” that Ed Youngblood was Chairman of, that was to raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

Under old business, Al/Ollie Martin and Scott Brogan reported that they had recently met at John’s barn to plan for outfitting our trailer. They figured it would cost at least $1500.00 to get it ready for use, including new wheels and tires. Alan Buehner made a motion to allow up to $2,000.00 for the above, if needed. James Borer seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Alan Buehner stated that Vintage Views had an article (with a photo of our POG Easy-Up) about POG's sponsorship of the CC series.

Under new business, Paul Busick spoke about the up-coming Ohio Valley BSA Clubs Reliability Run. Paul reminded everyone of the up-coming Vintage Days on July 9th thru 11th. Scott stated that he has more shirts on order. Al Martin will be pulling our POG trailer to Mid-Ohio. Alan stated that Buehners Office Supply will again be preparing food for POG members at Mid-Ohio. It was stated that the tent has been ordered. Paul stated that the POG packet has arrived and that passes will have to be picked up there. He also announced that Jack Penton has begun his new job as Director of Operations at the AMA as of June 1st. Ted delSolar stated that they had received 380 entries for the up-coming Jack Pine Enduro as of May 2nd. It will be held on July 25th, starting at Moorestown, Mich. Larry Maiers brought some very nice items that were donated by Kathy and Elmer Towne to be used as “Door Prizes” at Vintage Days and at Family Night in December. Al Martin made mention that the June issue of “Trail Rider” has an article about “Crazy Jake” Fischer. The next meeting will be held at Mid-Ohio on July 10th at approx. 6 p.m. The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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