Meeting Minutes

JULY 23, 2011

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. after a nice meal prepared by “Chef” Dale Buehner and his volunteer crew consisting of Mrs. Dale Fisher, Ryan and Robert Gilman III and Jeff Bruce. Paul had each person do a self -introduction and state where they were from. He called “Chef” Dale to the front to a big round of applause for keeping us well fed all week-end. Dale in turn “Thanked” his helpers as well as the food sponsors that included John Penton, All Custom Fabricators (Karl and Eric Schneider), Buehners Office Supply (Dale and Alan Buehner), Advanced Tool & Die (Forest Stahl), Al and Margie Born with Tommy Garrett (in memory of Richard Sanders), Kip and Cheryle Kern, Ted and Connie Del Solar, Barb and Matt Weisman, Robert Gilman, the Nelson McCullough family, Mike Winters, Debbie and Dave Callison and the Mickevicious brothers.

Paul introduced Stan Simpson, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the AMA, who presented the POG with a framed American Motorcyclist Magazine that was the very first one printed that the photo of John Penton was on the cover. Al Born read the minutes of the July 7th POG meeting and Jack Penton made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Alan Buehner seconded the motion that was approved by all. Jack Penton came to the mike and told about going to the 6-Day event as a 16 year boy and how excited he was. He spoke of how he had met Cory Buttrick at an event when he was very young and told of Cory’s extreme interest in the 6-Day events at that time. Cory, who has now ridden in the 6-Days came forward and spoke briefly about riding modern as well as Vintage Motorcycles. Cory graciously sat for over a half hour and autographed nice posters for everyone after the meeting adjourned. Paul “Thanked” Doug Wilford for over ten years of service as our Membership Officer as he has now stepped down from that position and Paul introduced Dale Fisher who has volunteered to fill the position. Dale stated that his report may be off a little due to all of the activity here this week-end. Dale’s current figures showed 7 new members, 60 renewals, leaving 439 active members. Dale had visited the Cheney factory when he was 16 or 17 years old and has ridden Cheney Sachs and Cheney Triumph motorcycles. Dale had a flyer concerning the Yankee Motorcycle Reunion and Jim Hoellerich spoke briefly about it as it will be held at his farm in Cheshire, Mass. in August. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report for the month ending July 31st, 2011. Alan stated that August 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the next Newsletter and he “Thanked” Ted Guthrie for all the articles that he prepares for the Newsletters. Bill Smith spoke about our Web-site and praised his friend Karen Turner, who does so very much for our site. Bill said that he had taken a lot of photos at the CC and MX races and that they would have them on the site shortly. There was no e-Bay report.

For Field Trips, Alan Buehner spoke about attending the Wauseon meet last week. He stated that a lot of Indian and Harley items were there and that he only noticed two Penton items, a Berkshire gas tank and a Penton binder with a repair manual. Ted Del Solar spoke about the “Camp Chaos” fun week-end in Atlanta, Michigan where he enjoyed about 5 ½ hours riding his Penton and KTM. He had also entered the Jack-Pine and will be going to the Colorado 500 in a few weeks. Paul asked Cory Buttrick about his learning to ride and he said he rode with his Dad when he was young and just did as Dad did. Cory “Thanked” Kent Knudson and his crew for preparing the Penton motorcycle that he rides.

There was no old business and under new business Ted Guthrie spoke about Mitch Boehm, an Ohio man who is now in California. Mitch was Editor of Motorcyclist that is now Motorcycle News. He left them to start his own magazine that is called Moto Retro Illustrated. Mitch was here earlier and left some of his current issues for us to give as door prizes. Ted highly recommended that we subscribe to this great magazine to help him get going financially. Jack Penton spoke briefly about the AMA and announced that the Breakfast to be held on Sunday at 8:00 a. m. at the AMA tent will be in honor of AMA Life Members.

For “What’s in your garage”, Toni Roach showed “What’s in her storage building” by emptying a large bag consisting of the following articles: a 24 mph speedometer that showed “Penton Hi-Point printed on the dial, a can of Hi-Point 2 cycle oil, some Hercules decals, a pair of Hi-Point glasses that was still in the bag, a pair of Jones goggles with the KTM logo on them, a new pair of Buco goggles, a wooden noise maker like the Mexicans used at the ’94 6-Day event in Tulsa and an Enduro time table pad that was her Dad’s. Also, a Penton patch (crest) that was bagged by Wassell, a Hi-Point “throw-in” bag ??????????, a 1979 Hi-Point calendar, a Penton Frisbee, a Sports Illustrated magazine with Steve McQueen on his motorcycle on the cover, a Hi-Point chest protector from Keens Motorcycle Shop in Mich., a KTM shirt from Speedy Klasen, a Penton, built for Champion ash tray, a yellow Penton jersey that Dane Leimbach gave her that she wore when she and Gary were married at a POG meeting at the AMA Museum, her Dad’s original Penton Hi-Point tool bag, a red, white and blue USA 6-Day Penton jersey and a few other items. We all gave Toni a big round of applause.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m. and we all enjoyed a piece (or two) of the large birthday cake for John Penton as he will soon be 86. Several door prizes that were donated by Toni/Gary Roach, Dave McCollough, Mitch Boehm and the POG were given as everyone enjoyed the cake. There will be no August meeting, so the next scheduled meeting will be held on Sept 1st at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA in Amherst, Ohio.

There were 102 people who signed (Approx. 80 members) our POG register from the following states: Ohio 28, Mich. 11, Ind. 9, Md. 8 Mo. 7, Pa. 7, Ill. 5, NY 5, W.V. 3, Va. 3, Tenn. 2, N.C. 2, Ky. 2, Miss. 2, Fla. 1, N. J. 1, Mass. 1, Ok. 1, Texas 1, and Canada 1.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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