Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 6, 2012

ATTENDEES: Jeff Borer, Ted & Connie Del Solar, Pat & Bud Green, Dan Killian, Brian Taylor, Barb Penton, Bill Smith, John & Donna Penton, Pat Leimbach, Doug & Dorothy Wilford, Elaine Hall, Paul & Judy Danik, Al & Rosemary Buehner, Tom & Charlotte Worcester, Paul Busick, Todd Morain, Walter Smith, Greg & Bev Troyan, John & Lori Born, Hannah Born,
Chicago Jerry & Chris Grakauskas, Jack & Gigi Penton, John & Patty Borer, Halle Borer, Bailey Borer, Larry Maiers, Barb & Matt Weisman, James & Joan Borer, Paul Borer, Jay & Nikki Cobb, Al & Janet Martin, Ollie & Dolly Martin, Scott & Belinda Brogan, De Brogan, Joe Novak, Lauren Thatcher, Cole Thatcher, Grant Thatcher and Bob Thatcher.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Danik at 7:16 PM. The previous meeting's minutes were read by Secretary Jeff Borer. The date of the 2013 Vintage Motorcycle Days was amended to 19-21 of July 2013. James Borer motioned the minutes be accepted as amended, Jack Penton seconded and all voted in favor.

All were welcomed to the 1 2th Annual POG Family Night with a round of self introductions ensuing from close to 60 attendees. The Pizza was expected to be delivered at 8:00. Members and families brought their favorite holiday fare to be enjoyed by all. Bud Green announced that he had brought calenders for sale made by Randy Kirkbride. A moment of silence was observed in memory of our friends Al Born and Dane Leimbach.

Membership report: “Chicago”Jerry read for Dale Fischer reporting that we gained 4 new members with 15 renewals. POG currently has 441 active members.

Treasurer's Report: Al Buehner gave his report.

Newsletter Report: Al Buehner stated that the letter stuffing party at Doug and Dot Wilford's house was a success. POG wishes to thank Doug and Dot for the hospitality and to Al Buehner, Al & Janet Martin, Ollie Martin ,Barb Penton, John Borer and Jim Borer for helping out. Also thanks go to Ted Del Solar for his story of the Colorado 500. The feature story is about Bob Anderson.

Website Report: Bill Smith says the website is doing fine. He noted that Karen has updated her computer and her current copy of Photo shop is no longer compatible with it. Jack Penton moved to donate $200 towards a new program, John Borer then seconded . During discussion, Al Buehner suggested $250, Jack then amended the motion to reflect the change. All voted in favor of the amended motion of donating $250 toward the Photoshop program.

E-bay report: John Borer told of many amazing sales this month. The highlights are as follows;an original Penton porcelain sign sold for $1 100,a very nice '74 Jackpiner for $2601, a pair of NOS steel tank foot pegs for $1 50,a '68 kTM Comet air box (similar to '68 Penton) for $299.00, a NIB Magura throttle for $222.50, a complete steel tank fork assembly for $306.00, a vintage Webco dual spark plug holder for $85.00, a vintage '50s Buco leather jacket for $1500!, a pair of old Buco mirrors went for $577.00!, and a single rare antique bike mirror went for $637.00!!

IX Show: Will be discussed in depth during the January meeting.

Old Business: None

New Business: Vintage Motorcycle Days once again has conflicting dates with the Wauseon AMCA meet. KTM's John- Erik Burleson was named AMA's Motorcyclist of the Year. The John Penton Movie planned by Todd Huffman , on the Kickstart website, as of 6 December has $46,000 towards a goal of $150,000 with 39 days to go. POG plans to donate to the cause.
For the entertainment Scott Brogan displayed many aeronautic artifacts and presented a power-point of his first hobby, aviation, culminating with his success at receiving his pilot's license. A laser cutout award was displayed that was given to Mr. Penton at the KTM Dealer Meeting for being the first to “believe” in KTM. Paul gave Mrs. Penton and Mrs. Leimbach boxes of candy. A raffle was held with many donations from club members. John Born gave some hats from his dad Al's extensive collection. Everyone had a good time enjoying each others' company and good food.
The business part of the meeting was adjourned at 7:52 and the next will be held at the KTM building, Amherst, Ohio on 3 December at 7:00.

Jeff Borer, Secretary of POG

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