Meeting Minutes

MAY 5, 2011

ATTENDEES:  James Borer, Bailey Borer, Jerry Grakauskas, Alan Buehner, Ollie Martin, Jack Penton, Joan Borer, Halle Borer, Randy Kirkbride, Scott Brogan, Al Martin, John Penton, Jeff Borer, John Borer, Barb Weisman, Dale Fisher, Bud Green, Bill Smith, Al Born, Paul Busick, Doug Wilford, Paul Danik, Joe Novak and Ken Beck.

Pres. Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and Al Born read the minutes of the April 7th, 2011 meeting. A correction was made to those minutes pertaining to Pres. Danik attending a meeting that is attended by various Vintage Groups during Vintage Days, that has nothing to do with Vintage Days as stated in the last paragraph of the April minutes. After the correction, Bill Smith made a motion to accept the minutes that was seconded by Ollie Martin and all were in favor of the motion. Paul Danik "Thanked" Scott Brogan for filling in at the April meeting and stated that his Grandson is doing well now and also that Conrad Pfeifer is now back to work and doing well. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report 4/30/11. Alan also reported that he had received the year-end Financial statement from our Accountant and he gave Al Born and Paul Danik copies of same. He also stated that May 20th is the deadline for receiving articles for the Summer Newsletter. Doug Wilford gave the Membership report as follows: 3 new members, 32 renewals, leaving 473 active members as of May 7th. Bill Smith stated that our Web-site is doing fine and that they are going to have a new Home-page photo at the first of each month. We discussed putting the past issues of our Newsletters on the Web-site and Alan Buehner made a motion to gradually put the back issues on it so long as they are not newer than one year old. Ollie Martin seconded the motion and the motion carried. Paul Danik spoke about hearing from many people stating how Alan Buehner has made Penton parts available to them and that he has now procured some vintage KTM parts as well. We gave Alan a round of applause for all he has done to help so many get and keep their Pentons running.

John Borer gave the e-Bay report as follows: a 1970 Penton 6-Day exhaust pipe had 12 bids for $152.50, a set of 35 mm forks/triple clamps had 12 bids for $187.50, a vintage ‘70s Penton aluminum gas tank had 14 bids for $262.00, a Penton 6-Day engine, rebuilt by Kip Kern had 14 bids for $1,036.00 and a used Penton 6-Day rear wheel assembly/tire had 5 bids for $148.49. Also, a 1970 Penton 6-Day engine had 6 bids for $147.50, a stator side cover for a Sachs engine had 19 bids for $144.50, a used, orange Penton gas tank sold for $65.00, a used, Blue Penton gas tank sold for $65.00, a used 1970 Penton 6-Day tank had 4 bids for $58.10, a 1970 Penton 6-Day head light with switch had 6 bids for $56.00, a NOS Preston Petty Enduro headlight had 7 bids for $128.05, a NHRA Bell Magnum helmet, (Chi Town Hustler/Frank Hawley) sold for $2,000.00 and a vintage Bell Magnum (pre-owned) helmet had 21 bids for $4,049.99.

For Field Trips, Paul Danik spoke about going to the “Wheels Through Time” Museum and highly recommended that we should go there. He also spoke about the Daytona Breakfast and told how nice an event that it was. Paul Busick had also been to the Museum and spoke highly of it too. Ken Beck had visited Wheel Sports in Columbus, Ohio. Jeff Borer had been to Domiracer in Cincinnati and Barb Weisman stated that Matt and her brother Lester had taken their small engines to show in Wyandotte, Mich. Ken Beck spoke briefly about a tour he had taken at the Ford complex in Dearborn, Mich. Paul Busick, Chicago Jerry and Dale Fisher had entered the races at Diamond Don’s in Texas and Jerry and Paul each won their classes in the CC race and Dale picked up two 3rd places in the MX. Randy Kirkbride was a spectator there.

Under old business, Paul spoke about changing our date for “Penton Day at the AMA. He also stated that he had been to the Packard Museum and he read their Mission Statement. He said that we have the opportunity to hold a meeting there sometime and that he would also like to hold a meeting in conjunction with a “Penton Homecoming” somewhere in the Amherst area. He is to do more checking on this in the near future. We discussed the upcoming Vintage Days. We had recently decided to secure the same spaces/with tent. The spaces are cheaper but the tickets have to be purchased separately this year. John Borer made a motion that was seconded by Scott Brogan that the POG purchase 10 tickets that will be distributed to the proper personnel. The motion carried. Under new business, Paul stated that Blair Beck from California was taking a restored Penton to a Bike Show in Carmel, California and had sent a front number plate for John to autograph, which he did. Blair had also sent a $50.00 check as a donation to the POG. Paul Danik also noted that the May issue of Trail Rider magazine had a 4 page article (with photos) written by Paul Clipper about our “Penton Day at the AMA” meeting. Paul also explained the 2nd Annual Vintage Club meeting that is held at Mansfield during Vintage Days. Paul stated that they will be discussing items that do or don’t work and that it has nothing to do with Vintage Days. Alan Buehner stated that he will have all the info about the tent rental for Vintage Days by next meeting. Alan also gave John Penton a new check that was in honor/memory of Mrs. Kovach (John’s sister) because the Amherst Garden Club had merged with another organization, so the donation is to go to the Amherst Historical Society. Chicago Jerry suggested that the POG furnish some trail arrows with the POG logo on them for use at the upcoming C.C. races that he will be laying out. After a short discussion, the issue was tabled until the next meeting so he can get some prices.

For “Show/Tell” of what is in your garage, Bud Green showed us a set of bolt cutters, a nice decimal to fraction chart (pre 1922) made of brass with stamped numbers, a sine plate for Machinist work, an aluminum seat pan for a ‘69 Penton and two aluminum chain guards that he had made, his impound marker number plate from the 1969 Germany 6-Day event, one of his flat track number plates (27F) a patch off his 6-Day riding jacket, one of his sons (who is now 45) baby bottle full of oil that he had carried all over creation and a steel shoe that he used while flat-tracking. Also a shrink scale, a 2’ by 4’ photo of himself on his 1956 KR Harley while spinning rooster-tails coming out of a turn, 3 vintage helmets with various paint schemes with his sons hand prints on them and a nice album full of photos of himself/others in various types of racing. Ken Beck will do “Show/Tell” at next months meeting. The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on June 2, 2011 at KTM, USA.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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