Meeting Minutes

JULY 21, 2012

ATTENDEES:  Alan Buehner, OH, Bob Bean, IN, Sharon Bean, IN, Tom Murphy, OH, Deanna Murphy, OH, Paul Danik, PA, Doug Wilford, OH, Dale Fischer, MI, John Borer, OH, Bob Andersohn, MO, Ollie Martin, OH, Al Martin, OH, Janet Martin, OH, Bud Green, OH, Jarrin Milakovic, IN, Mick Milakovic, IN, Dave McCullough, OK, Ryan Gilman, MD, Robert Gilman Jr, MD,  Robert Gilman Sr, MD, Jeff Bruce, MD,Tanner Bruce, MD, Robert Wentzel, OH, Joe Buckmaster, OH, Ric Stewart, OH,
Jack Penton, OH, Gigi Penton, OH, John Capp, PA, Bob McCullough, PA, Nelson McCullough, PA, Randy Kirkbride, OH, Dan Killian, NY, Gary Roach, OH, Toni Roach, OH, Don Nowak, MI, Dave Callison, M, Deb Callison, MI, Corbin Callison, MI, Dennis Foley, NY, Ronda Foley, NY, Jeff Borer, OH, Paul Borer, OH, Zak Borer, OH, Scott Brogan, OH, Cody Congelio, OH and John Penton, OH.

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 6:11 pm. A moment of silence was held in memory of Dane Leimbach and Al Born. A round of introductions was held by everyone in attendance. Chef Dale Buehner thanked his helpers and read from his list of supporters who make the lunch and dinners at the Mid-Ohio event possible.

Scott Brogan read the minutes of the June 7th meeting. Jack Penton made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Doug Wilford seconded the motion, and everyone voted in favor.

Ric Stewart read two paragraphs of the “Fast Guy Al Born” article that was written by Ted Guthrie.

Dale Fisher presented the membership report – last month there were 26 one year / 6 two year/ 1 three year/ and 1 five year renewals. There were 2 new memberships giving us 435 active members to date.

Alan Buehner gave the treasurer's report.

Alan Buehner gave the newsletter report. Alan thanked all of those who contributed articles during the past year. The last newsletter was mailed out after the June 7th meeting. There is a need for member profiles. Anyone that would like a profile printed should contact Al. The new membership decals were received and these will be mailed out with the next newsletter. The deadline for the next newsletter is August 20th.

Scott Brogan displayed the new POG T-shirt for this year. He talked about the design of the shirt which commemorates Dane Leimbach. There is a Penton Berkshire on the back and photos of Dane on the front. Al Born will be commemorated on next year's T-shirt.

Bill Smith was unable to attend the meeting and there was no web site report.

John Borer gave the e-bay report as follows: A completely restored 1973 Six Days sold for $3,451; A very nice 1972 Six Days sold for $1,949; a pair of 32mm Ceriani front forks sold for $206.85; a Webco spark plug holder/ wrench sold for $199.95; a used 125 Six Day fiberglass tank sold for $149.99; a used toy model KTM 250 sold for $60; a green felt Penton pennant sold for $33.99; a NOS Preston Petty mag cover for a KTM engine sold for $49.99; a pack of POG membership items sold for $2; a UK railway ticket (Penton to Hawick) sold for $45.33; a vintage 1962 Bell 3/4 helmet with bubble shield sold for $1,725; and a Bell Magnum 1984 orange helmet sold for $2,650.

Al Martin and his dad, Ollie, were recognized for hauling and loading the the POG Hi-Point trailer.

Field Trips – Jack and John Penton talked about the KTM Dealer meeting they attended in Sacramento, CA. John was honored at the meeting and they had a wonderful time meeting some of the old Penton Dealers. They also met and had lunch with Dave Duarte.

Old Business – There was no old business discussed.

New Business – John Penton's birthday is August 19th and he will be 87 this year. Dale Buehner presented a birthday cake and we sang “Happy Birthday” to John. John took the microphone and talked about KTM and what they are accomplishing. He is proud of them. He is also happy about the POG family.

Toni Roach gave an impromptu report about the racing events at Vintage Days. At the Friday Cross Country – Adam Giddings won 1st in his class; Gary Roach won 2nd in the 30+ class; Toni Roach won 1st place in the women's class; Derrick Cole won 2nd in 100 class; Jeff Bruce won 1st place; Gary Ellis won 3rd. At Saturday's MX races – it was the best vintage track ever. Penton motorcycles were very visible contenders in most of the classes during the day and their riders were on the podium for many of the awards. Adam Giddings won 2 classes and is going for the Grand Championship; Nicole Hays won the women's open A and won the 250 class: Gary Roach won 2nd place in his class. There were many other Penton riders but Toni did not have the list of winners.

A raffle was held for door prizes and everyone in attendance received a prize.

The next POG meeting will be held at KTM in Amherst, Ohio on August 2nd. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Alan Buehner, acting Secretary of POG

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