Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 6, 2011

ATTENDEES:  Barb Weisman, Jack Penton, James Borer, Bill Smith, Larry Maiers, Tom Worcester, Matt Weisman, John Penton, Jeff Borer, Ken Beck, Greg Troyan, Randy Kirkbride, Alan Buehner, Ollie Martin, John Borer, Bud Green, Paul Busick ,Jerry Grakauskas, Dale Fisher, Al Martin, Al Born, Joe Novak, Doug Wilford, Dane Leimbach, Scott Brogan, Karl Hoes, Mike Rosso, Paul Danik, Brett Watson.

Pres. P. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. by asking A. Born to read the minutes of the Dec., 2010 meeting. O. Martin made a motion that was seconded by B. Smith to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. Pres. Danik asked first time visitor, Karl Hoes to introduce himself and he stated that he had locally raced a 1973 Penton 6-Day and had later raced a Husky, but that he has been out of motorcycling until recently. D. Wilford gave the Membership report for Dec. that showed 4 new members, and 28 renewals, leaving 419 active members. P. Danik showed the Jan. issue of Trail Rider Magazine that had a photo of John Penton, D. Wilford and E. Hertfelder within Ed’s article. The photo was recently taken at John’s "Penton Racing Products" office. The same issue also contains a nice 4 page article (with photos) about the 2010 6-Day Reunion Ride in Ark. that was very well done by Jeff Debell. A. Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of 12/31/10. B. Smith stated that all is well on the web-site and that he is searching for a new Home-Page photo.

John Borer gave the e-Bay report as follows: a vintage Buco mirror had 5 bids for $152.50, a NOS Preston Petty universal engine guard kit sold for $99.99, a used Penton fork brace sold for $45.00, a used ‘70s Penton 6-Day engine case had 1 bid for $79.95, a vintage NOS 18” Hi-Point rim had 1 bid for $85.00 and a NOS Preston Petty headlight/# plate had 10 bids for $89.50, a NOS 250 Penton Elco piston with rings had 2 bids for $111.30, a used ‘74 Penton 6-Day gas tank had 1 bid for $124.99, a used ‘74 Penton 6-Day exhaust pipe had 6 bids for $113.50, a NOS parts packet for a Penton Wassell, including a rear sprocket, brake shoes, bearings, axles, actuating arms and springs had 1 bid for $135.00, a NOS Sachs 100/125 engine case had 3 bids for $212.49 and a used ‘74 Penton forks/clamps had 5 bids for $224.25. Also, a 1973 Penton 175 cc had 1 bid for $750.00, a ‘73 Penton 6-Day had 9 bids for $975.00, a ‘73 Penton 6 Day had 18 bids for $1520.00, a ‘73 Penton Jack-Piner had 26 bids for $2,651.00, a 1968 Penton 6-Day, #V458 had 16 bids for $4,050.00, a vintage 60s Buco leather jacket, size 44, had 1 bid for $1200.00 and a vintage H.D. helmet (Buco????) had 25 bids for $1200.00

B. Smith did Show/Tell of what was in his garage with the following items: a vintage H.R. helmet, a NOS exhaust pipe from Rocky’s in Flint, Mi. with a tag that says ‘74 Penton, a set of handlebars for a very early bicycle, a Klaxon horn, a Penton choke lever with cable, a wrapping cord holder, a bearing cup remover, a jar lid opener, a small can of Nitro Nine gas treatment, an adjustable wrench and screw-driver that he had lightened that he carried when dirt riding, a set of motor mounts for a Penton steel tanker and a bicycle fork lock. Also, a Honda-line shoulder protector and a set of Honda-line goggles, a green Penton racing jersey, a small Twin-Pines milk bottle, a Penton license frame, a set of drop-out gauges for bicycle forks, a PENTON license that had been on his van, cans of spray paint, a Packard automobile jack, a bearing cup press, a Joffa shoulder/chest protector, a “Jammin” chest protector, a wooden Penton sign that Heribel Bertrand had sent him from France and many other items including a Hobby Horse on wheels that he has had since he was 2 ˝ years old. Bill will be choosing someone to do Show/Tell at the March meeting as we will have something special at the Feb. meeting.

P. Danik had a nice banner for all to sign for Conrad Pfeifer who is having some health problems at this time. Paul also stated that he had received a nice E-mail from Jeff Debell “Thanking" the POG for the card we had sent him. For "field trips", Al Born stated that he had attended a Christmas Carol songfest at the stone church in the Amherst Sandstone Village early in Dec. The carols were led by POG member Norm Miller as his 84 year young Mother played a pump organ in accompaniment. Pres. Danik stated that the next meeting will be held on Feb. 5th at the AMA Museum at 10:00 a.m. and he reminded all that can to bring their Pentons and/or memorabilia to display at the IX center on Jan 28 thru 30th. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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