Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 7, 2010

ATTENDEES:  James Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Ollie Martin, Alan Buehner, Dale Fisher, John Muska, Joan Borer, Dane Leimbach, Al Martin, Jake Fischer, Paul Busick, Paul Danik, John Borer, Barb Weisman, Jack Penton, Conrad Pfeifer, Dave Wright, Bill Smith, Jeff Borer, Matt Weisman, John Penton, Doug Wilford, Charles Harper, Bud Green, Al Born, Jeff Greenberg, Larry Maiers, Scott Brogan, Bo Rhodes and Joe Novak.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. and asked everyone to introduce themselves. He asked first time visitor Bo Rhodes to tell about himself that proved to be very interesting. A. Born read the minutes of the Sept. 2nd, 2010 meeting and D. Wilford made a motion that was seconded by O. Martin to accept the minutes as read and the motion carried. D. Wilford gave the Membership report that showed 1 new member, 30 renewals, 12 being for 2 years, 1 for 3 years and 3 for 5 years, leaving 438 active members. Doug had also received a card of “Thanks” from Mrs. Tom Carmichael. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 9/30/10. Alan stated that Nov. 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the next Newsletter. Alan asked for ideas and info for the “Tech Tips” section. B. Smith stated that there was nothing to report about the Web-site. Bill, Bud Green and Charles Harper had just returned from the Antique Automobile Club of America event at Hershey, Pa. and they treated us to some Hershey chocolates.

John Borer gave the E-bay report as follows: The AMA magazine with the cover photo of John Penton brought $18.99, a NOS Penton MX jersey had 11 bids for $106.35, a used Penton gas tank had 17 bids for $127.50, a NOS Sachs 100/125 engine case had 1 bid for $174.99, a new Preston Petty “Mudder” front fender had 6 bids for $127.50 and a NOS Penton front fender for 73-76 Penton had 6 bids for $104.49. Also, a pair of size 10 Hi-Point Alpine Star boots had 3 bids for $255.00, another pair of the original Hi-Point Alpine Star boots sold for $299.95, a 1974 Penton Berkshire (for parts) had 12 bids for $362.07 and a pre-owned vintage McHal WEBCO Horsehide helmet had 21 bids and sold for $1,950.00

Ollie Martin did the Show/Tell of “Whats in Your Garage” that included the following items: a head and tail light, speedometer and manual for his 1966 Suzuki Bearcat, an old fishing reel, a can of shock oil, a tube of door-ease for cars, a dome light from a 1950 Dodge and an under-dash light from a 1960 Falcon, a number plate for a Penton steel tanker, his old riding boots, a cabinet door handle, a 1969 license plate, a 1970 truck license plate, an old metal lunch box, a shoe shine prop that he had made when in the ninth grade, a 1975 Penton Hi-Point calendar and a Penton Brothers license plate frame. Also the first trophy that he had won at the Singing Wheels MC club and the last trophy he won (41 years later) at the Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club Reliability Run. Ollie chose John Borer to Show/Tell at the November meeting.

For field trips, Jack and John Penton told about going to the Corduroy Enduro and taking the NSU that John had won the event with three times. They attended the banquet and John spoke afterward. Jack rode his 250 Penton on the first day. In all, the Penton family won this Enduro 9 times. Larry Maiers had been to the last National Enduro and stated that KTM rider Cory Butrick won it and ended up 2nd overall in the series behind Charlie Mullins. James Borer stated that he and wife Joan had ridden the “Corn Roast” ride that was held by Dale Barris at “On The Edge” MC shop. They rode this event on Jim’s 1960 BMW. P. Danik reported that he took 2 Peenton steel tankers to the Mars Pa. Apple Fest and that they drew a lot of attention. Barb Weisman reported that she had attended the Wellington, Ohio steam engine show to help her brother with his display. She stated that George Bliss was there with his old steel tanker Penton.

Under old business, Paul stated that John Albanese of Newark Enduro Club "thanked" the POG for our nice display at Vintage Days. Matt Weisman spoke about the nice “Husky” book that was written by Gunnar Lindstrom.

Under new business, Paul showed an article from the Butler, Pa. Eagle newspaper about the “Cave Diving Cop” who happens to be POG member Conrad Pfeifer. POG member Dave Sanders had sent a nice framed article about Leroy Winters winning the Jack Pine several years ago on his 165 cc Harley, as a gift for John Penton, knowing what good friends that John and Leroy were. We discussed the upcoming Cleveland Int. MC show and Paul stated that we will have a larger space next January. We will be using our Hi-Point trailer to haul our display items, including our cut-away engines. Paul had recently spoken with Dave Lambreth about sponsoring the Vintage C.C. series again next year. The cost for the sponsorship is $1500.00 and the POG gets a lot of recognition through it. Jack Penton made a motion that was seconded by James Borer to sponsor the Series again and the motion carried. Pres. Danik announced that Saturday Feb. 5th, 2011 is the tentative date for “Penton Day at the AMA”. Randy Kirkbnride has finished the 2011 Penton calendars and had sent several with Bud Green as he was not available due to attending a convention. The price for 2011 is $16.00 per calendar. A motion was made by John Borer and seconded by Scott Brogan to help the Arkansas Razorback Riders bring Preston Petty to the 6-Day Reunion Ride by donating $300.00 for his transportation. The motion was approved by all in attendance. It was noted that POG member Mike Gallagher is handling the Motorcycle Show at the Nesco Vintage Swap Meet. The partial sponsorship fee is $125.00 and the proceeds are donated to a Childrens Home. James Borer made a motion for the POG to participate. The motion was seconded by Scott Brogan and all were in favor of the motion. It was also announced that Will Stoner will be holding Swap Meets at Medina, Ohio, York, Pa. and at Elkhart Lake in the next few months. Look for more info in next months’ minutes. Paul presented the idea of doing a display next spring at the Meadowlarks MX race to show the relationship of Pentons/KTM. Jeff Borer brought a Hansa and an early Penton frame and pointed out some very interesting similarities. Jake Fischer, Jack Penton and Larry Maiers had some very interesting stories about Jake buying a lot of Sachs parts and Red Dot tires after production of Penton motorcycles ceased. James Borer showed a BMW magazine that had an article about John Penton in it. Jack Penton spoke of the upcoming “Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to be held in Las Vegas in November. There is also an Enduro-Cross scheduled there at that time. It was noted that Bob Hannah is planning on being there this year. Jack also informed us that the AMA is forming some special committees to make sure that the AMA members know that the AMA is listening. The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. and the next meeting is scheduled on Nov. 4th, 2010 at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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