Meeting Minutes

MARCH 11, 2010

ATTENDEES: Ollie Martin, James Borer, Barb Weisman, John Penton, Randy Kirkbride, Scott Brogan, Al Martin, Joan Borer, Matt Weisman, Jack Penton, Dane Leimbach, Greg Troyan, Dale Fisher, John Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, John Born, Alan Buehner, Joe Novak, Paul Busick, Bill Smith, Doug Wilford, Al Born, Larry Maiers and Paul Danik.

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. He asked Dale Fisher to introduce himself and Dale spoke of his racing and collection of motorcycles and stated that he is presently working on a ’74 Berkshire to be used for Vintage racing. Each person in attendance then introduced themselves. Paul told of the passing of POG member Jerry Casciero from Bel Air, Md. and asked for a moment of silence in memory of Jerry. Al Born read the minutes of the February meeting and after adding the names of Scott Brogan and Ric Stewart (who had failed to sign the register) to the attendance list for the Feb. meeting, Bill Smith made a motion to accept the minutes and James Borer seconded the motion and the motion carried. Doug Wilford gave the membership report showing 2 new members and 6 renewals, leaving 419 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Financial report as of 2/28/10. It was noted that the 24’ Hi-Point trailer has been purchased for the price of $4,300.00. Alan reported that 445 copies of Newsletter #46 were printed and 422 were mailed. He also stated that 475 member directories were printed and 422 of them were mailed with the Newsletters. Bill Smith reported that they are still going through a collection of photos from the ’70s in search of Penton riders to be posted on the Web-site.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: a used ’70s Berkshire gas tank had 1 bid for $99.95, a used 1982 250cc KTM engine had 4 bids for $127.50, a set of used triple clamps for 35 mm forks had 6 bids for $99.00, a nice, used, unbroken ignition side cover for a ’71 Berkshire had 11 bids for $182.50 and a set of 35 mm Ceriani forks had 1 bid for $185.00. A set of re-manufactured Marzocchi vintage shocks had 6 bids for $200.00, a used 68 or 69 Penton steel gas tank had 28 bids for $227.50, a NOS Penton rear wheel assembly with 2 sprockets and a Akront aluminum rim had 9 bids for $260.00, a used Penton 6-Day steel gas tank had 27 bids for $285.00 and a rebuilt (by Tom Brosius) 1976 250 cc KTM engine sold for $475.00. Also, a used 3:00 x 21” Metzeler tire had 1 bid for $7.95, a used Penton frame had 2 bids for
$25.00, a used ZKW headlight in fair condition had 9 bids for $41.00, a used KTM mag cover had 2 bids for $9.45, a KTM ignition cover sold for $49.00, a 1977 Penton GS6 400 had 16 bids for $815.55, a very nice 1975 Jack-Piner had 10 bids for $2,146.51 and a used Cromwell helmet worn by Arthur Wheeler sold for $7,000.00.

James Borer kept our attention as he showed us “What was in his Garage” as follows: an original 1954 Meadowlarks club shirt that he was wearing, his Father-in-law’s Buco leather jacket as well as an old jacket from the Elyria “Two Tired Motorcycle Club”, a small Buco??? windshield from his 1955 BMW, a Hi-Point #plate, a Hi-Point helmet visor with tear-off and an old Meadowlarks Club jacket. Also, his old Vintage route sheet holder, a receipt from Penton Brothers for a 3:50 x 19 T.T. tire, an old CRA racing vest, an old set of NSU foot pegs, a spark plug , a clutch lever and part of a choke control for a 1954 BSA, an original handle grip for his 1958 NSU, an old CRA number plate, #25, a 1950 license plate and a can of Castrol Gran Prix racing oil. He also had a receipt signed by Ted Penton for fabricating a bumper carrier to haul his motorcycle on during the 50s and a model of a Lorain (Thew) steam shovel that had belonged to his father as well as many other items too numerous to mention. James chose Alan Buehner to Show/Tell next month.

We briefly discussed our recent “Penton Day at the AMA” meeting. Under old business, Jack Penton spoke about the Hi-Point trailer we have purchased. He said that it has never been used in the snow and that the framework is in very good condition. It has been cleaned out by the previous owner and is ready for pick-up. It has not been brought to Amherst yet as the roads have been snowy with salt on them. Al Martin asked about buying some table skirting with our logo on it to be used at the IX center, etc. Al will be checking this out. We also discussed making up a display unit for our brochures/membership info.

Under new business, Jack and Conrad Pfeifer both spoke about the Daytona Monument. Jack spoke about the Daytona Breakfast and stated that he sat with Gary Bailey and told how John Penton had talked Gary into leading a MX class at LaRue, Ohio in 1969 when the Europeans showed no interest in doing so. Evidently this is what influenced Gary to start his now well known MX schools. Jack also spoke about the new issue of American Motorcyclist magazine that has John on the front cover with a very nice 8 page interview done by James Holter (with photos by Jesse Boone). Jack also showed a couple short segments of the interview on the overhead screen. There is a possibility that we may be able to have this interview on our Web-site at a later date. Jack also stated that they are expecting to have two new exhibits ready at the Museum by Vintage Days. One is to be about Honda’s 30 years of Production in Ohio and the other is to be a Flat Track exhibit. It was stated that Will Stoner will be holding a Swap Meet at York, Pa. on March 21st and Alan Buehner and Paul Danik will be there with our Easy-up, etc. in a space donated by Will. Paul stated that there will be a meeting at Mansfield on Thursday night of Vintage Days to discuss Vintage motorcycle issues and that he and Alan will be representing the POG there. Larry Maiers reported that many of the National Enduros will have footage shown on the MAV network this year. Matt Weisman announced that Bob Lenk had passed away recently. Larry Maiers had several items for sale to help raise money to have a plaque put in the Museum in honor/memory of Bob Lenk. It was stated that Paul Danik, Tommy Garrett and Al Born had paid for a space for Richard Sanders name on the Daytona Monument Wall of Honor and it was learned that Richards sister also paid to have that done, so the three requested that Jerry West's name will be put on so that will be done shortly. Paul gave a report on Christine Howell’s condition. She is the daughter of Bob Gilman and has had surgeries to remove tumors from her head. Al Born gave a report on Ozzie Scofield and Bud Green who are both having some health problems at this time. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for April 1st at 7:p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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