Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 5, 2011

ATTENDEES:  Joe Buckmaster, Nate Clark, Connie del Solar, Dollie Martin, Julie Penton, Randy Kirkbride, Alan Buehner, Joe Novak, Ted del Solar, Ollie Martin, Tom Penton, Dan Andersohn, Doug Wilford ,Al Born, Dave Callison, Al Martin, Gigi Penton, Bob Andersohn, Paul Busick, Gary Hext, Steve Barber, Dale Fisher, Jack Penton, Dane Leimbach, Rod Gorzny, Lew Meye,r Ozzie Scofield ,Steve Dance, Donna Penton, Denise Letellier, Phil Campbell, Jeff Borer, Paul Clipper, Toni Roach, John Penton, Pat Herbison, Mike Hufnagel, Paul Borer, Bryon Howell, Gary Roach, Tim Penton, Bruce Herbison,
Ric Stewart, James Borer, Dan Killean, Karen Turner, Jeff Penton, Beverly Troyan, Bob Gilman, Regg Rader, Dave Withrow, Bill Smith, Pat Green, Greg Troyan, Ted Guthrie, Tom Garrett, Scott Brogan, Kevin Brown, Bud Green, Kent Knudson, Mike Gallagher and Paul Danik.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. by introducing Jack Penton, who is now the Director of Operations at the AMA and Jack welcomed the POG members back for the 11th year. Paul read a list of the donations that the POG had made to the AMA that amounted to $5000.00. Paul then presented Jack with a check for $500.00 in memory of Harold Penton who was John Penton’s father. Jack expressed “Thanks” to Katie Wood and Ric Stewart as well as Ollie and Al Martin for helping prepare the Museum for this meeting. Al Born read the minutes of the January 6th, 2011 meeting and James Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Ollie Martin seconded the motion and all were in favor of the motion. Doug Wilford gave the Membership report that showed no new members, 24 renewals, leaving 419 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report that as of 1/31/11. Alan also stated that the Spring Newsletter will have a “Rider Profile” of “Chicago” Jerry Grakauskas, Part 2 of Tech Tips for making tools for working on the Penton motorcycle, an article about our POG exhibit at the Cleveland International Motorcycle Show and about our meeting here at the Museum.

Karen Turner gave the Web-site report stating that all is stable at this time and she spoke on how popular the Message Board is and how kind and courteous the users are. We all gave Karen and Bill Smith a “Big Hand of Thanks” for the great job they do with the site.

James Borer gave the e-Bay report as follows: a NOS Sachs 50 cc engine had 13 bids for $695.00, a rare 1978 Penton ??? Gas tank had 10 bids for $409.27, a vintage Jackpiner gas tank had 5 bids for $141.49, an original 1973 ISDT patch had 8 bids for $62.00, a vintage Penton racing jersey had 11 bids for $107.50, a roll of vintage Penton MX safety tape had 10 bids for $58.00, a 1970 ISDT (Spain) Webco storage bag had 1 bid for $49.95 and a 1970 Penton 6-Day, # V 2091 in very original condition had 14 bids and sold for $6,600.00.

Several people participated in “Whats in Your Garage”, including Lew Meyer who had a letter from Tom Penton explaining how to take care of a problem with his early Penton. Paul Busick brought the gas tank from the 1978 Suzuki that Tom Penton rode in the 1978 6-Days that he now owns and rides in Vintage events. Kevin Brown brought the “Athens Milk Run” trophy that began in 1946 that bore John Pentons name and Bud Greens name was on it at least twice. Phil Campbell had a nice framed photo of John Penton that was taken at the dinner the POG held for him at the Veranda restaurant in Amherst in 1999. Tom Penton had a large box full of his 1970s riding gear that included a couple pair of boots, several pair of riding pants and jackets, a helmet, a yellow jacket from the 1978 Swedish ISDT, miscellaneous Penton T-shirts and several new (in packages) racing jerseys that were red, white and blue. Paul Danik spoke about racing at the Bel Mesa Raceway in September of 1971 that was a fund raiser for the ISDT riders. He specifically remembers Jeff Penton and others from the Penton organization being there to give the 6-Day riders a send-off for the 6-Days.

For Field Trips, Ted del Solar spoke about attending a November event near Concord, New Hampshire called the Past/Present p.m. get-together. Jack Penton had been to a motorcycle auction in Vegas in January that had a nice Penton Berkshire in it.

Under old business, Alan Buehner spoke about our exhibit at the Motorcycle Show in Cleveland. Alan made a motion to donate the $500.00 to the AMA in memory of Harold Penton and the motion was seconded by James Borer and the motion carried. Alan also made a motion to renew our membership for another year in the Blue Ribbon Coalition. This motion was seconded by Doug Wilford and was approved by all present. More discussion was held about the Motorcycle show held in Cleveland.
Under new business, Ted del Solar stated that he will be riding his Penton in the Jack-Pine Enduro on July 16th and 17th and that he will be starting on row 37 as this is his 37th year at the Jack-Pine. Jack Penton announced that Eric Buell will be the “Featured” speaker at the Friday Morning Daytona Breakfast and that Wednesday March 9th will be "Monument Day". Al Born read a couple paragraphs from the January 10th issue of Automotive Weekly magazine that told about Preston Petty riding the revived Catalina Gran Prix on a 1971 DKW that was similar to the one he rode in the 1969 ISDT in Germany. This was his first off-road race since the 1973 Baja 1000, a gap of 37 years. Toni Roach came to the microphone and spoke about the POG exhibit at the Bike Show and told about the interviews that Peter Starr did with Jack Penton. Also, Ozzie Scofield spoke about how Ed Youngblood had got him interested in vintage motorcycles and that he had donated his original, like-new Penton Mudlark to the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa and that he had also loaned his Penton Berkshire and Penton 6-Day that were restored by Kip Kern to the Museum. He also noted that he had donated the Mudlark in honor of Bob Gilman. Jack then added that Ozzie has given a lot of his time/heart to the AMA Museum and he “Thanked” him for that. It was decided to cancel our POG meeting for March due to several members going to Bike-Week in Daytona. There was 62 people in attendance at this meeting and they hailed from 13 different states. The business meeting concluded at 11:15 a.m. and Tom. Jeff and Jack were interviewed for the next several minutes until time to have a delicious meal over in the main AMA office area. The next meeting is scheduled for April 7th at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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