Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 6, 2011

ATTENDEES: James Borer, Alan Buehner, Randy Kirkbride, Ollie Martin, Paul Danik, John Penton, Barb Weisman, Joan Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, Doug Wilford, Al Martin, Joe Novak, Bud Green, Matt Weisman, Jeff Borer, Charles Harper, Greg Troyan, Al Born, Bill Smith and John Borer.

Pres. Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and he asked John Penton to give us an update on Dane Leimbach’s condition as he had suffered a breathing problem earlier in the day. John stated that he had been taken for an apparatus to make his breathing easier. Al Born read the minutes of the Sept. 2011 POG meeting and James Borer made a motion that was seconded by Bill Smith to accept the minutes as read and all were in favor of the motion. Membership Officer Dale Fisher had sent the Membership Report to Paul as he was at the Barber event. Paul gave the report that showed 2 new members, those being John Bolton from Fla. and Steve Paulk from Va. There were 27 renewals, 20 being for 1 year, 4 for 2 years, 2 for 3 years and 1 for 5 years, leaving 434 active members. The report also showed a $50.00 donation from Col. Mark Plank.  Alan Buehner gave the Treasurers report as of the end of Sept., 2011. Alan also stated that the Fall Newsletters had been prepared for mailing by several POG members at Doug Wilford’s home. The Newsletter contains the new P.O. box number for membership mail in Mich., as well as a nice “Profile” article on J. P. Morgan. Bill Smith reported that the new address for membership has also been posted on the Web-site. Alan also stated that Ted Guthrie is working on a short video to be put on our site.

John Borer gave the e-Bay report as follows: a used 1974 6-Day side cover sold for $19.99, a used 1974 Penton instruction manual (in poor condition) for 175, 250 and 400 cc motorcycles sold for $15.00, a used 1974 6-Day exhaust pipe had 3 bids for $73.99, an exhaust pipe for a Penton steel-tanker sold for $80.00 and a rare aluminum gas tank for a ??? sold for $250.00. Also, a used 1970s vintage MX exhaust pipe for Penton/Sachs sold for $249.00, a set of 32 mm forks with triple clamps sold for $200.00, a new set of Magura levers, perches, covers and adjusters had 15 bids and sold for $300.00, a used 125 Sachs engine , less piston with some broken fins sold for $350.00, a 1973 Jack-piner engine with missing side-cover had 14 bids sold for $430.00 and a 1974 Penton/KTM Mint 400, totally rebuilt to new condition had 9 bids and sold for $3100.00.

For Field Trips, Conrad Pfeifer had been to the American Policemans Motorcycle Museum near Laconia, N. Hampshire and to the Plainfield, N. Hampshire Motorcycle Show at the local Grange that had a Penton 6-Day up on a counter among many other vintage brands. Jeff Borer had attended the Lorain County Engine Show. Bud Green had gone with Bill Smith to Louisville and they did a 10 mile bicycle ride. Ollie and Al Martin, Paul Busick, Norm Miller and Al Born had ridden the Corn Run at On The Edge Honda shop. Doug Wilford told about meeting a man who was wearing a Cushman belt buckle which brought on a discussion about Doug riding the Jack-Pine in 1953 on a Whizzer bicycle.

There was no old business so under new business, we discussed the January 2012 motorcycle show at the IX Center in Cleveland. A discussion was held concerning upcoming meeting dates as there has been a lot of complaints about snowy weather at out February meetings that have been held at the Museum for several years. We have been invited to hold a meeting and present a Penton display at the Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, therefore a motion was made by John Borer and seconded by Alan Buehner to cancel the February meeting as we will be having our display at the Cleveland Show on Jan. 27th thru the 29th. We would then hold our March meeting at KTM as Daytona is later this year, then we would hold our April meeting on Saturday the 7th at the Packard Museum in Warren. The motion carried. Paul Danik commended Randy Kirkbride for the beautiful 2012 calendars that he now has for sale for $16.00, with the proceeds going to the POG. Joe Novak reported that Ryan Dungee will be riding for KTM next season. James Borer spoke about the nice photo/article about Kent Knudson in the October 2011 issue of American Motorcyclist. Kent had 10 riders competing in 23 classes at the recent Vintage Days events with Adam Giddings winning the AMA Vintage Off-Road Grand Championship title on one of Kent’s Pentons. Congratulations to both from the POG. Greg Troyan stated that Motorcycle Legend, George Singler has sold the “Smith Road Raceway” near Medina, Ohio, after running the track for over 40 years. Jeff Borer presented a very good 20 minute slide show and a 40 minute video about the N.S.U. machining and assembly operations back in the 1950s. Jeff had made this presentation to the BMW Motorcycle Owners Group of America earlier in the year in Pennsylvania. We were all amazed that they had so much automation in those earlier years. Jeff had really done a great job of putting this presentation together. John Penton remarked that he had visited their factory in 1958 and that they made the British Manufacturers appear to be primitive at that time. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled for November 3rd at 7:00 p.m. at KTM, USA, in Amherst, Ohio.

Al Born, Sec. of POG

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