Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 2, 2012

ATTENDEES: Jack Penton, Conrad Pfeifer, Ollie Martin, John Penton, Bud Green, Bill Smith, Joe Novak, Barb Weisman, Matt Weisman, John Born, Randy Kirkbride, Jerry Birky, Dale Fisher, Doug Wilford, Scott Brogan, James Borer, Paul Busick, Walter Smith, Al Martin, Jeff Borer, Chicago Jerry, Tom Worcester, Dale Slater, Alan Buehner, Mike Rosso and
Paul Danik.

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. Ralph Haslege passed away. Paul Busick, John Born, and John Penton shared some stories about him. Gen Cannady (an ISDT vet) passed away. Jack Penton talked about him. Mike Winter (Leroy Winter's oldest son) passed away and Jack talked about him.

Scott Brogan read the minutes of the last meeting held at Mid-Ohio on July 21st. Jim Borer made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Ollie Martin seconded the motion and everyone voted in favor of the motion.

Dale Fisher gave the membership report as follows: last month there were 10 new members and 39 renewals. We current have 441 active members.

Alan Buehner gave the Treasurer's report. We have not received the invoice for the tent rental at VMD.

Alan Buehner gave the newsletter report. He has a member profile lined up for the next newsletter. Chicago Jerry will be writing a story about a couple of AHRMA events. Al will write a story about the AMA Vintage Days event. The deadline for submitting articles is August 20th.

Bill Smith gave the Website report. The website was down for a day . The new POG T-shirt commemorating Dane Leimbach will be put on the site. Bill was unable to attend the Mid-Ohio event due a Wheelmen event that took place on the same date. He talked about how his club set a world record of having 156 people on big wheel bicycles lined up side by side, holding onto each others handlebars for a minimum of 3 minutes. He also talked about how Bud Green's wife rode a big wheel bike all by herself.

John Born gave his e-bay report as follows: 1971-72 Penton alloy fenders sold for $259 / a 1973 Penton 175 air box sold for $23.99 / a 1968 Penton side cover sold for $51.01 / a 32mm Ceriani front end sold for $299.99 / an August 1972 issue of Cycle Sport magazine sold for $43.75 / an ISDT Painters cap sold for $49 / a 1975 Penton 250 with Marzocchi forks sold for $1,226.56 / a 1972 Penton 125 with Betor forks sold for $899 / and a 1975 Penton 250 exhaust pipe sold for $51. Paul Danik mentioned that Parma Bikes run by POG member Roberto in Florida is selling hard to find Penton parts made in Italy.

VMD in review – we had good weather during the event. On Friday we sold out almost all of our stock of sweatshirts because of the unusual cold weather. John Born discovered someone in the swap meet selling a truckload of NOS Continental tires. Paul Danik talked about the good time he had at the AMA Life Member breakfast on Sunday. Conrad Pfeifer talk about KTM's off road demo rides. Jeff Borer received many comments from people seeing him riding his “Maxpiner” bike.

POG future events – the following ideas were submitted for discussion at the next meeting: Paul is expecting us to be invited to next year's I-X Center event and he will see if we can do some seminars / Scott Brogan suggested that we set up a POG display at the Barber Festival and he will see if anyone can help / Paul talked to the Ohio Valley BSA to see if the POG can meet at their spring event next year to do some trail riding.

Field Trips – Paul and Alan attended a leadership conference arranged by the Antique Motorcycle Assoc.- there were 3 speakers who covered topics of liability, web sites and new technologies, and membership retention and expansion. Barb and Matt went to the flat track race held during the Wasseon meet. Jerry Birky went to the John Penton GNCC and had a good time. Paul had Jerry Birky talk about is new job working at Penton Racing Products. He talked about their goal to expand the business into providing aluminum welding, pipe straightening, fork work, cylinder boring and crank rebuilding.

Old Business – Alan talked about the need for a Secretary to record and write up the minutes of each meeting. Al is willing to take over the duties of Secretary if someone is will to take over the duties of Treasurer. Paul announced that he would like someone to take over the President's position – that seat is also open. Scott Brogan is going to design a generic Penton cap that would be the same each year, for the POG to sell.

New Business – Paul showed a copy of the new “Bad Rock” DVD that is being sold by Strickly Hodaka.

John Born made a presentation of his dad's “World's fastest Honda 90” which he had brought in and had on display for everyone to look at. This bike was used by Al Born in Hare Scrambles and Enduros. Some of the modifications and changes made to it were pointed out and explained. It was sold after Al stopped competing on it and was reacquired by Al in 1978 and he restored it back to what we we're seeing at the meeting. Mike Rosso talked about the Honda 90s and many of the guys talked about Al's stories of his Honda and Leroy Winter's Honda.

The next POG meeting will be held at KTM in Amherst, Ohio on September 6th. The meeting was adjourned at 9 pm.

Alan Buehner, acting Secretary of POG

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