Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 4, 2010

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, John Penton, Ollie Martin, James Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Doug Wilford, Dane Leimbach, Jack Penton, Al Martin, Joan Borer, Randy Kirkbride, Paul Danik, Paul Busick, Bill Smith, Bud Green, Jeff Borer, Barb Weisman, Ken Beck, Barry Higgins, Joe Novak, Matt Lis, John Borer, Scott Brogan, Al Born, Ted Guthrie, Mike Rosso and Dale Fisher.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:18 p.m. We had two special guests so Paul asked everyone to introduce themselves. Barry Higgins, who was the top placing American rider in the 1968 and ‘69 Inter-Am MX races stated that he was a KTM dealer for 18 years, until 4 years ago when he went to work for KTM. Barry started to work in a BSA shop while still in high school and he worked and rode for Ghost MC shop, riding BSA Victors from 1966 until 1969. The other special guest was Ted Guthries business associate, Matt Lis who had worked for Tru-Sport Indy cars and later worked as an engine developer for the Rahal Indy car racing team.

Al Born read the minutes of the Oct. 7th, 2010 meeting and Bill Smith made a motion that was seconded by James Borer to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the Membership Report that showed 4 new members, 6 renewals with 1 being for 2 years, 1 for three years, 4 for 5 years and 1 for 16 months, leaving 430 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers Report as of 10/31/10. Alan stated that $1500.00 was withdrawn from the M.M. acct. for the sponsorship of the AHRMA C.C. series in 2011. He also stated that the POG had received “Thanks” from Dave Lamberth and Teddy Landers for the support we give them. Alan also stated that Nov. 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the next Newsletter. Chicago Jerry stated that he had posted many photos from the Reunion Ride, that was taken by Luana Kirby and that he is writing an article about the ride. Also, Ted Guthrie is working on an article about the recent Barber event. Bill Smith stated that all is well on the Web-site and that the new Home-Page photo is of Preston Petty.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: a ‘70s Penton MX jersey (size med.) had 2 bids for $12.50, another vintage Penton jersey (green/yellow) had 3 bids for $19.07, a NOS Bing carb float had 1 bid for $17.99, a 1973 USA ISDT Arrow Christmas card from Penton Imports had 7 bids for $30.00, a set of 3 maps for the '73 6-Days had 6 bids for $46.00 and a used steel Penton gas tank with dents/rust had 1 bid for $50.00. Also, a NOS Preston Petty rear fender with lighting harness and lens had 2 bids for $92.55, a set of remanufactured GS6 number plates had 3 bids for $60.97, a used Hi-Point tank bag had 1 bid for $60.00, a used 250 Hare Scrambler MC5 engine had 2 bids for $235.00, an early Sachs engine (all dis-assembled) had 6 bids for $209.60 and a 1971 Penton 6-Day frame brought $99.99. A set of 6-day 32 m.m. Ceriani forks/clamp assembly with axle sold for $249.99, a 1973 Jack-Piner with rebuilt engine (by Tom Boyd) had 1 bid for $2850.00 and a vintage Bell Magnum helmet (orange) had 23 bids and sold for $3,950.00.

John Borer also did Show/Tell of “Whats in Your Garage” that included an old army blanket, a drawing by his little brother showing projects that John had not quite finished, a genuine red rubber inner-tube for a Pointer motorcycle and also a speedometer head for it, some old National Geographic magazines (some dated 1936), lots of camera equipment including cameras, film, film developing trays, a tin can for storing film, flash bulbs, a dark room timer, flash bulb adaptor and a portable Singer sewing machine from his Jr. High Home-Ec. Class. Also, a large BMW clock that came from John Penton’s Honda/BMW shop, a set of handlebars, a 1950s Bell helmet that was his Grandfathers, a 1973 Boy Scout camping mug, ISDT patches, a box with NOS Magura levers, a Boy Scout banner, a front wheel assembly (Aeriel) from John Penton’s BMW, a set of BMW mufflers, a walking stick given to him by a Boy Scout friend who was later killed on a motorcycle when hit by a truck. John chose Mike Rosso to do Show/Tell at our December meeting.

As for Field Trips, Chicago Jerry told what a great event that the Reunion Ride was and how Preston Petty seemed to enjoy himself so much. He also praised Tamara and Zahn Lewis for all the work that they had done to make it such a successful event. Jerry and Jack both remarked on how Jeff Debell organized a silent auction to help with expenses for Billy Burns to go to the 6-Day event in Mexico. Jack also mentioned that Cory Butrick had crashed during the 6-Day event and was hurt bad enough to prevent him from finishing. Paul Busick told about Speedy Clasen’s announcement that he would not be riding any more competition events. Paul Danik announced that Hodaka's Paul Stannard, who is also a POG member has become a member of the Steering Committee for the 6-Day Reunion Ride. It was also stated that the Reunion Ride will be held at Combs Ark. in 2011. Jack Penton also told about going to the MX des Nations and stated that the American team won.

Under old business, Alan Buehner reported that we still have 22 of the Commemorative leather bound John Penton books that he will be storing. Randy Kirkbride reminded everyone that he still has 2011 calendars for sale. Paul reminded everyone of Will Stoners Swap meets at Medina Fairgrounds on Nov. 7th and at York, Pa. on the 14th. Al Martin inquired about graphics for our POG trailer and he, Ollie, Scott Brogan and Chicago Jerry will do a study in order to make suggestions as to what should be put on the trailer. Scott gave an update on our POG shirt inventory and we \decided that the previous years shirt that we have will be reduced by $5.00 and Bill Smith will be putting this on our web-site. It was also decided that the 2011 shirts will feature the Penton Short-Tracker. Scott also suggested that we focus mainly on T-shirts and do fewer long sleeves as they do not sell as well.

Under new business, Jack stated that Larry Maiers had very recently had a knee replacement and that Todd Huffman, who does MX files is working on and hopes to produce a two hour documentary on John Penton, with Lyle Lovett possibly doing the narration. Jack said that he also wanted the POG involvement on this. Jeff Borer reported that he has found a Web-site about NSU motorcycles. We all were reminded that Dec. 2nd will be “Family Night” and that there will be some special entertainment. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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