Meeting Minutes

MAY 6, 2010

ATTENDEES: Pat Green, Ollie Martin, Jerry Grakauskas, Paul Busick, Conrad Pfeifer, Alan Buehner, Bud Green, Al Martin, Robert Kirkbride, Dale Fisher, Dane Leimbach, Scott Brogan, Jack Penton, Bill Smith, Randy Kirkbride, Ken Beck, Stan Simpson, John Borer, John Penton, Joe Novak, Greg Troyan, Paul Danik, Doug Wilford and Al Born.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. and he asked newcomer Ken Beck and Honorary Member Stan Simpson to introduce themselves and each gave a brief history of their motorcycling. Ken is currently doing some road-racing and Stan stated that he has just purchased a Penton for riding. Everyone else then introduced themselves and stated where they were from. Al Born read the minutes of the April 1st, 2010 meeting and after adding Bill Smith’s name to the attendees list, Dane Leimbach made a motion that was seconded by Jack Penton to accept the minutes and the motion carried. Doug Wilford gave the membership report that showed 4 new members, 6 renewals, 1 being for 2 years, leaving 418 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of April 30th, 2010. Alan stated that the next Newsletter is in progress. Bill Smith stated that there is nothing new to report about the Web-site. Paul stated that those whose photo appeared on the Home-page has been identified as Clint Fannin, Rick and Joe Mack, Jon Leak and Jeff Greenberg. Several spoke about how fast and smooth Jon and Jeff were when racing their motorcycles. Paul also noted that currently there is 1276 Penton items on E-bay.

Greg Troyan presented Show/Tell of what was in his garage including: a smudge pot, a model airplane, a padded chest protector, an ostrich egg from the Cleveland Zoo, two Honda racing jerseys, one having his name and Ohio on it that he had worn at a race at Appalachian Lake in Bruceton Mills, W.V. Also, an old gun holster, his wife Beverly’s Honda Line jacket, a construction hard hat, an air filter in the shape of a cap, a string of sleigh bells, one of Dick Burleson’s racing helmets, a Pfeiffers beer sign that he gave to Conrad Pfeifer, a letter/number display rack from Street and Dirt Bike Accessories in Cleveland, an exhaust pipe from an MT 125 Honda, an old army canteen, a broken 40th anniversary Penton cup, a Mo-par pie tin and a small refrigerator covered with decals. Greg chose Paul Danik to do Show/Tell at the June meeting.

Paul asked for reports on any recent field trips by POG members and Jack Penton had been to Tom White’s and Kelly Owen’s museums as well as to Malcolm Smith’s shop and he spoke very highly of them. Paul Busick spoke about his and Chicago Jerrys racing at Diamond Don's C.C. where Paul won 1st place in the post-vintage plus 70 class and Jerry took 3rd place in the plus 50 Expert class. Also, they later raced at the White City, Ill. C.C. race where Paul also won 1st place in his class on Saturday and Jerry won 1st place both days in his class. Paul told about being to the Swap Meet at Oley, Pa. Conrad told of recently being to his cousins in Sandusky where his family members are preparing a 250 cc Triumph to take to Bonneville later this year.

Under old business, we discussed the trailer that we have purchased. Alan Buehner gave an update on POG member Tom Carmichael from S. Carolina, who has a brain tumor. Alan stated that he has sent Tom a set of the 40th Anniversary DVDs.

Under new business, Stan Simpson spoke briefly about the past Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Vegas and the Daytona Breakfast. Stan stated that it was amazing how quiet the crowd became when John Penton would speak on the microphone as they really wanted to hear what John had to say. Stan presented the POG with a large (Approx. 3’ x 4’) photo board of John Penton, that was on the cover of the April 2010 American Motorcyclist magazine. Stan also has the very first printing of the magazine that John has autographed and Stan is having both framed for the POG. John, Jack and Stan all spoke about the 8 page American Motorcyclist interview by James Holter. Pres. Danik then presented Stan with a POG T-shirt, jersey, sweat shirt and cap. Bill Smith took photos of Stan, Jack, John and Paul with the items. Paul stated that he thought it awesome that once a month he could meet with John, Jack, Bud Green, Al Born and Ollie Martin and others that had helped to make the early Penton motorcycles such a success. Conrad Pfeifer and Scott Brogan spoke of some of their experiences with the Penton motorcycles. Al Born gave a report on Ozzie Scofields health problems. Dane had brought the large Club Trophy from the 1969 Berkshire that was won by the Amherst Meadowlarks Club that consisted of Husky riders John and Jeff Penton, Ron Bohn and Tom Janocik. Dane found the trophy at the Meadowlarks Club-house. Chicago Jerry announced the Vintage event to be held at Windham, Ohio on May 22 and 23rd. Jack gave an update on the layout change at the Museum that is coming along quite well. Al Born reported that Larry Perkins, Tom Flores and Ric Emmal had recently took 1st place 125 cc Expert at both the Parker 250 in Arizona and the Las Vegas Silver State 300 (Best in Desert Series) aboard a KTM Motorcycle.

The E-bay report was given by John Borer who arrived late, due to a family function, as follows: a nice ‘72 Jack-Piner clutch cover sold for $88.00, a John Penton book brought $5.99, a set of new fiber glass number plates for a ‘77Penton/KTM sold for $109.00, a used exhaust pipe had 1 bid for $40.00, a used 1982 KTM 250 cc cyl. head had 1 bid for 1 cent and a 1975??? Jack-Piner front wheel/forks had 10 bids for $153.50. A used, rusty Penton 6-Day gas tank had 30 bids for $177.50, a used Penton Hi-Point aluminum gas tank had 12 bids for $250.00, a used Penton gas tank (year unknown) had 17 bids for $286.99, a nice used Hi-Point aluminum gas tank (with original box) had 4 bids for $300.00, a used, early vintage Petty headlight/plate had 1 bid for $49.95, a Petty head light/plate had 2 bids for $38.99, a NOS Petty front plate, less light had 2 bids for $54.00 and a set of used ‘70s vintage Petty and Falk fenders had 1 bid for $49.95. Also, a 1973 Penton 6-Day had 3 bids for $265.00, a nice ‘75 Penton 250 had 8 bids for $1,925.00, a ‘77 GS6, 400cc had 9 bids for $2,699.99, a 1970 Penton 6-Day with most original parts had 6 bids for $2,825.00, a very nicely restored (by Don Roth) 1972 Berkshire had 20 bids for $3,006.00 and a used early vintage Bell 500-TX Toptex helmet had 12 bids and sold for $3,160.00.  The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled for June 3rd at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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